Making your E-liquid may not be so difficult; in fact, it is a simple process. However, if you wish to create your own vape juice brand and market it, you’ll need lots of unique e-liquid bottles that will appeal to customers. 

Buying in small quantities will only be a waste of time and money, so your best bet is to go for wholesale e-liquid bottle sellers. But then there are some important things you need to know before ordering e-juice bottles in bulk. 

Wholesale E-liquid Bottles – What Aspects Are Most Relevant To Customers?

Shopping for wholesale e-liquid bottles may be tricky. You surely don’t want to buy vape bottles that’ll sit on the shelf without making any sales. This is why you must focus majorly on presentation and functionality when buying bulk quantities of vape bottles. 

Ask yourself questions like: how do I make my product more appealing to customers? Or how do I make vaping/refilling more convenient for my customers?

Wholesale E-liquid Bottles For Vape Juice Brands

If you’re looking for bottles to brand your custom-made vape juice (this implies small-scale production), your focus should be more on getting a variety of attractive vape bottles to spice up your brand. Hence, it would be wise to purchase different bottle styles, sizes, and colors. Preferably, purchase vape juice bottles that allow you to apply custom colors: This way, you can use colors that match your brand or flavor. 

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Wholesale E-liquid Bottles For Bottling Lines

If you’re a mass producer of vape juice or you own an e-liquid factory, then you’ll need vape bottles that are suitable for the bottling line in your factory. As such, your priorities won’t be colorful or stylish bottles but rather simple and durable vape juice bottles that’ll get the job done. 

What Are The Different Types Of Vape Juice Bottles And Which One To Opt For?

Choosing the vape juice container you’ll prefer for your brand can be quite tasking, as these bottles come in so many varieties. However, all vape liquid bottles types differ in 3 ways – by design (caps, tips, body shape), by size, and by the material used in making them.

E-juice Bottle Caps and Tips

E-juice bottles come in different caps and tips as part of their design. The cap or tip of an e-liquid container will determine the ease with which vapers can fill up their vape pen with juice. Unicorn bottles, for instance, are convenient for refilling vape pens. 

Most E-liquid bottles, however, may come with tamper-evident caps or childproof caps. A dropper cap is also sometimes included for a more precise filling. If your vape container can have these functionalities (additional caps and tips), it’ll make your product more irresistible. 

E-juice Bottle Sizes

Different vape bottle sizes serve different purposes. Knowing the advantages of each bottle size will help you judge which sizes to purchase in more or less quantities. 

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  • 10ml bottles: These bottles are the smallest and most convenient and also make for quick and easy refills
  • 20ml bottles: These containers allow for more vape juice than 10ml bottle sizes, and are equally handy
  • 30ml bottles: 30ml bottle sizes are very popular among vapers as they can store a reasonable amount of e-liquid, yet it’s still small/handy to be carried about. 
  • 60ml bottles: This size of vape bottle is loved by veteran vapers who vape frequently or use high-powered vape devices. 
  • 120ml bottles: These thick and chubby vape juice bottles can store enough vape juice for three vapers. Marketing vape juice in these bottles usually brings in a lot of sales, because vapers will always be enticed by the uncommonly large quantity of vape juice. 

E-juice Bottle Materials

The type of material used in making an e-juice bottle will determine how it’ll fare when it is passed through a filling line. The base material will also determine the customization you can do on the bottle. Some materials, for instance, will not adhere properly to your brand label. Here’s a summary of some E-liquid bottle materials and their characteristics. 

MaterialUsabilityAcid ResistanceDurabilityAdherence To Labels
LDPEVery GoodVery GoodFairFair
GlassGoodVery GoodGoodGood
PETGoodGood Very GoodVery Good
Stainless SteelFairGoodVery GoodFair
HDPEVery GoodVery GoodVery GoodGood

Why Is It So Important To Choose The Right E-liquid Bottle Supplier?

Buying from the right e-juice bottle manufacturers or suppliers can save you a lot of trouble. For starters, a good supplier will guarantee that your bottles come with pre-installed caps and tips. 

Good suppliers will also ensure quick delivery and short lead times. In the wrong hands, you may get cheated on the prices of the purchased e-juice bottles: some wicked folks may even sell fake bottles to you.

You should always do a background check on any manufacturing company or supplier you want to buy from. Or better still, go for trusted, renowned companies like Nexeem.