BigCommerce is a massively popular platform that allows organizations to design and manage online stores.

Since this e-commerce platform requires customization, you will need high technical expertise to develop a high-performing online store. 

Choosing the right BigCommerce partner is the most crucial step for online retailers.

Choosing a BigCommerce-certified company that provides a range of services needed to create an efficient store on the BigCommerce platform is vital. 

The choice of the right BigCommerce development partner depends on several factors, such as:

  • Does your selected vendor have adequate experience in creating and managing online stores?
  • Does BigCommerce verify the capabilities and credentials of your desired partner?
  • Does the vendor offer appreciable customer support?

In general, when choosing the vendor, your goals must be to go with the one that can communicate with integrity, provide transparent services, and help establish a successful collaboration. 

If you’re struggling to find the best BigCommerce development partner, this write-up is exclusively for you.

Here, we will share what to consider when choosing a BigCommerce vendor. And what benefits you will get by working with the certified company.

Benefits Of Working With A Certified BigCommerce Development Partner 

In this competitive era of online shopping and online stores, you must work with competent technology professionals to survive.

With technical expertise in BigCommerce development services, you can successfully launch and develop your online store.

The right BigCommerce website development company can help:

  • Make your store look more professional 
  • Save expenses with affordable plans 
  • Launch your BigCommerce store quickly 
  • Optimize your website for higher conversation rates and better search engine rankings 

Choosing The Right BigCommerce Development Partner: What To Consider 

1.) Identify Your Project Roadmap 

Establish your initial project scope before closing a deal with a BigCommerce vendor.

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Identifying your project roadmap and vision can help make the vendor selection more effective. 

Before entering to BigCommerce partner selection process, you should specifically define the following:

  • Your project’s objectives, goals, and vision. Clearly define the rationale for starting your new BigCommerce project.
  • Clearly outline the technical requirements your project demands from the BigCommerce experts.

2.) Check Your Operational Readiness 

Operational readiness refers to the set of requirements that you must meet before deciding on a BigCommerce development company.

When working with BigCommerce development vendors, you don’t just assign them technical work.

Other collaborations, such as project management, product backlog planning, feedback, and direct supervision, also demand greater attention.

Before hunting for a software development vendor, you must ensure your operational readiness for outsourcing.

You should be prepared for software licensing and subscription costs to onboard new members. 

3.) Shortlist BigCommerce Development Partners 

Once you have identified your project roadmap and operational readiness for collaboration, the next step is shortlisting the BigCommerce partners against set criteria.

The following considerations will help you choose the best partner for your next BigCommerce project:

Level Of Technical Expertise 

The certified BigCommerce development company must have experienced designers and developers to design precisely what you want from your online store.

Most BigCommerce development service providers feature a portfolio of websites that they have previously created. Reviewing that portfolio can give you a clear idea about the level of expertise of the vendor. 

In addition, a vendor with a diverse portfolio of clients is a good option, as they have expertise in handling different projects seamlessly. 

Customer Support 

Ensure that the BigCommerce development company you choose must offer responsive customer services.

Top-notch customer services ensure you will get timely solutions if any technical difficulty arises. 


Transparent and effective communication is one of the biggest features of an established BigCommerce partner.

A good vendor will communicate well with clients, explaining technical concepts understandably.


Before closing a deal, you should study the pricing plan of the BigCommerce development company to ensure it matches your budget.

You can compare different vendors on your bucket list and select the most reliable one. 

Establish A Partnership With Your Selected Vendor

Once you have found a vendor that meets all your selection criteria, establishing a partnership is the next process.

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There is no-size-fits-for-all when it comes to selecting a successful collaboration. Different software vendors use other engagement processes for brokering a partnership with the clients. 

For example, Edvantis-a leading BigCommerce development service provider defines the engagement process as a complete set of steps ranging from listening to clients’ requirements to delivering the final results. 

Though different software development companies define engagement processes differently, some things remain common in every good engagement process, which are:

  • Document counter signatures 
  • Idealization of the complete scope of work
  • Thorough discussion 

If your selected vendor decides to jump into work without completing the above-mentioned steps, it will result in a hard-to-manage workflow and hidden costs. 

Being one of the leading software development companies, the experts of Edvantis use the following approach to handle a BigCommerce development project:

Reviewing The Project Details 

Before the engagement process, our experts review all the project details to understand your vision, goals, and objectives.

For initial contact, we will require you to provide us with your project vision, expected scope of technical expertise, and additional information for sales forecasting.

Designing Preliminary And Formal Project Proposals 

After capturing the essence of your project, we will design a preliminary proposal.

The initial proposal will include all the information about your project, such as the required team size, budget and timelines for the project, the required service model, and the recommended scope of technicalities. 

The preliminary proposal helps us get a detailed overview of your project vision.

Using this information, we will design a formal proposal that includes more specific conditions for collaboration. 

Establishing Partnership 

After getting acceptance for our formal project proposal, the kick-offing engagement process is the next step.

The actual BigCommerce website development process starts after establishing an accurate timeline for your project’s check-ins and status updates. 


Technical expertise is vital for efficient BigCommerce website development. Finding the right BigCommerce partner is the first and foremost step in achieving the best-intended results from your e-commerce store.

The certified software vendor, like Edvantis, can help launch your store effectively, get higher conversions, and improve its search engine rankings.