Cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular. Since this is a sector that is swiftly evolving, knowing everything you can about trading bots requires keeping up with that everchanging factor of cryptocurrency.

New features are often implemented, prices change, and the ratings fluctuate. That is why there are resources like this one that covers the best crypto trading bots to help.

Cryptocurrency trading is not easy. It is unlike conventional stock market trading because cryptocurrency markets never close, which creates a challenging scenario for casual, newbie, and expert industry traders.

This market is also quite fickle, or volatile if you will. If you are already investing in cryptocurrency, you already know that feeling of checking on your portfolio first thing in the morning to find either huge gains or losses.

Gains make you feel awesome, while losses give you that sinking feeling. This is all part of the trade game.

All that said, let us get into learning about the best free crypto trading bots of 2024.

Best Free Crypto Trading Bots 2024

1. Pionex

Pionex - best free crypto trading bot

Pionex is a free crypto trading bot used for Bitcoin and a whole bunch of other coins. You will not have the issue of API keys with this one.

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This crypto trading application currently features 12 bots including these 10: Dollar-Cost Averaging Bot, Grid Trading Bot, Infinity Grid Bot, Leveraged Grid Bot, Leveraged Reversed Grid Bot, Margin Grid Bot, Reverse Grid Bot, Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot, TWAP Bot, and Trailing Take Profit Bot.

This is one of the best free crypto trading bot systems seen since 2017, as far as we are concerned. It is easy to use and safe. Bitcoin is at the center of the total cryptocurrency IMO, and it has a higher market cap than other forms.

2. Coinrule


“Automated Trading Made Easy” is the tagline for Coinrule. This platform trades while you sleep. This one is unique because it is the best option for beginners in the trade.

In this system, the “if-then-that” rule opens up logical trading strategies for less-experienced traders.

This platform features a user-friendly interface that helps guide its users through the process of building their trading bot in a step-by-step method.

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Coinrule offers more than 150 presets in its template library to aid beginning traders in the creation of a crypto trading ideal that fits their needs.

It offers a variety of trading strategies such as taking profit and stop-loss.

It also combines the necessary primary technical indicators. The cryptocurrency strategies are virtually limitless on this platform. They also have a vast knowledge base to help out those new to this form of trading.

The built-in demo exchange is a great tool to further help beginners to test out their trading systems in a safe, virtual environment using virtual coins, so no investment is lost.

It is a simulation of sorts. Also, this demo system operates on the prices that come right off Binance and is risk-free.

3. Bitsgap


This platform, Bitsgap is well-known as an automated trading bot that is used daily by thousands of traders at various experience and skill levels.

This platform’s algorithm is based on the effective and simple method known as GRID. This system offers proportionally distributed investments. These investments are predefined by the trader’s (your) trading range.  

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It is designed to maximize profits by doing the most effective process of buying low and selling high as the prices change/swing.

If the price stays inside the parameters of the chosen trading range, trading is consistent and continuous. Some of the features include risk-free controls like Trailing UP, Stop-loss, Take profit and various exit strategies.

Bitsgap is cloud-based, transparent, uses efficient logic and tested strategies, offers a demo mode, and comes with a 14-day free trial. 

4. Shrimpy


Another good paid service for crypto trading is Shrimpy. This bot service helps you to automate and rebalance your portfolio to your specific ratio. This rebalancing feature is what sets this bot apart from the other bitcoin trading bots.

It was considered one of 2020’s best cryptocurrency trading bots, which is why it made this list. It is exclusively designed for strategic backtesting, rebalancing, indexing, and for portfolio management.

You will find it supports more than 10 crypto exchanges. This service is best for a HODLER since it only performs a few trades per day.

5. Quadency


Our next choice for a smart way to trade and manage your cryptocurrency is Quadency.

We think the best thing about this platform is its back-testing feature, based on numbers and data instead of playing the guessing game. We consider this to be an essential feature for any cryptocurrency trading bot.

At the end of the day, it instills confidence in trading when you know that before investing your money, the bot uses historical data based on your trades.

This is considered the professional platform for trading, automating your trading strategies, and monitoring your holdings (online or offline wallets).

6. Cryptohopper


One of the trading platforms for cryptocurrency that is categorized as a world-class bot is Cryptohopper (that is also their tagline).

This platform allows you to try it before you invest in it. You get a 7-day free trial before deciding to go for the paid membership option.

One of the bots on this platform is the market-making bot, which is much like Pionex’s Grid Bot only it is more profit-centric.

7. Mudrex


Mudrex is a smart crypto investment platform on autopilot. This system is designed to be as simple as investing in mutual funds.

This company is highly transparent about what they do, who they are, and how they work. There is a large range of bots from which to choose based on your level of risk.

The pricing model of Mudrex is just the best and their system has more than 7,000 users trading on it. This company also features an active community and connections to 8 of the top exchanges.

This company does not have its own bot (they did not build one), but they use curated ones from a marketplace of bots designed by professional traders. This bot is public, easy to use, and easy to understand.

8. 3Commas


3Commas is an automated trading bot and smart trading terminal. It is currently one of the most popular in the industry. This is number 6 only because it is more geared for the professional trader and less suitable for newbies.

If you are a professional crypt trader, you should know that 3Commas offers two subscription options (Basic and Pro), the system can carry out multiple strategies that are hinged on technical indicators, and a good and engaged community.

9. Haasonline


Haasonline is one of the industry’s most advanced automated cryptocurrency trading bots. It is a paid platform that is not like the rest.

While it is similar to some of the other trading bots we mentioned already with its conventional pre-built bots for market-making and arbitrage tools, they have their own scripting language.

HassScript is this bots scripting language that comes with exceedingly complicated trading bots that will allow you to develop highly complicated bots with the intelli-sence editor or drag-and-drop designer.

You can also backtest or paper trade before executing your live trades over the 25 exchanges.

Privacy and discretion are of utmost importance to HassOnline, so your data and strategies prevent hackers from gaining access.

Soon to come is a cloud-based version of this system designed for retail traders. You get no free trial, but you can use it for 14-days at a discount to try it.

10. Gunbot


Gunbot allows you to customize your trading bot to work with over 100 exchanges. You can also customize your strategy and create limitless bot instances. Also known by the name Gunthy, this platform is compatible with Linus, MAC, and Windows.

Your privacy is a primary priority for Gunbot. The system is not cloud-based but is a download and installation software that will not collect your usage data. It does not require high-demand resources and can be run on an older laptop with no problem.

Some of its features include inbuilt trading strategies, a lite version, multi-platform compatibility, and multiple license options.

11. CryptoHero


If you are looking for an AI powered automated crypto trading bot, that is CryptoHero. You can even automate your trades from your phone for free.

No need to have coding skills. Bitcoin, Ethereum and several other bots can be traded based on specific technical indicators 24/7/365.

You can track all your trades and performance across all exchanges or individually. You may choose to use their popular presets that provide multiple triggers and rules that work together for best results.

Included with this system is back testing before implementation.

12. Kryll

Kryll requires no skills to create a trading strategy for your needs. This free crypto trading bot system connects with exchanges without requiring API approvals.

You can use this platform using your tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android). This system is compatible with various experience levels.

Some of the most popular features include the WYSIWYT (what you see is what you trade) ideal that makes this simple to use, a drag-and-drop editor, a marketplace loaded with ready-made strategies, and KRL earnings.

While this platform is free, there are some fees required for using your own or someone else’s strategy. Fees rely on how many KRL tokens you have.

13. TradeSanta


TradeSanta can be used on eight primary exchanges, HitBTC, Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, etc. You can trade on them simultaneously. How much you pay to trade on this platform depends on the package you choose.

A grid bot is one of the trading bots used on this platform which is the same feature you get on Pionex for free, so if you want to use this system for that bot, you can get it for free elsewhere.

There is no need to buy a package for that one feature. However, if you want to make use of the other great features that you can evaluate and decide if you want to pay for this service.

14. Botsfolio


Botsfolio is a powerful automated trading platform. You start with a risk assessment test and then the system makes recommendations based on your answers. This system will select the best cryptocurrency investment strategy for your needs.

Their prebuilt free crypto trading bots offer ready-made strategies to fit your goals, financial status, and your risk intentions. No trading or coding skills required.

There are five bots designed for five various investment styles including, Fixed Income, Hedged Trading, Index SIP, Futures Trading, and Value Investing.

The most popular of these is the Hedged Trading because it offers active trading on top of loss reduction using a hedge.

You can enjoy a full month free trial and then decide which bots you want to pay for that will suit your goals.

15. Zignaly


If you are looking for another cloud-based crypto trading bot then Zignaly is a good choice. More than 20 providers are part of this platform and are suitable for automating your trading process.

Some main features include third-party crypto signalers, trailing stop-loss, TradeView bot, and no limit on trades.

This system offers affordable options, 30-day free trial, strong preset algorithms, and reliable signals from several sources.

16. CryptoTrader


No hassle Bitcoin exchanges are what you get from CryptoTrader. This platform allows you to easily buy and sell. You can enjoy this automated, cloud-based free crypto trading bot without even installing anything on your computer or device.

Some favorite features include a marketplace where you can buy or sell strategies, testing against real market conditions, live trading and backtesting, and is supported by BTCC, Bitstamp, and Coinbase.

It is easy to use, monthly charges according to your selection, and there is nothing to download.

17. NapBots


Another way to put your cryptocurrency trading on autopilot is to check out NapBots. You will get direct access to plug and play professional algorithmic trading strategies, so you never have to concern yourself with coding skills.

You can choose from a variety of preset trading strategies to automate your trading and allocate your currencies.

Many customers diversity between several strategies to help with risk reduction while others like to stand by one effective strategy that works for them.

Many customers claim this platform is addictive and fun.

18. Botcrypto


Botcrypto is a unique platform for those who want to personalize their free crypto trading bots.

This interface offers the drag and drop option so that you can combine over 20 technical indicators (MACD, RSI, etc.) to build your ideal strategy. No coding required.

You can also use take profits, notifications, and stop losses. On top of all that, you can use real-time simulations and backtests. Choose your subscription and you are ready to get started.

19. Trality


If you want to create your trading bots like a professional, Trality does not offer ready-made free crypto trading bots immediately. However, they do provide you with all you need to develop your own professional-style algorithm yourself.

It features an in-browser code editor (one-of-a-kind feature) that allows the most creative and complex strategies to be written using Python.

If you are not skilled at coding, this service has another product called “Rule Builder” that allows you to put your own bot together without having programming skills.

This platform also offers fair pricing and something for traders of every level.

20. HodlBot


HodlBot empowers you to easily create your own custom portfolio. This particular automated crypto trading bot lets you create your portfolio with over 350 coins. It features a user-friendly dashboard.

Other features include Binance trading bots, rebalancing, perform marketing index, API key protection, Bitcoin bot customization, and it allows you to keep track of your portfolio.

21. Superalgos


Superalgos offers open-source, free crypto trading bots to allow you to build complex bots using your own strategies.

We consider this system to be one of the most dynamic, powerful, flexible, and extensive programs in the industry. 

You will not be spending your time solving issue since this system has that infrastructure settled for you. Due to its impressive and powerful nature, it is obvious that this is not some simple plug and play system.

The kind of complexity you can achieve gives you the edge in the trading market. Needless to say, this is not for beginners.

22. ProfitTrailer


ProfitTrailer has been around for about two years, so they have developed not only great tools for crypto trading bots, but also a great reputation for doing so.

While there are some conflicting reviews, this bot is still worth trying. The least expensive package offers you free signals.

Other powerful features include that it is mobile-friendly, offers live chat, provides a virtual private server, technical analysis that includes specific indicators.

This platform offers five packages with various API key slots, configurations, trade settings, buy-sell strategies, and more powerful features.

You benefit from their wide array of tools, strong community of traders, superior support, and multiple buy-sell strategies.

To include everything we know, some say it is hard to configure, must be rebooted regularly, and there is no documented proof of its performance. This could account for the less-than-rave reviews.

23. Margin

Margin’s platform allows you to easily manage your cryptocurrency trades. Margin will even help you decide when to invest in digital currency. You can look at multiple charts at the same time, giving you an advantage.

The top features of this platform include, drag and drop customization, quick setup of bots, custom strategy creation, visual trading, configurable GUI, and more.

This works with several compatible exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Latoken, Kraken, and more. You can find the whole list on their website.

What Is a Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

Simply put, crypto trading bots are software applications that aid in automating your strategy so that you can enjoy the full benefits of this form of exchange market.

Even while you sleep, these bots perform trading tasks for you, according to your specifications, of course.

Why Are Crypto Trading Bots Beneficial?

If you are like most cryptocurrency traders there is a bit of fear in the risk of losing it all in this market.

These crypto trading bots offer you confidence over fear and other emotions related to the process of trading cryptocurrency. These options are based on efficient and effective predesigned strategies.

How Can You Choose the Best Free Crypto Trading Bot?

  • Security: Everyone is concerned about online security, as well we should be. Since these bots will have access to your cryptocurrency, security is imperative to the bot you choose. Yes, there are risky bots out there as well as secure bots, so you do need to know the difference.
  • Reliability: Well, if your chosen bot happens to go offline for a time, you could miss out of some rare and amazing gain opportunities. So, reliability is key to choosing the best bot.
  • Profitability: A trading bot is useless if it does not provide you with the highest and best possible returns on your trades. Before investing time and money into bots, first do your research regarding profitability.
  • Ease of Use: Choosing an easy-to-use cryptocurrency trading bot is something virtually everyone wants from this kind of trading platform. It should have an intuitive, user-friendly interface that gives you control with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Transparency: There should be no room for foul play in your trading bot. You must find and examine the most reputable developers that provide full transparency regarding their platform.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free Crypto Trading Bots?

  • Efficient: From analyzing markets across multiple crypto currencies to executing trades, this kind of automation is efficient for traders.
  • Emotion-Free: Bots have no emotions, so there is no problem when it comes to making effective decisions based on data for them. Bots have no human emotions, nor do they care one way or the other about money. This helps to prevent making rueful decisions.
  • Fast: Taking too long to execute your trades can cause you to lose out on something grand. Since this market is so volatile, delaying decisions is costly. Trading bots do not need to take that time, so you avoid missing out on those opportunities.
  • Running Time: You have to sleep sometime, right? So, how can you monitor and make investments all day long? You can do that by using cryptocurrency bots. They can run 24/7/365.
  • Not advisable for inexperienced crypto traders: Technically, no form of crypto trading is advisable for the inexperienced trader. As a crypto trader, you do need some behind-the-scenes knowledge of the process of trading.
  • Monitoring is required: During highly unstable periods, these bots are not as effective. Therefore, you need to do your own monitoring. Otherwise, you could lose a lot of your investments.
  • There are privacy concerns: Going in, you need to know that there are privacy concerns in this market. Trades are executed via integration with APIs (application programming interfaces), which means that both machines work alongside each other without any form of human/manual intercession.

Note: You can protect yourself from getting hacked by…

  • keeping your API keys secret,
  • switching off your automated withdrawals,
  • doing your research regarding bots and how they work.

Final Thoughts

This list is fairly comprehensive, but you should know there are some up-and-coming platforms as well as less reputable platforms currently available.

Our recommendation to you is to be sure to thoroughly research these free crypto trading bot platforms before making an investment.

Hopefully, you will find one of the best free crypto trading bots above to be ideal for your needs in 2024..