Netlify CMS is a Content Management System that is open source. It includes simple procedures and a pleasant user interface. Netlify CMS integrates with a variety of static site generators (SSG), allowing us to construct online projects that are quick, versatile, and secure.

Furthermore, Kontent by Kentico CMS will be integrated with Netlify to offer more performant websites and online apps!

How Does Netlify CMS Work?

The biggest benefit of using Netlify CMS is that all content and source code are saved in the client Git repository. Of course, you can organize the information in subfolders as well. You can also utilize extra content models for your convenience.

You simply do not require the backend and databases. However, it will have an effect on the project’s functioning. Because the material will be kept directly in Git, all changes (including content updates) will be available to the development team.

Netlify CMS functions as a wrap for the Git process. Netlify CMS addresses APIs such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket in order to link to Git.

It is built on client-side JavaScript, reusable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and pre-made Markup and is built on serverless, headless technology. Because of this structure, it is more reliable than a server-side CMS such as WordPress.

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Advantages Of Netlify CMS

Are you wondering about the advantages of Netlify CMS? Here is a list of the main benefits that this CMS brings to the table:

  • Open-source Content Management System (particularly useful for open-source projects)

  • It is built on JamStack technology

  • Installation is simple

  • Rich-text editing, drag-and-drop media uploads, and real-time preview are all available

  • They collaborate with a large number of static site generators (SSG)

  • Create custom previews, editor plugins, and UI widgets with flexibility and extensibility

  • The ability to work with an infinite number of content kinds and custom fields

  • Modern authentication is provided by using GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or JSON web tokens. Netlify
    Identity is another option for adding authentication capability to the site. A program like this provides a handy interface for user administration

  • The security that outperforms that of a server-side CMS such as WordPress

  • The usage of GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab as a Content Management System (CMS)

  • Frontend developers may implement the entire project without the assistance of other developers, which helps to preserve the project’s money

  • Changes to the material will be made by a few content editors. You may make it possible for non-technical people to do it, but it is best to build links on the material to lead such individuals. This is extremely handy for blog postings, for example

  • Custom field management

  • Workflow for Editorial (draft, under review, and ready to publish)

  • Contributions from the community
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Integrating Netlify CMS and Kontent by Kentico: Benefits

Integrate Kontent by Kentico with Netlify to create faster-loading websites and online applications! Following are the benefits of integrating Netlify CMS and Kontent by Kentico:

Create Amazing Online Experiences

Jamstack websites are noted for their superior speed, cheaper scaling costs, and enhanced security. Begin by using Kontent and Netlify to create your first Jamstack project.

Use Your Preferred Framework

Both Kontent and Netlify provide Jamstack plugins for many common frameworks, allowing you to utilize the framework of your choice, whether it’s Gatsby, Hugo, Vue.js, Next.js, Nuxt, Angular, or another.

Directly Edit Your Site Pages With The Headless CMS

Kontent is the first headless CMS that has a web-specific add-on, Web Spotlight, that allows your content editors to change material from within your website’s pages.

One of the benefits of this add-on is live editing, which lets the team see content changes in real-time. This makes it possible to prevent having to jump between browsers to view every separate change, making the whole process much faster and more efficient. This way, editors can create content confidently knowing it will look great once it’s published. 

Web Spotlight’s benefits don’t end here, though. This web-specific add-on introduces another concept to headless CMS—the Content Tree. Using a hierarchical structure, it is able to organize content that is aligned with the pages of your site. This makes it so much easier to find content items based on where they show on your sites. 

Last but not least, Web Spotlight brings the concept of Pages and Navigation. What are those? Pages and Navigation are prebuilt components allowing the users to associate content with the web pages and navigation that create the websites of their company.


To summarise, Netlify CMS is a very useful solution for quick content management and content production, with multiple perks and specific features available. You will make the consumer journey easy and exciting by using the correct content mapping techniques.

Begin using Kontent by Kentico today for an extraordinary experience. Integrate Kontent with the technologies you rely on, such as Netlify CMS, to accelerate the delivery of digital projects.