Over the past few years, the percentage of individuals passionately involved in yoga activities has surged worldwide. 

According to the latest yoga statistics for 2024, this practice helps mental and physical health as this industry generates many millions of dollars annually. 

With the numerous benefits yoga provides, there are no signs of diminishing returns anytime soon.

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Key Yoga Statistics 2024

  • Approximately 40 million people practice yoga in the United States.
  • The number of people practicing yoga increased by 50% between 2012-2016.
  • There are more than 300 million yoga practitioners worldwide
  • The yoga industry is worth more than $80 billion.
  • Americans spend more than $15 billion a year on class sessions and yoga equipment.
  • The percentage of female yoga practitioners is a lot higher than male, with 75%.
  • In 2012, about 4 million men practiced yoga, which grew to 10 million in 2016.
  • In the United States, about 2 million children practice yoga at some point each year.
  • The most popular reasons why people join yoga classes are for stress relief and flexibility.

Important Yoga Statistics 2024

The content below is a summary of how yoga practices have increased across America and the rest of the world.

1. There America Are Approximately 36 Million People Who Do Yoga in the US.

More than 36 million people do yoga in the US.

These statistics might surprise you considering yoga is a relatively obscure practice still – despite the fact that there has been a growing trend around it in western countries.

This stat also shows that more and more people are becoming interested in learning about yoga or trying it.

2. People Practicing Yoga in America Increased by 50% Within Four Years.

Between 2012-2016, Americans practicing yoga increased to 36 million from 20.4 million as the information affirmed that more than 15% of individuals living in the US had done yoga in the last six months.

The Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal conducted this research. In addition, an expert suggests yoga be the new golf in the next few years.

These statistics are going to probably amaze you because you might not realize just how popular yoga is becoming in the states.

You probably have heard of it already and you might have even tried it at some point, but statistics like this show that it is a form of exercise that is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people get on board and are willing to try it.

We expect these numbers to increase even more as time goes on.

3. Among Every Six Americans, at Least Two Have Tried Yoga Practices.

4. Approximately 75% of Yogis Residing in The US Have Not Practiced for Up to Five Years.

This is an interesting statistic, and we wonder why this is the case. Perhaps they have found some other way to work out, or maybe they are planning on getting back into it at some point but life has gotten in the way.

We think that there is a very small percentage of people out there that haven’t practiced yoga in a while because they don’t like it anymore, but we don’t think that this makes up the vast majority.

5. In 2017, American Adults Used Yoga as a Complementary Health Practice.

Just like yoga, statistics show meditation as another complementary health practice for American adults as it has grown in popularity over time.

6. There Are More than 5,000 Yoga Studios in America Currently.

There are no exact statistics to show where these studios are located, but we are willing to bet that they are mainly found on the west and east coasts of the United States, in New York and California, where people are a bit more progressive and interested in learning about new practices like this.

This being said, this is an impressive number of yoga studios, and we imagine that it’s just going to get bigger.

7. Yoga Alliance Said There Are More than 100,000 Yoga Teachers Currently Registered with Them.

8. Acroyoga Is the Most Practiced Style of Yoga. It Is a Combination of Asana and Acrobatics.

Bikram yoga practices are becoming popular in the US as individuals affirm its numerous benefits.

You can click here to learn about the risk of this practice. Another name for Bikram yoga is Hot yoga.

Some people choose to try Bikram yoga for the novelty of it, because they have never worked out before in a hot, humid setting.

Others try it because they are curious to find out more, and they end up loving it and practicing it as often as they can.

However, it is worth nothing that you do need to make sure that you drink lots of water and stay hydrated, otherwise you can end up overheating and even possibly fainting.

Yoga Demographics: How Many People Do Yoga?

At first, people thought yoga was deeply for spiritual purposes only.

However, as the number of yogis continue to surge, the percentage of individuals who know their asana varies.

1. More Females Practice Yoga Compared to Men. Approximately 75% of Females Get Involved in Yoga.

Women enjoy numerous health benefits in yoga practices compared to men. Although the number of men has improved, females are still leading.

This comes as no surprise as stats prove that more women believe that there are health benefits exclusive to them when it comes to practicing yoga.

However, this certainly doesn’t mean that men can’t try it out as well, as both sexes will end up benefiting from practicing it consistently.

2. Between 2012 to 2016, Men Practicing Yoga in The US Increases by 4 Million

While women might have been primarily interested in yoga in the beginning, it hasn’t taken long for men to jump on the trend and try it out too.

You can see from a stat like this that yoga is becoming increasingly more popular among men as well, and we think that even more will get on board when they realise the myriad of health benefits.

3. Individuals Between the Age Group 30-49 Years More than Others.

A survey confirms that yoga is popular among people above 50 years of age. The statistics show that 18-29, 30-49, and 50+ years old holds 19%, 43%, and 38%, respectively. 

This is an interesting statistic because based on trends you would assume that the younger generation – primarily millennials – are interested in practices like this.

However, it has actually caught the attention of an older demographic, perhaps because less of the younger generation knows about it.

Either way, we think that more younger people will catch onto the trend at some point in the future, and it will probably remain popular in older adults as time goes on as well.


4. 50+ years old practicing yoga has tripled within the last five years.

5. More than 30% of yoga practitioners in the US have young ones also practicing.

6. Approximately 2 million children have signed up for yoga classes in the US.

As children learn about the numerous benefits of this practice, the percentage of kids who sign up increases.

Research confirms that about 400,000 more kids tried yoga in 2012 compared to 2007.

There are many ways that children can benefit from practicing yoga. Like meditation, yoga is a calming form of exercise that can help children focus and remain relaxed.

This is great if you have a child who is anxious a lot of the time, or can’t sit still and struggle to concentrate at school.

Practicing a calming exercise like yoga can help them stay on task, and also help them release any tension that they might be holding in.

7. Yoga Is a Lucrative Source of Income. About 70% of Registered Yoga Practitioners Earn up To $80,000 Annually.

If you are wanting to start a brand in the workout industry, then you might want to see what yoga has to offer.

As you can see from this stat, it’s a pretty lucrative industry, and offers you a decent slice of the pie should you wish to partake.

The good news is that becoming a yogi isn’t going to take too long – it’s completely up to you the path you take to becoming a yoga instructor.

However, when it comes to actually learning how to teach yoga, it’s not usually going to take as long as a bachelor’s or master’s degree takes to complete.

The good news is that you can train to become a yoga instructor relatively quickly and start earning in a short amount of time.

8. More than 80% of Regular Yogis Are White.

The same data says 90% of yogis have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This information means educated individuals are more likely to teach yoga.

9. Less than 15% of Yoga Practitioners Don’t Eat Meat. 

The population of vegetarian yoga practitioners is about four times the population of vegetarianism in America.

While this definitely isn’t the overwhelming majority of people who practice yoga, it is interesting that there is a bit of a correlation here.

We believe that this stat proves that people who are vegetarian are more likely to be interested in seeking out alternative working out methods than those who aren’t – but this isn’t to say that a lot of vegetarians wouldn’t be interested in yoga at the same time.

It’s just food for thought.

Yoga Industry Statistics


As the number of individuals involved in this practice continues to increase, so does its market worth.

1. Globally, the Yoga Industry Is Worth More than $75 Billion as The Numbers Continue to Increase.

$75 billion is a big pie to get a slice of, if you are planning on taking your dreams all the way and not only become a yoga instructor, but creating an entire brand around yoga.

It also goes to show that more and more people are becoming interested in it.

2. More than $15 Billion Is Spent Yearly on Yoga Equipment, and Classes and Statistics Show that These Numbers Will Likely Keep Rising.

The Yoga in America Study confirms a $6 billion increase from $10 billion for yoga magazines, equipment, and other utilities.

This amount increased more than 50% within four years.

3. In 2012, Yoga Was Rank Among the Top Fastest-Growing Industries in America

Data from IBIS World shows that within a decade, the yoga industry grew by 10% annually.

The information confirms the year between 2002-2012 as the growth continued despite a recession in 2008.

Similar development occurs in the pilate industry within this period.

4. Individuals Between the Ages Group 25-34 Spend More on Activewear and Yoga Clothing.

According to the 2020 sales report by Lululemon generate more than 150% from online sales.

The biggest yoga clothing brand in America is Lululemon.

Likewise, the number of YouTube yogis’ subscribers will increase during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The good news is that while older adults tend to enjoy yoga a bit more, the younger generation spends the most money on active wear, which means that you can combine the two to create a successful brand that encompasses most demographics out there.

5. The Search for Yoga Apps Increased by 70% in 2017. Similar Increases Occur to Meditation Apps.

Speaking of marketing and brands, there are a lot of yoga apps out there already that are great for guiding you through a yoga session.

On the other side of this, if you want to try and make some money in the yoga industry, there is always the chance that you could come up with the next great yoga app idea.

Statistics on Yoga’s Benefits


Yoga proves both physical and mental benefits. To learn more about these details, click here.

1. According to Research, Yoga Helps to Treat Back Pain.

Numerous yoga processes treat back pain. 

If you are among the 80% of citizens of the US struggling with back pain, sign up for yoga class today.

2. Yoga Sessions Can Make Your Day Productive.

Employers should allow their workers to engage in yoga in the workplace to improve their well-being.

CDC conducted this research. 

3. Having a Yoga Session Improves Mental Clarity. 85% of Yoga Practitioners Confirm This Information.

4. Yoga Helps to Ease Depression.

5. British Journal of Sports Medicine affirms that the higher the number of weekly yoga sessions a person is involved in, the lower the depressive symptoms. 

In addition, there are numerous anxiety-reducing asanas you can try to help keep your mind excited.

6. A Data in 2016 by Yoga in America Shows that People Take Part in Yoga Classes to Improve Flexibility.

Other reasons people sign up for yoga include general fitness, stress, and numerous physical and health benefits.

In addition, the study shows that yogis are likely to live healthy because they eat nutritional substances and create time for local community activities.

7. Yoga Practices Can Improve Adhd Symptoms in Children.

Research conducted in Spain that involves a250 children to show the effect of physical exercise on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) confirms that yoga improves the symptoms.

8. More than 55% of Yogis Feel Yoga Practices Improve Sleep.

For those that find it difficult to sleep because of work stress or other factors, yoga is an excellent plan to start to improve your well-being.

9. 80% of Yoga Users Think the Practice Helps to Reduce Stress Levels.

10. Approximately 30% of individuals that practice yoga make healthier nutrition decisions.

In a report, the National Institute of Health Clinical Center said involvement in yoga practices helps to lose weight.

Apart from dropping pounds, it helps to improve the mind and make you look healthier.

11.About 80% of yoga users are involved in cycling, jogging, and other group sports.

Statistics on Yoga Injuries & the Dangers of Yoga

Most people think yoga is just about stretching. Well, check out the yoga injury statistics below.

1. Just Like Other Sports, Research Has Shown Yoga Can Cause Severe Injuries.

In 2017, a survey conducted by the Faculty of Health Science at Sydney University showed more than 340 yoga users had developed musculoskeletal pain from previous class practices.

Furthermore, 25% of participants said the pain increased in every class, with 10%  thinking yoga is the architect of muscular pain.

2. Headstand Is Assumed to Be the Most Dangerous Yoga Posture.

A survey conducted in Germany by the Department of Internal and Integrative Medicine shows that shoulder stand causes a considerable number of injuries compared to other yoga postures.

3. The Injury Cases of Yoga Have Increased in The Last Ten Years

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System said at least 100,000 participants get injured from yoga compared to other sports like golf.

The injury percentage in 2001 was 9.5% but has increased to 17% within a few years.

Injury cases increase because of the rise in unqualified teachers for eager beginners.

However, comparing yoga cases to sports like basketball, the earlier is much safer.

4. Most Yoga Injuries Are on Hips, Feet, Knees, and Ankles.

Most yoga teachers advise doing the pose correctly to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Workout cultures like High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), CrossFit and yoga significantly affect back pain.

However, when you are not doing the activities correctly, it could cause Low Back Pain(LBP), fracture, or other significant tissue damage.

Global Yoga Statistics 2024


Many individuals worldwide partake in yoga. Below are some statistics showing global yoga data.

1. More than 300 Million Individuals Take Part in Yoga (excluding the US)

According to research, yoga originated in India, but many countries worldwide have claimed its history.

In 2016, yoga was ranked among the most searched words on the internet in the UK.

2. Within the Last Five Years, Japanese Yoga Practitioners Have Surged Drastically. Statistics Show More than 400%.

Although it is difficult to decipher the popularity of yoga per country, data from Google Trends shows countries that associate with yoga terms periodically while using these statistics to show its popularity in that region.

According to the data provided by Google, the top five countries that use yoga-related words are; Singapore, India, Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Another survey by The Frazer Institute shows that yoga is among the top three complementary therapies popular in  Canada.

The percentage statistics are relaxation techniques(25%), massage (44%), acupuncture (22%), yoga (27%) and chiropractic care (42%).

Do not miss the numerous benefits yoga provides; join a session today.


These yoga statistics show that yoga is booming in 2024.

There is no location restriction with yoga. Interestingly, you enjoy both physical and health benefits at no considerable cost.

Note that you have to follow the posture of the instructor to avoid injuries.

For further information about these activities, you should find an instructor near you.


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