When finding the perfect engagement ring, moissanite offers an attractive alternative to traditional diamond rings. 

Known for their brilliance, durability, and affordability, moissanite engagement rings have gained popularity among couples worldwide. 

This article will explore the 9 best places to buy moissanite engagement rings online, highlighting each brand’s essential features, pros, and cons.

Best Places to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings Online in 2024

1. Forever Moissanite

forever moissanite buy moissanite engagement rings

Forever Moissanite is a leading brand renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality moissanite stones. 

They offer various engagement ring designs, including classic, vintage, and contemporary styles.


  • Superior quality moissanite stones with excellent color and clarity.
  • Ethically sourced and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.
  • Customization options to create a unique ring tailored to your preferences.


  • Limited physical store locations, primarily an online-based retailer.
  • Higher price range compared to some other brands.


she said yes buy moissanite engagement rings

SHE·SAID·YES specializes in creating exquisite moissanite engagement rings focusing on timeless elegance and unique designs. 

They offer a range of customization options, allowing you to personalize your ring to perfection.


  • Extensive collection of engagement ring styles, from solitaires to halo designs.
  • Dedicated customer support to assist you in choosing the right ring.
  • Complimentary resizing and lifetime warranty.


  • Limited physical store presence, primarily an online-based retailer.
  • Some designs may be more expensive compared to other brands.

3. Barkev’s

barkevs buy moissanite engagement rings

Barkev’s is a renowned jewelry brand with a long-standing reputation for creating exceptional moissanite engagement rings. 

They combine classic and contemporary designs with meticulous craftsmanship to deliver stunning pieces.


  • Wide range of ring styles, including vintage-inspired and modern designs.
  • Customization options to create a unique and personalized ring.
  • Competitive pricing and quality craftsmanship.


  • Limited physical store locations, primarily an online-based retailer.
  • Some customers reported longer delivery times for custom orders.

4. Brilliant Earth

brilliant earth buy moissanite engagement rings

Brilliant Earth is known for its ethically sourced and sustainable engagement rings.

They offer a selection of moissanite rings that combine eco-friendly practices with exceptional quality and style.


  • Commitment to ethical sourcing, using recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones.
  • Diverse range of engagement ring designs to suit various tastes.
  • Transparent supply chain and dedication to environmental sustainability.


  • Higher price range compared to some other brands.
  • Limited customization options for moissanite rings.

5. Charles & Colvard

charles and colvard buy moissanite engagement rings

Charles & Colvard is a pioneer in the moissanite industry, renowned for its patented Forever One moissanite gemstones. 

They offer a vast selection of engagement rings that showcase the exceptional brilliance of their stones.


  • High-quality Forever One moissanite stones with exceptional color and clarity.
  • Wide variety of engagement ring styles, from classic to contemporary designs.
  • Affordable pricing compared to natural diamonds.


  • Limited customization options for engagement rings.
  • Some customers reported minor inconsistencies in stone color.

6. Kobelli

kobelli buy moissanite engagement rings

Kobelli is a trusted brand known for its handcrafted moissanite engagement rings.

With a focus on contemporary and unique designs, they offer a range of options to suit different preferences.


  • Expert craftsmanship and attention to detail in each ring.
  • Diverse collection of engagement ring styles, including vintage-inspired designs.
  • Competitive pricing and excellent value for money.


  • Limited physical store locations, primarily an online-based retailer.
  • Some customers reported delays in customer support response times.

7. James Allen

james allen buy moissanite engagement rings

James Allen is a well-established online jeweler offering a wide range of moissanite engagement rings. 

Known for their high-quality stones and innovative ring designs, they provide a seamless online shopping experience.


  • Vast selection of engagement rings with various customization options.
  • High-resolution 360-degree videos for a detailed view of each ring.
  • Free shipping and 30-day returns for customer satisfaction.


  • Limited physical store presence for in-person shopping.
  • Some customers reported issues with resizing and customer service.

8. The True Gem

The True Gem buy moissanite engagement rings

The True Gem offers unique and captivating moissanite engagement rings with a focus on customization.

They strive to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect individual styles and preferences.


  • Extensive customization options, including stone shape, size, and metal choice.
  • Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Diverse collection of engagement ring designs.


  • Higher price range compared to some other brands.
  • Limited physical store locations, primarily an online-based retailer.

9. The Natural Diamond Company

natural diamond company buy moissanite engagement rings

The Natural Diamond Company combines the elegance of moissanite with the timeless beauty of natural diamonds. 

They offer a selection of moissanite engagement rings with accent diamonds for added sparkle.


  • Unique combination of moissanite and natural diamonds for a luxurious look.
  • Customization options to create a personalized ring.
  • Trusted and reputable brand in the diamond industry.


  • Higher price range due to the inclusion of natural diamonds.
  • Limited physical store locations, primarily an online-based retailer.

Factors to Consider When Buying Moissanite Engagement Rings

The 4 Cs of Moissanite (Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat)

Factors to Consider When You Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings
  • Color: Moissanite stones come in various color grades, ranging from near-colorless to slightly tinted. Consider your preference for colorless or slightly tinted stones.
  • Clarity: Moissanite is generally considered eye-clean, meaning there are no visible inclusions to the naked eye. However, you can choose higher clarity grades for a flawless appearance.
  • Cut: The cut of a moissanite stone affects its brilliance and fire. Look for well-cut stones with precise faceting to maximize their sparkle.
  • Carat: Moissanite is sold by carat weight. Determine the carat size that fits your desired appearance and budget.

Choosing the Right Ring Setting

  • Solitaire: A classic solitaire setting showcases the beauty of the center moissanite stone.
  • Halo: A halo setting features a center moissanite stone surrounded by a halo of smaller accent stones, adding extra sparkle and enhancing the appearance.
  • Three-Stone: A three-stone setting includes a center moissanite stone flanked by two smaller stones representing the past, present, and future.
  • Vintage: Vintage-inspired settings incorporate intricate details and filigree work, perfect for those who appreciate a romantic and timeless look.

Metal Options for Moissanite Rings

  • White Gold: White gold complements the colorless appearance of moissanite, offering a contemporary and sleek look.
  • Yellow Gold: Yellow gold imparts a warm and traditional appeal to moissanite rings, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • Rose Gold: Rose gold lends a romantic and feminine touch to moissanite rings, creating a trendy and unique aesthetic.
  • Platinum: Platinum is a durable, hypoallergenic metal choice, ideal for those seeking a premium and long-lasting setting for their moissanite ring.

Benefits of Buying Moissanite Engagement Rings

Affordability Compared to Diamonds

Benefits When You Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is significantly more affordable than diamonds of similar size and quality, allowing you to get a more significant and visually impressive ring within your budget.

The cost savings can be allocated towards other essential aspects of your wedding or future together.

Brilliant and Firey Appearance

Moissanite possesses remarkable brilliance and fire, creating a stunning play of light that rivals that of diamonds.

Its exceptional sparkle and color dispersion make it a captivating choice for engagement rings.

Durability and Longevity

Moissanite is highly durable, ranking second to diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale.

It is resistant to scratches and chipping, making it suitable for everyday wear.

Its longevity ensures that your engagement ring will maintain its beauty and integrity for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is moissanite, and how does it compare to a diamond?

Moissanite is a gemstone that closely resembles a diamond in appearance.

It offers exceptional brilliance and fire, similar to diamonds, but at a fraction of the cost.

Moissanite is also known for its durability and resistance to scratches.

Are moissanite engagement rings considered ethical and sustainable?

Yes, moissanite engagement rings are considered ethical and sustainable.

Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone, which means it is not mined from the earth, reducing its environmental impact.

Additionally, most reputable moissanite brands follow ethical sourcing practices.

How do I care for and maintain my moissanite engagement ring?

Caring for a moissanite engagement ring is relatively simple.

You can clean it at home using mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush. 

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the stone.

Removing your ring when engaging in activities that may expose it to excessive impact or chemicals is also recommended.

Can moissanite stones be certified?

Yes, moissanite stones can be certified.

While the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) does not grade moissanite, other reputable gemological laboratories provide certifications specifically for moissanite.

These certifications verify the authenticity and quality of the stone.


When purchasing a Moissanite engagement ring, you have a variety of reputable brands to choose from. 

These are the 9 best places to buy Moissanite engagement rings online that offer stunning designs, high-quality stones, and customization options. 

Consider your style, budget, and preferences when selecting the best place to buy your dream moissanite engagement ring. 

With its exceptional beauty and affordability, a moissanite ring symbolizes your love and commitment.