Planning a fundraiser can be a rewarding way to help a school or other local organization.

Charity events are often engaging and fun for those that attend. And they help to raise valuable funds for those connected to them.

Many organizations such as animal shelters rely on charitable donations, and a fundraiser can make all the difference.

But, many groups can benefit from fundraising. School sports teams for instance often need funds for kit or travel expenses.

Steps To Create A Fundraiser

The first part of creating a fundraiser is to set your goals. These should be realistic, and achievable. Popular causes are more likely to receive donations.

You will need a way to collect donations. And you might want some kind of theme. The internet is full of fundraising suggestions to help here.

For instance, a look at the Hour-A-Thon cheerleader fundraising ideas shows how funds can be raised with fun, one-hour events.

You will need to advertise your fundraiser so that people know that it is happening. And getting corporate sponsors or local businesses behind you will benefit your marketing strategy.

What Do You Need To Know For Organizing A Fundraiser?

Your fundraiser should be fun and engaging. It needs to appeal to the maximum number of donors possible. Having some sort of theme here is helpful.

Keep everything transparent. Your fundraising platform doesn’t need to reveal your goal, but you may wish to have a running total. Using a reputable platform will help to instill trust.

Taxes may be applicable also. Depending on the nature of the donations, your fundraiser may be taxable. Before starting your event take advice from resources on the net, or people who have organized fundraisers previously.

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10 Creative Ideas For Raising Money For Your Chosen Cause

Fundraising can be organized in many ways. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for collectors to get door to door to ask for donations. Now, the internet is often used to crowdfund or collect money for fundraising.

An online payment portal makes it convenient for donors to send money. Your crowdfunding platform should explain what your event is, and who you are collecting for.

Make it clear how the donations will be used, and what benefits they will bring.

The internet is awash with fundraising ideas. You may already have some original ideas of your own. Nevertheless, here are ten to get you started.

1.) Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

This is a common way to raise funds for cheerleaders and school teams. It is simple to organize, and effective.

School cafeterias are the ideal place to hold a pancake breakfast, and the weekends are best for obvious reasons.

The key to a successful pancake event is to budget properly, set a ticket price to make a profit and be organized.

You can sell tickets to anyone, but you should have a market ready with parents and faculty members. School-based fundraisers always come with a ready-made group of potential donors.

2.) Themed Dinner Event

A step up from a simple pancake breakfast is running a themed dinner event. You may still be able to use a school sports hall or cafeteria with some decorative work.

A themed dinner event could be based on a period in time. Or a particular cuisine. Attendees would dress accordingly, and buy tickets to the event. You will need to organize entertainment, as well as a suitable menu.

The organizing of a themed dinner event may involve a lot of work, but the potential for donations is excellent. A raffle event could be included as part of the night also.

3.) Escape Room Challenge

For those that are feeling very creative, an escape room challenge is feasible. You will have to create a theme, and a storyline, and physically create a space with puzzles to be solved. And prizes can be awarded to those who solve the puzzles in the quickest time.

4.) Dance-a-thon

This type of event can be run in more than one way. For a purely charitable event, individuals would pledge a number of hours to keep dancing. And their sponsors would donate money according to how long those individuals danced.

Alternatively, you could sell tickets to a dance-a-thon, and the last person still dancing at the end wins a prize.

Because there are regulations about events where prizes are on offer, it would be worth checking your local laws before choosing this option.

5.) Mystery Box Auction

Generally speaking, raffles, where nonprofit organizations are involved, are fine. Where in doubt, check with your local raffle regulations.

A mystery box auction is where gifts have been donated and then wrapped in plain paper. Tickets are sold with the winners receiving one of these mystery boxes. All money will go to the appropriate charitable cause.

6.) Art Raffle

In a similar vein, you might hold a raffle involving local artists. If you can find local artists willing to donate some of their work, you could hold a raffle such as this.

Winners take home a piece of original artwork. The artists receive some publicity. And your fundraiser makes money. Everyone’s a winner.

7.) Live Music Event

Organizing a mini festival or concert in your local park could be a winner. Local bands can be invited to attend. And your event could receive sponsorship from local businesses and radio.

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This type of event can raise funds when organized properly. Concessions will help raise further funds with refreshments on sale too.

America’s top charities receive billions in donations each year. You may not be able to match them, but a live music event could be very successful.

8.) Lawnmower Challenge

You will need people willing to give up their time to do some gardening for local residents. But, to make it more interesting, turn this into a challenge.

Residents can book one of your pledges to mow their lawns in exchange for a donation. And you can offer a prize to those who mow the most lawns during the event.

9.) Adopt A Pet

During the pandemic, more people than ever adopted dogs from shelters. These animal shelters require ongoing support though as there are always cats and dogs being delivered to them.

Fluffy toys can be sold to raise funds for your chosen shelter. Alternatively, sponsors could adopt one of the animals by making a charitable donation.

Businesses such as animal shelters rely on donations. There are tips to reduce business debts for nonprofits. And a charitable fundraiser would be preferential for a shelter than taking on loans or building debt.

10.) Fitness Challenge

For this event, participants would sign up for different fitness challenges. Their sponsors would donate money when different targets are hit.

The idea behind this would be to promote fitness and friendly competition. Ideal perhaps to raise funds for a track-and-field team.


Fundraising is a productive way to spend time. And when it is organized successfully, it can be highly beneficial to those receiving the funds.

Sports teams, schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations can benefit from fundraising.

If your fundraiser is engaging and for a worthy cause, you will have no problems receiving donations. But, the right platform will make it easier for people to give money.

Don’t neglect marketing your fundraiser, and make sure your payment platform is accessible. Soon, your cheerleader team could be enjoying new uniforms.