The festive season is not just about twinkling lights, heartwarming carols, and the aroma of freshly baked cookies.

It’s also a prime time for businesses to roll out innovative products that resonate with the holiday spirit.

In today’s digital age, where online shopping reigns supreme, digital products have emerged as a lucrative avenue for entrepreneurs looking to find the best digital products to sell during Christmas.

These intangible goods, which can be sold and delivered online, offer a plethora of benefits: no inventory hassles, instant delivery, and the potential for passive income.

15 Best Digital Products to Sell During Christmas

As Christmas approaches, the demand for unique and festive digital products surges.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital product creator or a newbie looking to dip your toes in this realm, the holiday season presents a golden opportunity.

Dive into this curated list of the best digital products to sell during Christmas and discover how you can make your virtual cash register ring incessantly!

1. Invitation Templates

Invitation Template

During the festive season, many people host Christmas parties and gatherings.

Offering customizable invitation templates can cater to this demand.

These templates can range from elegant designs for formal dinners to fun and quirky ones for casual get-togethers.

With digital tools, users can easily personalize these templates with their event details.

Selling a variety of designs can cater to different tastes and party themes.

2. Holiday Wall Art Printables

The holiday season often brings a desire to redecorate or add festive touches to one’s home.

Digital wall art printables with Christmas themes can be an instant and affordable way for customers to refresh their interiors.

These can include artistic renditions of classic Christmas symbols, abstract holiday patterns, or even festive quotes.

Customers can simply download, print, and frame these designs to add a touch of holiday spirit to their spaces.

3. Christmas Planners

The Christmas season can be hectic with so much to plan and organize.

Digital Christmas planners can help users keep track of their holiday tasks, from gift shopping lists to meal planning.

These planners can have sections for budgeting, scheduling, and even holiday bucket lists.

Offering a digital planner with an attractive design and practical layout can make the holiday season smoother for many.

4. Digital Christmas Stickers

For those who love to personalize their digital devices or online communications, Christmas-themed digital stickers can be a hit.

These stickers can be used in digital planners, messaging apps, or even on social media posts.

Designs can range from cute Christmas characters to elegant festive motifs.

They offer users a fun way to add a festive touch to their digital interactions.

5. Christmas Theme Digital Papers

Christmas Paper

Craft enthusiasts and DIY lovers often search for unique materials for their projects.

Digital papers with Christmas themes can be used for scrapbooking, card making, or even as wrapping paper.

Offering a variety of designs, from classic Christmas plaids to modern geometric patterns, can cater to different crafting needs.

These digital papers can be easily downloaded and printed as required.

6. Calendar, Journal, or Planner Templates

As the year draws to a close, many look forward to planning the upcoming year.

Digital templates for calendars, journals, or planners can be especially popular during this time.

These can be themed around goal-setting, productivity, or even mindfulness.

Offering customizable templates allows users to tailor their planning tools to their specific needs and preferences.

7. Video Courses

The holiday season, with its extended breaks, offers many the opportunity to learn something new.

Video courses on various topics, from festive crafts to holiday cooking, can be popular.

These courses can be structured as a series of lessons, complete with resources and interactive elements.

They offer users a chance to gain new skills or knowledge during their holiday downtime.

8. Festive Craft Patterns

For those who love to create handmade gifts or decorations, digital craft patterns can be invaluable.

These can include knitting patterns for Christmas sweaters, sewing patterns for festive home decor, or even patterns for holiday-themed jewelry.

Offering detailed instructions and clear designs can make crafting easier and more enjoyable for many.

9. Holiday Recipes

Food is an integral part of the holiday celebrations.

Digital recipe books or individual recipes for festive dishes can be a hit.

These can range from traditional Christmas recipes to innovative festive treats.

Offering detailed instructions, along with tips and tricks, can help users create delicious holiday meals and treats.

10. Custom Video Greetings

Christmas Video Greeting

In today’s digital age, personalized video greetings can offer a unique way to convey holiday wishes.

Offering a service where users can customize video messages with festive animations, music, and personal photos can be popular.

These videos can be shared on social media, emailed, or even sent via messaging apps.

11. Exclusive Audio

The holiday season is synonymous with music and festive sounds.

Offering exclusive audio tracks, be it holiday-themed music, sound effects, or even personalized audio messages, can be a unique product.

These can be used in holiday videos, as ringtones, or even as background music during Christmas gatherings.

12. Newsletter Writing

The end of the year is a time for reflection and looking forward.

Businesses often send out newsletters recapping the year and sharing plans for the future.

Offering a service to craft engaging newsletters with a festive touch can cater to this demand.

These newsletters can be both informative and celebratory, resonating with the holiday spirit.

13. Personal Historian or Memoir Writing

The holiday season, with its emphasis on family and memories, can be a time when many reflect on their life stories.

Offering a service to pen down personal histories, memoirs, or family stories can be especially meaningful during this time.

Capturing memories, milestones, and personal narratives can offer a cherished keepsake for many.

14. eBook Gift Guides

The holiday season is synonymous with gift-giving, and many individuals often find themselves stumped about what to buy for their loved ones.

Digital eBook gift guides can be a lifesaver.

These guides can be niche-specific, such as “Gifts for Tech Lovers” or “Sustainable Gifts for Eco-Conscious Friends.”

They can include product descriptions, links, and even DIY gift ideas.

By offering a curated list with thoughtful suggestions, these guides can simplify the gift-hunting process for many.

15. Interactive Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a cherished tradition during the Christmas countdown.

Digital interactive advent calendars can offer a modern twist to this classic.

Instead of physical treats, each day can reveal digital goodies like wallpapers, mini-games, recipes, or even discount codes.

These calendars can be themed around various interests, from food to mindfulness.

They offer users a daily dose of festive joy and anticipation leading up to Christmas Day.


The digital realm offers a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially during the festive season.

From practical tools like planners to creative offerings like art printables, the scope for the best digital products to sell during Christmas is vast.

As the holiday season approaches, there’s a surge in demand for unique and festive digital offerings.

Tapping into this demand, understanding the needs of the audience, and offering high-quality products can lead to significant business success.

Whether you’re an established digital product creator or just starting out, this list offers a curated selection of ideas to inspire and guide your holiday product offerings.