Sport has always been and remains in vogue. No wonder sports apps are so popular all over the world. A huge number of users of fitness applications is direct evidence of this. Sports apps are convenient, useful, efficient: calorie counter, pedometer, heart rate monitor, etc. – all important solutions are close at hand.

And the developers of such applications are embedding more and more relevant and useful functions to stimulate people to sports. And, it should be noted, they are excellent at it: sports applications occupy one of the leading places in the download rating. In this article, we explain why your fitness center should invest in custom mhealth app development.

Benefits of Having an Mhealth App for Your Fitness Center

Nowadays, a mobile application for the fitness industry is especially in demand and brings significant benefits to both the customer and the owner of the fitness center. After all, from the point of view of marketing, the application replaces several specialists at once: this is an advertising agent, this is a full-fledged administrator, this is an expert trainer, this is also a customer acquisition manager.

1. It increases customer loyalty

By creating a mobile application, the company demonstrates concern for its customers, focusing on the convenience of interacting with its product or service. It is always pleasant and valuable to your customers.

The new interaction channel opens up opportunities for fitness centers to communicate with the audience. One of the main advantages of mobile applications is interactivity. You can involve the users in the gaming and analytical process, send them personalized offers, and help them to track their physical condition and achieve goals.

2. It helps to find new customers

A good fitness app can easily lure not only existing but also prospective customers. This is a good solution for increasing the customer base and, accordingly, the profit of the fitness center. A sports program for a smartphone can be called a marketing tool since it allows customers to:

john fornander TAZoUmDqzXk unsplash
  • receive information about the gym;
  • watch various training videos;
  • purchase a subscription or change it;
  • contact the administrator in an online chat or order a call;
  • sign up for group classes or workouts with a personal trainer;
  • make an online appointment for a massage or other additional procedures;
  • receive personalized information (schedule of group classes, information about the qualifications and specialization of trainers, etc.);
  • find workouts by direction, load, and duration in existing sports sections;
  • make a schedule of classes (on their own or with an instructor);
  • use a fitness calculator to track physical indicators;
  • receive notifications about news, promotions, schedule changes;
  • adjust diets with a special calorie counter;
  • receive discounts for active use of the application and bonus points for mentions in social networks, ordering additional services, etc.
  • make payment.

In the era of mobile devices, the application serves as a direct bridge to the customer, providing a lot of benefits in a minimum amount of time. Programs that allow people to track personal progress remain especially in demand, for example, weight loss per week or other time intervals when losing weight. The function of compiling a diet is also in demand, on which fitness centers can also get additional profit.

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3.  It helps trainers to maintain customer interest 

Ready-made programs improve interaction with the customer and attract new visitors to the gym. Depending on the implemented functionality, they make it possible to conduct sports streams, publish videos of seminars and training sessions, and post other useful content. Applications allow trainers to sell individual workouts and personal trainer services, as well as track and control results.

The main advantages of the application for a trainer:

  • automation of customer accounting;
  • quick preparation of personal training and nutrition programs;
  • simplification of monitoring the fact of payment for individual lessons;
  • increasing the loyalty of fitness club visitors due to the convenience of obtaining the necessary information and the availability of feedback;
  • constant communication with the “wards”;
  • automation of many work processes.

4. It improves the company’s image

Increasing the level of service, following the latest technological trends has a positive effect on the company’s image. Supporting the company’s image in the fitness industry is 70% of success.

Also, a very productive marketing option for any fitness center is its own video programs for existing customers and the possibilities to check results they achieved over a certain period of time. The YouTube channel is a great platform for this, and its integration into the mhealth app especially motivates the user to come to the gym to do fitness with one of the excellent trainers from the videos. 

danielle cerullo CQfNt66ttZM unsplash

Also, to fully achieve the desired effect, a fitness center can use an automated discount system for providing customers with discounts: for the achieved result, for the continuous purchase of a subscription for six months, or for recommending the center in a personal account of any social network (Instagram, Facebook, etc).

5. It reduces the number of staff

In large fitness centers, automating standard processes can reduce the number of administrators. Small fitness centers can optimize some tasks. Time and efforts, which are thus released, should be spent on improving the quality level of service.

Empeek Provides Fitness Centers with Multi-functional Apps

The goal of Empeek is to develop the mobile application market by constantly creating something new and opening up more and more opportunities for customers. By studying the mobile application download statistics and by analyzing the marketing activities, we have identified the best way to attract a client’s interest in a sports club. This solution is a custom mhealth app.

Our experience and knowledge in the field of Internet marketing, website and app development allow us to offer and implement the best solution for your business tasks.

In addition to wellness apps, Empeek develops the following mhealth solutions:

  • health information exchange apps;
  • remote healthcare apps;
  • chronic disease tracking apps;
  • hospital apps, etc.


To attract customers, keep them and make them regular visitors to the fitness center, special mobile applications for smartphones are needed. Custom mhealth application development allows you to create a software product that will represent a fitness center on mobile platforms. Such an approach will help you to keep existing customers, attract new visitors and raise income in various innovative ways.