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Yoviral Reviews 2022

If you feel like your Instagram profile could do with a bit of a boost, you’re not alone.

Competition on the gram is at an all-time high, which means that there are more people than ever before trying to grow a successful brand through this social media platform.

More and more, people have been opting to outsource their engagement, and take the pressure off a little bit.

There is a huge market for outsourcing your Instagram engagement these days – but it’s not as exciting as you may think.

There are plenty of companies out there not worth your time, and it’s tough knowing which ones to avoid at times. Let’s give one a review and decide if they’re worth checking out.

What is Yoviral?

Yoviral Review: Features

Yoviral is a pretty simple, straightforward Instagram automation tool. The first thing that you’ll notice on their website is that they promise their client’s real likes, that they can automatically deliver to their Instagram profile.

They also claim to be able to detect when you upload new content to your profile, and when they do, you will get a fresh batch of likes to boost it.

Of course, the question here is: is a company like Yoviral just selling fake engagement to naïve customers? There’s a very good chance that they are.

However, there’s no way of knowing without reviewing them, so let’s dive right into our Yoviral review.

A Review of Yoviral

When we review companies like Yoviral, we make sure to look at both the good side and the bad side.

Let’s check it out.

We’ll look at the positives first:

  • Secure Site: this is the first thing that you’ll notice when you visit Yoviral’s website. They have made sure to secure their website with https. This means that they are keeping their client’s personal information safe from hackers. It also means that they intend to be around for quite a while. Securing your website with https isn’t the cheapest, so only companies that plan on making it big and long-term bother with this. Needless to say, it’s a sign of credibility that works in their favor.
  • Visible Pricing: we are pleased to say that Yoviral does show their price points on their website, albeit on their homepage. We would prefer it if they featured them on a different webpage, to make things a little more aesthetically appealing and professional. However, we can’t knock the fact that they are there, and they seem to be pretty affordable too. From just $29 a month, you can get a fresh batch of likes with every upload, and they say that with each price point, you get unlimited uploads. They actually offer price points as low as $9.99 a month, and as high as $200 a month, so they’re pretty diverse in terms of accommodating for different budgets.
  • FAQ and Help Page: you will find Yoviral’s FAQ and help page on – you guessed it – their homepage. For some reason, they seem pretty determined to keep everything on here. Whether it’s to make it easier to find, or just because they’re lazy, we’ll never know. Either way, they do have a few FAQs laid out for you to see so that you can get all of those burning questions off your chest before you sign up for anything.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: we are pretty surprised to see that Yoviral offers 24/7 customer support with their different packages. Of course, you will only get this feature with their pricier packages, but the fact that it exists at all is pretty amazing. We can’t guarantee the quality of this support, or how good they are at getting back to you. At the end of the day, they claim to offer it, and we have to take their word for it for this review.
  • Real Reviews: this is a tough one because it does appear that Yoviral has some real reviews on their website (on their homepage – what a surprise). However, we always encourage people to be vigilant and be on the lookout for fake reviews. It’s difficult to determine whether their reviews are fake because they have included real Instagram handles with each one. However, these could be fake accounts, or they could be getting paid to say something good about Yoviral. At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you think they are fake or not, and for this review, we’ve got to put it in the positive column.

And now for the negatives:

  • Email and Phone Form: we can’t seem to see an email and phone form that Yoviral gets their new customers to fill out when they first sign up. An email and phone form is an essential piece of accountability that a company has with the customer, to make sure that they can be in direct communication with them if something were to go wrong with the system. It’s also a great way for Yoviral to connect with their clients if there are updates, too. Not having this definitely tarnishes their reputation a little bit – we prefer it when companies put the effort in to include this.

Is Yoviral Safe to Use?

So, do we think that Yoviral is safe to use? The short answer to this question is: no.

We don’t think that they’re safe to use, even though they appear to have put a big effort into all of their features, and their website in general.

While their homepage may look appealing and helpful, there is more to this company than meets the eye, and unfortunately, it’s not all good.

There is a very good chance that Yoviral sells its clients fake engagement, which is only going to hurt your account, not help it.

The fact that they don’t need your username and password to send you engagement is telling – it means that their likes are most likely fake.

For this reason, we have to strongly suggest that you look elsewhere for help with your Instagram growth.

YoViral Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend YoViral.

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