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Xplod Social Reviews 2023

There comes a time on Instagram when you have to decide whether you’re going to keep your account as a personal page or switch to a business profile.

Business profiles on Instagram are great for marketing your brand to an even bigger audience – but it doesn’t happen overnight.

Consistently engaging with other people in your community is a big ask, especially if you’ve got a business to run. That’s why a lot of people these days choose to outsource their engagement. Not every company is trustworthy, though.

Let’s give one of these companies a review.

What is Xplod Social?

Xplod Social is an Instagram marketing company that says the can target your preferred niche as well as help to increase your engagement.

Among their services, you will find features like growth services and content consulting. Xplod Social claim that with these types of features your sales, paid partnerships and overall engagement will ‘explode.’ They have a number of brand logos on their website which they claim to have worked with.

They could just be another bot, though. Let’s give them a review and determine whether they’re worth it or not.

A Review of Xplod Social

We’ll begin our review with the positives:

  • Secure Site: if you run a website online for your business, then it needs to be https secure. This is one of the most critical security measures you could implement when it comes to keeping both your clients and your company safe from hackers. It also helps you to rise the ranks of Google a lot quicker, as well as draw more potential customers in. We’re pleased to announce that Xplod Social has secured their website.
  • Visible Pricing: not only does Xplod Social have their prices visible and available for you to look at before you commit to anything, but they have also made an effort to create a new web page for them. This shows to us that they are prepared to take this business seriously and go the extra mile for the customer. The opposite would be featuring their prices on their homepage, which we consider to be lazy.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Xplod Social keep ticking off the boxes by featuring an FAQ and help page, as well. Obviously, it’s ideal to be able to glean as much information as you can about a company before you sign up to their services. The more information you can get directly from them, the more comfortable you’ll feel when you sign up.
  • Real Reviews: now, this is an interesting one. Xplod Social has put their reviews under a headline called ‘case studies’ and even has people on video talking about how great the business is. While this looks great on a website and to a potential customer, it does raise a few red flags for us. Either these are genuine, and that’s great, or these people have been paid by Xplod Social to say these things.
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Now, let’s go over the negatives:

  • 24/7 Customer Help: while they have put effort into their FAQ and help page which is what we like to see, they haven’t expanded this budget to include a customer support team who can be on standby should you need them at any time of the day or night. While this isn’t an absolutely essential part of running a company like this, it is nice to include because it shows the customer that you put their needs first.
  • Email and Phone Form: with companies like these it’s essential that they get your information when you sign up with them. This is because they are running a business that relies on technology – technology that can break down from time to time and is always evolving. This means that they need to be able to contact you when something’s up, so you are kept updated on everything that’s going on. It’s an important level of accountability that Xplod Social doesn’t have.

Is XPLOD Social a Scam? Is XPLOD Social Safe?

In summary, we don’t believe that Xplod Social is safe to use. While they look good at first glance, when you delve a little deeper you realize that their services are a lot simpler – and less quality – than you initially thought. At the end of the day, Xplod Social is most likely just another bot that’s inevitably going to get your account banned at some point. It’s better to avoid these guys and look elsewhere.

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