You may or may not agree with me on this, but some websites do get on my nerves.  Perhaps you’re not as busy as I am and take time as leisurely as you can.  But in the information age, it’s always heaven-sent to get what you need as efficiently as possible.  That means fast.  Here are some of my pet peeves on a retailer’s website:

  • Your homepage is too slow to download.  I’m sure you’re proud about the nifty Flash page that you had designed for your portal.  But if it takes more than 10 seconds to load, that’s an eternity for me and I’ll just go to another site.
  • Where’s your contact information?  I want to see it right away. It should be on the home page that’s readily accessible or clickable.  No phone?  That makes me think your business only has you and your classmate on a single laptop in a garage.
  • Who are you?  Tell me about your company.  That’s what “About Us” page is for.  And don’t give me anecdotal paragraphs but just the basics, like where are you based, your founder and what you specialize or offer best and maybe a bit of history if you have one.  Nothing more than 500 words please.
  • Don’t make me think! Everything should be as easy as possible.

These are the 4 four things we have identified has possible culprit to bad conversion rates.