The festive season is upon us, and with it comes the joy of crafting and creating.

Christmas, with its enchanting essence, offers a perfect backdrop for anyone looking to make a little extra cash.

But with so many ideas out there, where do you start?

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a newbie looking to dip your toes into the world of DIY, this list of 31 best Christmas crafts to sell is sure to inspire.

31 Best Christmas Crafts to Sell

From the simple elegance of snowy mason jars to the cozy allure of chunky knit blankets, there’s something for everyone.

So, grab your crafting kit, put on some festive tunes, and let’s dive into a world of creativity and Christmas cheer!

1. Snow Globe Soap Jars

Snow Globe Soap Jars

Snow Globe Soap Jars are a delightful twist on the traditional snow globe.

Instead of water and snow, these jars are filled with clear soap and festive decorations.

They’re not only functional but also serve as a decorative piece for any bathroom during the holiday season.

The best part is that they can be customized with various Christmas-themed items, making them a unique gift for friends and family.

2. Christmas Bath Bombs

Christmas Bath Bombs are the perfect way to relax during the hectic holiday season.

Infused with festive scents like peppermint, cinnamon, or pine, these bath bombs turn an ordinary bath into a Christmas spa experience.

They can be molded into various shapes, such as stars, trees, or even Santa Claus, adding a touch of whimsy to bath time.

Packaged in festive wrapping, they make for a delightful stocking stuffer or a gift on their own.

3. Snowy Mason Jar

The Snowy Mason Jar captures the essence of a winter wonderland in a jar.

By adding a touch of white paint, glitter, and some Christmas-themed decorations inside, these jars evoke the magic of a snowy Christmas evening.

They can be used as candle holders, vases, or simply as a decorative piece on a mantle or table.

The soft glow they emit when a candle is placed inside creates a cozy ambiance, perfect for those chilly winter nights.

4. Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles are a staple during the festive season.

Handcrafted candles infused with holiday scents like cranberry, fir, or gingerbread can instantly uplift the mood.

With the addition of festive colors and perhaps a sprinkle of glitter, these candles can serve as a centerpiece for any Christmas gathering.

They’re not only a treat for the senses but also add a warm and inviting glow to any space.

5. Christmas Scented Salt Dough Ornaments

These ornaments bring together the joy of crafting and the delightful aromas of Christmas.

Made from salt dough infused with essential oils, they release a subtle fragrance when hung on a tree.

Shapes like stars, bells, or reindeer can be crafted, and once baked, they can be painted or decorated with glitter.

They’re a fun activity for kids and adults alike and add a personal touch to any Christmas tree.

6. Personalized Candles


Personalized candles elevate the ordinary to something truly special.

By adding names, messages, or even photos to the candles, they become a cherished keepsake.

Whether it’s a memory from past Christmases or a message of love and joy, these candles capture the essence of the festive season.

They’re a thoughtful gift, ensuring that the recipient feels truly valued and remembered.

7. Mason Jar Luminaries

Mason Jar Luminaries are a simple yet effective way to light up the festive season.

Filled with fairy lights, pinecones, or even colored sand, they emit a soft, enchanting glow.

They can be placed on window sills, tables, or even hung up as lanterns.

Their versatility and charm make them a favorite during the holidays, adding a touch of magic to any decor.

8. Concrete Candle Holders

For those looking for a modern twist on Christmas decor, concrete candle holders are the answer.

Their rustic, industrial look contrasts beautifully with the soft glow of a candle.

They can be molded into various shapes, from stars to trees, and can be painted or decorated to fit the festive theme.

They’re a statement piece, ensuring that any space looks contemporary yet cozy.

9. DIY Christmas Lantern

DIY Christmas Lanterns are a testament to the magic of upcycling.

Old lanterns can be transformed with a touch of paint, some fairy lights, and festive decorations.

Whether it’s a snowy scene or a Santa-themed design, these lanterns capture the wonder of Christmas.

They can be hung up, placed on a table, or even used as a centerpiece, ensuring that the festive spirit shines bright.

10. Pinecone Fire Starters

Pinecone Fire Starters are a functional yet festive addition to any fireplace.

Dipped in wax and infused with essential oils, they not only help start a fire but also release a delightful scent when burned.

They can be decorated with glitter or even painted, adding a touch of festivity to the fireplace.

They’re a must-have for those chilly Christmas evenings, ensuring warmth and ambiance.

11. Rustic Wood Candle Holders

Rustic Wood Candle Holders

Rustic Wood Candle Holders bring a touch of nature indoors.

Made from logs or driftwood, they’re carved to hold candles.

Their natural, rugged look contrasts beautifully with the soft glow of a candle, creating a cozy, woodland ambiance.

They can be decorated with ribbons, berries, or even snowflakes, making them a versatile addition to any Christmas decor.

12. Easy DIY Fringe Scarf

The Easy DIY Fringe Scarf is a blend of fashion and festivity.

Made from soft, warm materials, they’re adorned with fringes, adding a touch of style.

They can be crafted in festive colors like red, green, or gold, ensuring that the wearer looks chic while staying warm.

They’re a perfect gift for loved ones, ensuring they stay cozy throughout the season.

13. Felt Candy Ornaments

Felt Candy Ornaments are a sweet addition to any Christmas tree.

Crafted from felt and shaped like candies or candy canes, they add a touch of whimsy to the decor.

They can be decorated with beads, sequins, or even ribbons, making them sparkle and shine.

They’re a fun craft activity for kids and adults alike, ensuring that the tree looks delightful and delicious.

14. Chunky Knit Blanket

The Chunky Knit Blanket is the epitome of coziness.

Made from thick, soft yarn, it’s perfect for snuggling up on chilly winter nights.

It can be crafted in festive colors, ensuring that it not only keeps you warm but also adds to the Christmas decor.

It’s a statement piece, ensuring that any space looks cozy and inviting.

15. Reindeer Buffalo Plaid Pillow Cover

The Reindeer Buffalo Plaid Pillow Cover brings together two iconic Christmas themes – reindeers and plaid.

Made from soft fabric, it features a reindeer design against a buffalo plaid background.

It’s a perfect addition to any sofa or bed, ensuring that the festive spirit is felt in every corner of the house.

It’s a blend of comfort and style, making it a favorite during the holidays.

16. Simple Flannel Christmas Trees

Flannel Christmas Trees

Simple Flannel Christmas Trees are a rustic addition to any Christmas decor.

Made from flannel fabric, they’re shaped like trees and can be decorated with buttons, beads, or even ribbons.

They can be placed on tables, mantles, or even hung up as ornaments.

Their soft, fabric look contrasts beautifully with the traditional shiny ornaments, adding a touch of coziness to the decor.

17. Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

In an era of sustainability, Reusable Fabric Gift Bags are a thoughtful addition to the festive season.

Made from fabric, they can be used to wrap gifts, ensuring that there’s no paper waste.

They can be crafted in festive designs or colors, adding a touch of style to gift-giving.

They’re not only eco-friendly but also add a personal touch to presents.

18. Sweater Mittens

Sweater Mittens are a testament to the joy of upcycling.

Old sweaters are transformed into cozy mittens, ensuring that hands stay warm during the chilly season.

They can be decorated with buttons, ribbons, or even embroidery, adding a touch of personalization.

They’re a blend of fashion and functionality, making them a perfect gift for loved ones.

19. Porch Gnomes

Porch Gnomes are a delightful addition to any front porch.

Made from fabric and adorned with beards and hats, they welcome guests with a touch of festivity.

They can be crafted in various sizes and designs, ensuring that they fit any decor theme.

They’re a blend of tradition and whimsy, making them a favorite during the holidays.

20. Knitted Christmas Stocking

Knitted Christmas Stocking

The Knitted Christmas Stocking is a traditional favorite.

Made from soft yarn, it’s adorned with festive designs like trees, stars, or even reindeers.

It’s not only functional, serving as a holder for gifts, but also adds to the Christmas decor.

Hung by the fireplace or on a wall, it captures the essence of the festive season.

21. Cute Santa Apron

The Cute Santa Apron is a blend of functionality and festivity.

Made from fabric, it features a Santa design, complete with a belt and buttons.

It’s perfect for those who spend the festive season baking or cooking, ensuring that they look festive while whipping up delicacies.

It’s a blend of style and utility, making it a must-have for the holiday season.

22. DIY Christmas Ornaments

Crafting your own Christmas ornaments allows for personalization and creativity.

Using materials like clay, fabric, or even recycled items, you can create unique pieces that reflect your style.

From snowflakes to miniature Santas, the possibilities are endless.

These DIY ornaments not only add a personal touch to your tree but also make for cherished keepsakes or gifts.

23. Festive Table Runners

A festive table runner can transform your dining area into a Christmas feast setting.

Using fabrics with holiday prints or adding embellishments like sequins and beads can elevate the look.

Whether it’s a traditional red and green plaid or a modern gold and white design, a table runner adds warmth and festivity to meal times.

24. Christmas-themed Jewelry

Handmade jewelry with a Christmas twist can be a hit during the festive season.

Think earrings shaped like Christmas trees or necklaces with snowflake pendants.

Using beads, wires, and other jewelry-making supplies, you can craft unique pieces that spread holiday cheer.

They also make for thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

25. Hand-painted Christmas Mugs

A hand-painted mug filled with hot cocoa is the epitome of a cozy Christmas evening.

Using porcelain paints, you can create festive designs on plain mugs.

Whether it’s a snowy landscape, a jolly Santa, or a simple “Merry Christmas” message, these mugs add a personal touch to your drinkware and can be a hit at Christmas markets.

26. Christmas-themed Bookmarks

Christmas Bookmarks

For the book lovers out there, Christmas-themed bookmarks are a treat.

Using cardstock, ribbons, and festive embellishments, you can craft bookmarks that capture the holiday spirit.

From snowmen to reindeer, the designs can be as varied as your imagination.

They’re functional, beautiful, and make for perfect stocking stuffers.

27. Festive Door Hangers

Door hangers are a great way to spread Christmas cheer right at your doorstep.

Crafted from wood, fabric, or even foam, these hangers can feature messages like “Santa Stops Here” or designs like stockings and bells.

They’re a fun way to welcome guests during the festive season and can be customized to suit any decor style.

28. Christmas Potpourri Bags

The scents of Christmas – cinnamon, orange, pine – can be captured in potpourri bags.

These little sachets filled with dried fruits, spices, and essential oils can be hung on trees, placed in drawers, or given as gifts.

They not only spread the festive aroma but also add a rustic charm to your decor.

29. Festive Fabric Coasters

Fabric coasters with Christmas prints or designs can add a festive touch to your table setting.

Using quilted techniques or simple sewing patterns, these coasters can feature designs like stars, bells, or even Santa’s face.

They’re functional, beautiful, and can be coordinated with other tableware for a complete festive look.

30. Christmas Photo Frames

Handmade photo frames adorned with festive embellishments can be a hit during the holiday season.

Whether it’s a frame decorated with snowflakes or one that features a Santa hat, these frames capture memories in a festive setting.

They’re a great way to display holiday photos and can be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

31. Handcrafted Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

In the age of digital messages, a handcrafted Christmas card holds special value.

Using cardstock, stamps, ribbons, and other craft supplies, you can create personalized cards that convey heartfelt holiday wishes.

From minimalist designs to elaborate pop-up cards, the possibilities are endless, making each card a work of art.


Crafting during the Holiday season is not just about Christmas crafts to sell; it’s about infusing each creation with the spirit of love, joy, and festivity.

Each of these crafts holds the potential to spread holiday cheer, whether it’s a hand-painted mug that warms someone’s hands or a festive table runner that brings the family together for a meal.

As you embark on your crafting journey this holiday season, remember that each piece you create carries with it a piece of your heart, making it truly special.