I’ve always wondered when the snail mail traditional post office will end in the age of the internet and emails.

Perhaps not very soon as there is the dreaded paper trail that needs to get placed from time to time. But if upstart Zumbox can have its way, that too will end.

Zumbox is making a new mailing technology that creates a computer inbox, or Zumbox, corresponding to street addresses throughout the nation.

People and companies need not bother with email addresses as a street address is enough to deliver electronically any kind of mail. Imagine the savings on postage stamps.

Presumably, there’d be a Zumbox website where just clicking your address shows all your incoming mails that you can download.

Neat, right? Wait till the US Postal Office get their hands on the technology and you could be slapped with access fees every time you log onto the site equal to a postage stamp cost. What do you think?