When a person has suffered an accident, most know that they can seek compensation, but studies have shown that one of the leading causes of reluctance to make a claim is the concern over financial expenses.

As a result, victims can be left to cover the costs of their own medical bills, as well as feeling traumatized without emotional support from therapists due to the price.

This is why more and more individuals are turning to no-win, no-fee lawyers for help with their claims, as they won’t have to cover any costs unless they are successful.

What Is A No-Win, No-Fee Lawyer?

Simply put, they are a type of legal specialist that is willing to represent their client and will only charge if the case is successful.

Even this cost can (and will often) be taken from the compensation itself, allowing the victim to avoid being out of pocket and simply obtain a large percentage of financial restitution for the injuries they have suffered.

For more information, it’s a good idea to contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to see if they can help. 

The great thing about this type of lawyer is that they will typically tell you what their ‘commission’ will be before you take them on.

They should also tell you a ballpark figure of what you can expect, allowing you to calculate what you can receive after the payment has been covered.

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Are No-Win, No-Fee Lawyers Reliable?

Yes. In fact, unlike lawyers that charge by the hour, or on a case-by-case basis, these types will only receive a payment if they win for you.

That means that they will be far more likely to take on cases that they see as having a high chance of success – and if they take yours on, it will mean that they feel very confident about the potential result of the claim.

This in itself can be reassuring and more than enough reason to take a leap of faith, but even in the worst-case scenario where you don’t win your claim, you won’t owe anything to your lawyer.

What Can These Types Of Lawyers Do?

They can do exactly what other personal injury lawyers can do, whether you’ve been the victim of a collision while driving or a pedestrian hit by a vehicle through no fault of your own.

The only difference between these lawyers and others is the way in which they charge.

Before your case, you’ll have the option to go through the cost of commission for a case that has been won and you will then be given the opportunity to sign relevant documentation to confirm that you agree to their terms.

From this point onwards, it will be the role of your lawyer to evaluate your case, source information and evidence to support your claim, and then compile a file ready to negotiate on your behalf.

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Do All Cases End In Court?

No. In fact, more are settled outside of court as the individual or entity that has the case brought against them likely won’t want to pay additional court fees, or be found liable for more expenses.

This can be a huge relief for many victims who don’t want to face going to court, as out-of-court settlements are increasingly common.

This isn’t just appealing, but also time-saving, as these types of agreements can often end a case quickly without needing to drag it out, which can add more stress and pressure to the victim when they should be taking this time to rest and recuperate from the traumatic event that they’ve experienced.

The consequence in exchange for settling out of court can sometimes be a lower settlement fee, but the choice really will be down to the victim as if they want to take it to a judge, they could receive more, less, or nothing at all.

It all depends on how competent the lawyer is, and this is why opting for one that doesn’t charge unless the case is won can be so appealing.

By doing so, even if the case is settled in court, outside of it, or somewhere in the middle – the financial restitution should help with medical bills, therapy, and general entitlement, with the no-win/no-fee lawyer having their costs covered for their time and expertise.

These are just a few benefits of hiring a no-win/no-fee lawyer in Atlanta for a personal injury.

If you’ve been the victim of an accident, don’t allow yourself to suffer in silence – reach out to a lawyer that won’t require money upfront and see if they can help, as you’ll literally have nothing to lose but a little time.

If they can help, they should be able to assist with connecting you with a good medical practitioner if needed, a therapist, or a counselor, with costs being reclaimable through the case and paid for by the insurance company or individual that’s liable to do so.