If you have a business or a home in the East London area, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many phenomenal cleaning services in East London available to you so that you can enhance your cleaning schedule. 

If you don’t yet have a cleaning schedule in place, it’s a great idea to create one. There are numerous benefits to ensuring proper cleaning takes place in your home or business premises, and here are just a few reasons why: 

Dirt Accumulates Quickly

Cleaning every now and again doesn’t control the dirt and bacteria that is known to build up quickly in homes and offices, especially in areas touched a lot such as; door knobs, toilet doors and lift buttons. 

That’s without accounting for extra bodily residues which can make an area, or piece of furniture or equipment, dirtier, faster. Computer keyboards, for example, are host to a wide range of bacteria, some of which belong to the Staphylococcus Aureus family, which can cause all kinds of skin infections. MRSA, Athletes foot fungi and staph bacteria also thrive in areas like the gym, especially on gym equipment. 

For the health of customers, employees, clients and management; offices and other business types in East London can benefit from regular cleaning. Ideally, you will put in place general cleaning by professionals once a day, and then once a week deep cleaning for gyms, toilets and other areas more likely to have a dirt-buildup. 

For homes, a daily freshen and then a monthly deep clean for areas like the bathroom and kitchen, is a great idea. 

Covid-19 Cleaning Is Still Necessary

There are still strict guidelines in place for workplaces and business premises to help ensure areas are as COVID-19 safe as possible.


If you run serviced or shared offices in East London, it is imperative you have a regular office cleaning schedule in place so that your customers are safe when they use your offices.

Any business premises which has staff, customers, clients or other kinds of visitors should also have COVID-19 cleaning measures in place. This would ideally be a mixture of guidelines and facilities for employees and customers to follow (signs, antibacterial gel stations etc), and a cleaning schedule involving the right skills and cleaning solutions to ensure the removal of any Covid-19 particles. 

Your Home Is Dirtier Than You Think

You may keep your home clean, as far as you know, but most people don’t realise their home is dirtier than they think it is. 

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Scientific studies tell us that in some homes, over three quarters of dish sponges and cloths contain not just salmonella, but also fecal matter (yep, poop!) too. Then there’s the shower – a place we go to get clean – which gets used at least once a day by the average Brit. And yet, over 75% of us pee in the shower, nearly 60% have seen mould on their shower curtain, and 100% of bacteria types found on the shower floor are thought to be the kind that are harmful to humans. Regardless of this, the average shower gets cleaned just four times a month

For a cleaner, healthier home for the whole family, why not get a daily spruce and monthly deep clean to keep on top of all those invisible nasties? Professional cleaning services in East London can make it easy for you to stay on top of it all, paying particular attention to those high-risk areas so you don’t have to worry about your own house potentially making you sick. 

Proving That You Abide By Health & Safety Laws

If you’re in a healthcare setting, it is a legal requirement that you abide by strict cleaning laws, but that doesn’t mean other kinds of businesses don’t have to make an effort. There are lots of factors when it comes to abiding by the latest health and safety laws in the UK.


Having a regular cleaning schedule plays a part in ensuring that you are doing your very best to keep your customers, employees and clients safe. By using a professional company who provides receipts for their work with you, you can also show your cleaning compliance during an audit. 

It is also important to consider that the level of cleanliness you maintain reflects on your business. So if you run an Airbnb from your home, or a Bed & Breakfast, a high level of cleanliness directly impacts your reviews and ability to generate repeat business. Hiring professional cleaners to maintain your East London Airbnb can only boost your bookings and reviews. 

For all other businesses, your premises are part of your brand and the levels of cleanliness you keep, directly reflect your brand and its values. 

Are You Ready To Create A Cleaning Schedule For Your Home Or Business? 

Smart homeowners and business owners in East London know that a regular cleaning schedule is a good idea. Why not enquire with a local cleaning company in East London today to see how you can boost your home or business with exceptional cleaning services?