Who invented Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile app-based social media network that primarily serves as a means for users to share and view video elements.

As long as your account is public, you can accept, edit, and post visual content with your users and everyone else who comes on that site.

There are several ways for users to contribute to the post, including liking, commenting, sharing, and saving.

To what extent are you familiar with Instagram’s origin story and its creator(s)?

To Instagram users and those who have never used the app, Instagram’s meteoric rise to the position of second leading social networking platform globally is bound to be exciting.

From Instagram’s humble beginnings to the evolution of one user’s profile, it’s all here.

Who Invented Instagram? A Brief History

Kevin Systrom, then 27 years old and a recent graduate of Stanford University, began his career in the travel suggestions industry in 2009 at a company called Nextstop.

Before starting Twitter, Systrom was a company’s strategic associate at Google. 

Systrom learned how to code while working at Nextstop on nights and weekends despite his lack of formal education in computer science.

He developed a concept for a web app he called Burbn after his appreciation for high-quality bourbons and other whiskeys. 

People might use the Burbn app to communicate their locations, schedules, and images with one another.

Burbn’s photo-sharing function was groundbreaking, despite the widespread adoption of location-based check-in applications at the time.

Inspired by his appreciation for high-quality whiskeys and bourbons, Systrom built a web application called Burbn as the initial iteration of what would become Instagram.

On its first day of availability, October 6, 2010, the Instagram app had 25,000 users.

Photos, especially those taken with mobile devices, were always intended to be the app’s main attraction.

In 2012, Facebook paid $1 billion (in a mix of cash and stock) to acquire Instagram just before it went public.

Kevin Systrom

Kevin Systrom

Kevin Systrom was born in 1983. Once he finished his scientific & technology management degree, he entered the workforce as a marketing manager.

He had previously done an internship at Odeo Company (Twitter). In the beginning, Instagram was just a side project he was engaged in in his spare time.

He eventually left his job to devote himself full-time to creating Instagram.

Mike Krieger

Instagram’s co-creator, Mike Krieger, was born in 1986.

He and Kevin first crossed paths while Mike was a student at Stanford University, where both were occupied studying symbolic systems.

Mike created a fascinating photo-sharing application while he was in school. Its purpose is to brighten people’s winters by sending them pictures of the sunlight.


You are one of a select few if you know what Burbn is. Instagram’s original name was Burbn, based on an entirely different concept.

Kevin’s appreciation for aged bourbons and other whiskeys inspired this plan. 

Users could broadcast their current locations, upload photos, and reveal any other personal details they desired.

Although location-sharing apps were all the rage at the time, Burbn stood out thanks to its innovative photo-sharing function.

When Was Instagram Created?

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

In 2012, they decided to start their own website where users may peruse other users’ portfolios.

They chose the name “Instagram” because it was meant to be used on mobile devices. Over 1.44 billion people use Instagram each month.

As its popularity grew, in April 2014, Facebook purchased it for $1 billion.

Because it made sharing pictures with friends more enjoyable, this new software quickly gained widespread attention and usage.

The ability to apply special effects to images was greatly appreciated.

The simplicity with which they could upload images to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook was also a big success.

A video feature was introduced to the app in 2013.

The original “Instagram” app, which lets users snap photos and annotate them with words, was spun out as a separate product in 2014.

After that, users could send these pictures to friends and family via email, text message, or social media. This feature, called “Stories,” was released in 2014.

IGTV was released to the public in 2017. Video length has been increased to 15 minutes with this new function.

Live Video debuted in 2015. Stories were first released this year (2018). Users can share up to 60-second videos with embedded links in these “stories.”

Editing Tools And Features

Instagram users can choose from various digital filters, some of which give photographs a retro or faded appearance.

Photo-tuning tools let users alter the image’s brightness, contrasts, richness, sharpness, structuring, straightness, and color, while the Lux effect brightens shadows, darkens highlights, and amplifies contrast.

Photos can also have a vignette and tilt-shift effect applied to them manually.

In 2017, Instagram introduced a feature that lets users publish a carousel-style collection of several photographs and videos.

Instagram copied Snapchat’s Stories feature in 2016, letting users post temporary photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. 

Face filters and stickers based on augmented reality are available in Instagram Stories, as are the options to annotate photos and videos with text, drawings, emojis, links, and geotags.

By April 2017, Instagram Stories had 200 million users, more than Snapchat, its main competitor.

There is an array of complementary apps for Instagram as well. Using Layout, you can make your own animated GIFs with Boomerang, time-lapse videos with Hyperlapse, and photo montages.

When you have them all set up, you can use Instagram to jump to any of your favorite apps quickly.

What Are The Most Important Inventions Of Instagram

How To Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram

Instagram Stories lets users take photos and modify and publish them in a story format.

Instagram Stories

To create and share their own Instagram Stories, users can take photos, modify them, and then publish the results.

The photographs a user posts to their narrative disappear after 24 hours.

A live video is also an option on Instagram Stories, letting users broadcast them in real-time before disappearing forever after the broadcast ends.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads allow users to promote their businesses for a fee.

More than 47% of users take action after viewing a post on the website, such as researching the topic or making a purchase.

This technology can result in increased brand awareness, fresh lead generation, site traffic, and revenue.

The Fundings

Investors took note of Instagram because of its rapidly expanding user base.

Beginning in January 2011, Instagram held meetings with potential investors, and a month later, the firm received $7 million from several sources.

After that, major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook started paying attention to the company.

Systrom and Krieger were able to expand their team, but they maintained it small.

Interests From Facebook

In April 2012, Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder) offered to buy Instagram for $1 billion in cash and shares, stipulating that Instagram would continue to operate freely under its current management.

Soon after, Facebook bought the business for $ 1 billion (in cash and Facebook stock).

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering about how and when Instagram was created and who Invented Instagram, this post has answered it all.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms,w and content creators, businesses, and influencers mostly use it.

With a sleek and user-friendly interface, the invention of such an App doesn’t happen every day. But thanks to Kevin Systrom, we can enjoy such an amazing app.