Why does Instagram keep crashing?

You are not alone if Instagram frequently closes on you.

Instagram crashes are annoying no matter what you’re doing: opening the app, checking direct messages, creating a Reel, posting, or boosting a post.

Although frustrating, it’s not as bad as having your Instagram account suddenly deleted or blocked from posting.

Instagram crashes can be frustrating, but there are some things you can try if you have them frequently.

And with any luck, you won’t be out of action for long.

Why Does Instagram Keep Crashing?

Why does Instagram keep crashing?

The Instagram app is unstable for several reasons. Here are a few of the most typical explanations.

Reason #1: Multiple Accounts

When using several accounts on the same mobile device, Instagram can crash unexpectedly.

Instagram often malfunctions when users attempt to log in from multiple devices using the same account.

Reason #2: Samsung Galaxy Phones

Some Samsung Galaxy different phones, including the Galaxy S10 and S20, cannot launch Instagram successfully.

There may be a connection between the refresh rate of such Samsung smartphones and the Instagram crashing issue.

Reason #3: Instagram Stories

When trying to upload or read the stories, Instagram also crashes for the user.

Reason #4: Device Memory

You may have reached the storage capacity of your smartphone.

Reason #5: Improper Installation

You did not give Instagram a proper install on your mobile device.

These, therefore, are some explanations for the Instagram lag problem.

Methods To Fix The Instagram Crashing Issue

We have compiled a list of solutions to help you resolve Instagram app crashes on your Android or iOS device.

Fix #1: Updating The Instagram App

 Updating The Instagram App

If you haven’t updated your Instagram app in a while, you should know that the program is prone to crashing because of a bug or problem that can only be fixed in the most recent version.

  • The update is available in the Play Store from Google for users of the Android operating system.
  • Instagram’s newest version is available for download in the App Store for those with iOS devices.

Why Is Updating Instagram Essential?

Instagram’s future updates may significantly alter its functionality. The interface and experience for content producers and consumers are liable to shift due to these upgrades.

Changes like this demonstrate Instagram’s commitment to providing a stable and error-free experience for its users at all times.

The Instagram app is regularly updated to add new features and enhancements, such as viewing more text on a post and more filter options.

 Fix #2: Restarting Your Phone

Restart Phone

If resetting your phone doesn’t fix Instagram, try reinstalling it. Specific problems and glitches can be removed by just restarting your smartphone.

You’ll find multiple solutions to the Instagram crashing problem if you still have it after reading this post.

 Fix #3: Clear Your Cache

The applications on your smartphone will periodically save data locally to reduce load times. This can accumulate and become problematic over time.

This is especially true if any of the data stored in the cache has been altered. Therefore, cleaning your cache is a viable approach to solving this problem.

Follow these instructions on an Android device:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select the “Storage” menu item.
  • To view your device’s whole library of apps, choose the “Other Apps” option.
  • Choose the Instagram app from your device’s library.
  • You must go to your browser’s settings and select the Clear Cache option.

The only way to remove the app cache on an iPhone is to uninstall and reinstall the program. As a means of accomplishing this:

  • Instagram may be accessed from the app’s icon on either the Home screen or the App Library.
  • Press and hold the Instagram symbol until a menu displays or until all the applications jiggle or vibrate.
  • Click the minus sign (Remove App) in the upper left corner of the logo.
  • Agree to uninstall the program when prompted to do so.
  • You need to re-download Instagram and sign in.

Fix #4: Check Free Storage

Check Free Storage

If your phone is running low on storage, you may experience problems such as app freezes, slowdowns, and crashes.

Ensure your phone has at least 10–15% free space before installing any new apps.

Follow these easy methods to view your Android or iPhone’s remaining storage space:

On an Android

  • Access the Android device’s configuration menu.
  • Go to Storage.
  • You can check how much space is left on your phone here.
  • You will be able to observe which files and folders are using the most space.

On iOS

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on General > iPhone Storage.
  • Verify the available space right now.

Delete certain programs or files you won’t often use if you run out of space. When you think everything is operating properly, open Instagram once more.

 Fix #5: Update Mobile Software

Update Mobile Software

Software that has reached end-of-life on your mobile phone can cause several problems, including app crashes.

If you are one of the victims, check to see that the mobile applications on your device are up to date.

  • Click on Settings > General.
  • Click Software Update to have it automatically look for available updates.
  • If a download and installation option appears, choose it.
  • Input your iPhone’s unlock code if prompted to do so.
  • To access the update, insert the screen activation code.
  • Your iPhone will apply the update and restart itself once it has been downloaded.

Fix #6: Close Other Running Apps

There are various reasons why Instagram and other mobile apps frequently break in modern times.

But if you run out of space or notice a slowdown in speed, closing some background applications manually will keep your device from crashing.

Therefore, slide up from the top of the display and hold to access the Recents menu. Swiping up all the running apps might manually remove a lot of RAM.

Restarting your device will force any background processes to end immediately.

Fix #7: Clear The Instagram App Cache

Clear The Instagram App Cache

Instagram stores data it generates temporarily in the app cache.

It is possible that the crash was brought on by a problem with one of these files that have been completely overwritten or corrupted.

To fix this, you can clear the cache to make the app reload the files.

  • Open Settings
  • Start by navigating to your phone’s “Apps” menu.
  • Choose Instagram
  • Tap Storage.
  • Choose Settings > Clear Data > Clear Cache.

If it worked, you’d observe the counters for those events go to zero. Many crashing apps can be fixed by erasing their cache.

In the absence of a more fundamental problem with the application, this is generally all that is required to get it back up and running.

If you wipe your data, you won’t lose any of your Instagram content, but you will have to log in again.

Please make sure you have access to your account details and can receive verification credentials.

Final Thoughts

This article explains why Instagram keeps crashing and provides a solution. It’s frustrating when Instagram closes unexpectedly for no apparent reason.

We trust that one of these solutions will fix Instagram’s crashing on your mobile device.

 If the problem persists, try using Instagram in your web browser or Instagram Lite (Android only) until the server-side or account-side problem is fixed.

If you’re having trouble seeing Instagram with Firefox, you might want to switch to a different web browser.

Above mentioned solutions can be applied to solve the crashing problem of Instagram.