MBA in the USA is a solid investment in the professional future. Suppose you are heading a branch of a large bank and applying for a higher position. However, you have many competitors – colleagues from neighboring branches and other banks. One of the major advantages that will stand out is the MBA degree obtained at a prestigious foreign university.

There are excellent career prospects for specialists who have received an MBA in America: you can apply for leadership positions in the largest companies in the world. If you are the owner of your own business, the knowledge and experience of the international business community will help bring your business to a new level.

Of course, in both the first and the second cases, not only professional but also financial growth awaits you: according to the Times Higher Education, the income of a graduate of a business school in the USA after graduation increases on average to 85%.

And this is no coincidence because it is the American MBA that holds the palm of the championship: all the oldest, most famous, and highly-rated business schools are located in the USA.

1. University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina

In the University of South Carolina, the competition for admission is very large, so we recommend starting with the annual preparatory program – you will learn how to write and complete academic work, tighten subject English if you are a foreign student, and can prove yourself to teachers. It will also not be superfluous to increase your average mark of the certificate with which academic writing services can help you.

2. Adelphi University

Adelphi University

Adelphi University offers programs for experienced executives and recent graduates. A separate campus has been built here for MBA students in Manhattan. The Global MBA program provides an understanding of the political and economic trends and nuances of intercultural communication. Graduates will be able to work with products on the world market, manage financial risks, and develop entrepreneurial activity at the international level.

3. University of Dayton

University of Dayton

Education at the University of Dayton is based on case studies: of 11 required courses, two are devoted to analyzing the real problems of local companies. Among electives – information security, finance, and marketing.

4. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford’s MBA program is handling the current year’s top spot again (albeit now attached to Wharton) – which is the main program in the rankings to accomplish an ideal score for business enterprise and graduated class outcomes. Understudies can likewise take a progression of fourteen-day compressed courses to assemble profound information in specific business points. 

5. Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

The two-year program has accomplished the joint second-most elevated score in the US rankings (nearby Stanford) for employability. Harvard’s infamous case strategy is universally eminent, with HBS staff composing more than 80 percent of business college cases sold all around. 

6. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Booth’s MBA focuses on practical activities rather than on theory which is valuable for your future profession. The electives accessible spread 13 focuses, including business investigation, activities of the executives, and financial aspects.

7. Yale School of Management

Yale School of Management

Yale’s 21-month program fuses core modules in the first year, as well electives in your second year from the schools of the board, workmanship, forestry and ecological investigations, building and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Understudies can likewise use the Global Study functionality, whereby you’ll go for a weeklong course at another business college, concentrate with worldwide understudies in a virtual worldwide course, or travel for a non-benefit counseling engagement.

Essentially, Yale’s online “raw” cases mimic true simulations by requesting that you filter through reports, videos, news stories, and other information.

8. Haas School of Business

Haas School of Business

Haas School of Business participants need to finish an ‘Applied Innovation’ prerequisite, which sharpens initiative aptitudes through experiential learning and cooperation. This school also supports IT technologies and distance learning.

9. The Wharton School

The Wharton School

Earning the main recognition this year is The Wharton School, which accomplished the most elevated score in the rankings for employability. Understudies on the 21-month program can look over 18 majors (counting bookkeeping, fund, and advertising), with around 40 percent of understudies finishing their degree with two majors. Also, we should not disregard the suggested summer temporary job toward the finish of your first year.

Summing up

In the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018 ranking, American business schools are on the 13th line out of 25. But in terms of the average salary of graduates with an MBA degree, America and Canada take first place – $ 98,900 per year, excluding bonuses.

On average, this is almost twice as much as the salary of employees without appropriate education. Business education in America is market-oriented – practical cases are studied in the classroom, and experts from companies known around the world are invited as teachers.

So do not lose your opportunity and enter one of the universities from our list.