Are you considering launching a website? What should you pick, Windows hosting or Linux hosting? We will try to answer that question for you. 

A web host or a web hosting service provider is a company that delivers the server and the software required to run a website on the internet. 

Each server usually runs on Linux or Windows, so you need to consider the OS they use when choosing a hosting provider. Hence, you should decide between Windows hosting or Linux hosting. There are several factors that will influence your decision on which hosting to choose. 

In this article, we will cover the main advantages and disadvantages of both hostings. 

Why Should You Go With Windows Hosting

Being compatible with the other Windows tools is one of the main reasons to choose Windows hosting. If your company already uses Windows OS on their computers and Windows tools, this hosting is a much better option for you. The benefit here is the same classic Windows operating system, which is far more accessible and familiar than Linux. 

Your web hosting platform will work perfectly with every Windows application and program you own. You can upgrade your programs and apps on your hosting service and working station together. You won’t lose any performance, ever.

The Disadvantages of Using Windows Hosting 

It Is More Expensive

As we all know, Windows is an operating system you pay to use. The monthly payments for the operating system make Windows hosting more costly than Linux hosting.

Less Stable

A large number of downloads and applications would cause a crash of the Windows servers. Although with the improvements in technology, these issues are becoming less frequent. However, Windows servers are still not quite as reliable as the Linux servers. 

A competent site hosting company can overcome all of these problems. The good news is not all Windows servers are the same. There are Windows hosting providers offering up to a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They are adding all the needed safeguards to keep their servers running as planned.


Less Secure

Having top-notch security is one of the most basic requirements for company websites. However, sites with Windows security have had malicious software attacks with more significant consequences than Linux. If you are collecting personal or financial information from your customers, an attack like that can cause your business lots of trouble. 

It’s also bad for your company if hackers could put your website offline for hours or even days. It is a good decision to take precautionary measures, installing extra security software or plugins to avoid hacker attacks. 

Why Should You Go With Linux Hosting

Linux is the most used operating system in the world for server operation. It provides all the functionality that a professional website designer demands. It’s a free operating system, making it cheaper than Windows hosting. It’s also an open operating system, meaning you will get free tools, software packages, information. Linux is ideal for people who love experimenting and discovering new ways.

The Disadvantages of Linux Hosting

The Cost

Linux is open-source software, meaning you won’t pay a license fee. However, many of the best apps and features require a monthly charge. If you decide to go for Linux hosting or Linux VPS hosting, be aware of the further expense and hidden fees.


The Updates 

Linux is a self-service software because it’s open source. But this also means you won’t be getting the regular updates as Windows users. Some of the security fixes and features might get delayed.

Which One Should You Pick?

Both types of web hosting provide a similar degree of service. Both Linux and Windows have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In terms of pricing, Linux outperforms Windows. Many Linux servers run on the same technology as twenty years ago, making it cheaper. The Linux servers don’t require as many updates, which adds to the price of the Windows servers. 

In terms of stability and security, Linux servers also have an advantage. They are much more secure and less prone to outside attacks than Windows servers. 

However, one of the main reasons you should pick one or the other is simple: the familiarity with the operating system. Migrating from Windows to Linux can be a really hard task for most users. A Linux user would also struggle just as hard to use a Windows operative system. It will be a challenge. If you are willing to overcome it you can go either way, get the hosting that fits your needs better.