Food Grade Ink in Commercial Applications


Ink jet printing can be used to print on the surface of many of today’s most popular edible food items. However, it’s not as simple as simply using your home computer printer to print “Happy Birthday” onto a page of rice paper. That may be fine for mom and the kids, but for commercial use, […]

Inkjet Coding Technology and Applications


Inkjet technology is considered the most cost-efficient and precise process for marking and coding a vast spectrum of products across a wide range of industries. Inkjet coders are mostly used in the packaging sector where it’s vital to differentiate between products. This coding technology generates batch numbers, dates, and time data for packaged products such […]

Safety Hazards of Using Laser Technology


Laser cutters, engravers, etchers, and other types of technology use electricity and laser beams to create various types of items. It’s a tightly focused process that uses lenses (or another tech) to concentrate the beam and to keep it from being scattered or diffused. Laser beams can be invisible or visible. The fact that laser […]

What’s Happening in The Laser Market?

What's happening in the laser market?

The laser market is red hot, both literally and figuratively. As technology has improved to produce better and more precise lasers combined with decreasing prices for devices the demand for laser engravers and cutters has never been greater. The versatility of laser engravers and cutters has made them a perennial favorite across a wide number […]