Among the many incognito browsing options, the proxy is one of the most used, especially in the geek community. With this trick, you can essentially hide your IP address, that is, the data that defines your digital identity on the Internet, behind another address. Thus, anonymous browsing becomes possible.

And among most people, this method of browsing is becoming more and more popular. In this article, we will take a look at the residential static proxy and what it is used for.

What Is a Residential Proxy?

You must have read on various websites and publications that intermediary servers, like PrivateProxy servers, are a phenomenal method of hiding your IP address on the Internet. Such servers veil your IP address and route your connection through another server. Besides, simply hiding your IP address, residential proxy servers also allow you to tell the Internet that you are in another area by geographically spoofing your unique area.

Proxy servers allow you to productively browse the web with complete protection. Your association won’t be scrambled because it happens when using a VPN, which will prevent internet service providers and government organizations from infiltrating your traffic. In any case, there are always safe limits.

In simple words, residential proxies are rotating proxies that connect to a proxy portal that can access a private IP proxy. These residential IP addresses come from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is connected directly to your home or to a conduit or DSL.

Anyone who uses the Internet, whether an individual or a company, needs a private IP address. The moment a customer uses a private IP proxy, the proxy provider will give you its IP address because it connects you to its ISP, just as you get the location and area of the ISP.

Reasons To Use a Residential Static Proxy 

There are three reasons why users buy IP addresses. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

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Bypassing Geo-blockers

This is the most important reason, why people use proxies. In some regions, certain services or sites are blocked, but users are still looking for ways to visit them.

For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are blocked in China. If the Chinese want to read the feeds on these social networks and communicate with friends, they have to change their IP address. This is done with the help of a proxy. Residents of the Middle Kingdom choose an IP of any country and connect it. Then they can open social networks in peace.

Protection From Being Banned for Multi-accounting

Social networks and advertising platforms forbid multi-accounting, i.e., having several accounts. However, multi-accounting is a reliable way to promote your product and the fastest way to keep your product at the top of advertising platforms.

Social networks and platforms have an algorithm that registers violations. It’s called antifraud. When the antifraud system sees several accounts with the same IP address, it begins to suspect that these are bots. Antifraud will automatically ban all profiles. 

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The site/service moderation will manually check the suspicious accounts. If they find out it’s a network of profiles, everything gets banned.

To “insure” accounts from being blocked, they use proxies. You can use a separate intermediate server for each profile. The result is that all the accounts have different IPs, which makes it harder for the systems to identify them as a network of profiles.

The most reliable IPs, like PrivateProxy solutions, for multi-accounting are resident and mobile ones. They are blocked less often because they are registered in special registries. In addition, the resident and mobile addresses are assigned to real users’ devices. Therefore, if you block a resident or mobile IP, there is a risk of blocking a real person, not a proxy user.


Anonymity is the third reason users connect proxies on their devices. They hide the real IP address and change the location of the user.

For example, if a person from Europe connects a proxy for India, then the site systems will identify him as a resident of India.

However, remember, residential servers do not make you completely anonymous and do not hide all your data – only your location. To hide all information about yourself, you need to use an anti-detect browser. It will hide your browser fingerprints. These include:

  • OS version;
  • time zone;
  • screen resolution;
  • color depth;
  • cookie settings;
  • browser plug-ins;
  • versions of these plugins and other settings.

A proxy only helps you become anonymous on the Web, but other tools should be used in conjunction with it.

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How To Choose a Residential Static Proxy

Consider the Task 

In order to enter a banned site, an ordinary browser extension may be suitable. If you need to seriously promote several Instagram accounts, you’ll probably need a complete pool of proxy servers – anonymous, resident, and dedicated.

Explore Geography

The further away the server is from the location of the end-user, the lower the performance will be. Therefore, it is better to choose IP addresses in your own or a neighboring country.

Pay Attention to Guarantees and Support

It is convenient if the service gives you the opportunity to test the proxy – and replace it if something is wrong. As well as to help with selection and setup, to tell you how to use it. Look at reviews, ratings, reputation. It is worth considering the opinions and experiences of other users, not just the words of proxy owners themselves.

Compare Prices 

The main thing to remember about types of proxies is why some cost more than others. And that free doesn’t mean good. You can also pay attention to additional functions: blocking potentially malicious scripts, advertising banner filtering, encryption.

How To Use a Proxy and How To Set Up a Connection at Home

There are several ways to connect an intermediate server:

  • Browser extensions. You install a plugin, add an IP address and enable/disable IP in one click.
  • Setting up the computer system. Windows and MacOS have this function. You connect a proxy in the settings, and it works for the entire system.
  • Proxifier software. This software allows you to work with messengers and services that do not support proxies. Among them are Viber, Steam.

Most messengers and programs support the use of intermediate servers. For example, Tooligram, Telegram.