OTT and IPTV platforms have taken a storm in various industries.

There’s no doubt that OTT platforms have played a major role not just in entertaining people but also in providing information.

This article is about which industries should consider starting an OTT or IPTV business.

What is IPTV/OTT?

IPTV, or internet-based protocol television, is a digital television system that delivers live content or on-demand video over the internet but in a controlled manner.

IPTV service provides TV programs and videos over a private network. IPTV service ensures that every video delivered has a good quality image, sound, and firewalled network security. IPTV provides the best quality images because it has a dedicated server and bandwidth specifically for video distribution.

Here are some examples of IPTVs that you have probably heard of: Movistar, Orange IPTV, and DirecTV Stream.

OTT, or over-the-top media service is a stand-alone product that provides content streaming media online. OTT services are an alternative to traditional media distribution channels, such as cable or satellite television.

Over the top media services can be accessed from any device as long as you have an internet connection. A business monetizes OTT service via paid subscriptions, ads or pay-per-view models. Some platforms might offer in-app purchases and program subscriptions.

Some popular OTT names include YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+.

Why Is IPTV/OTT So Popular?

The OTT/IPTV industry has been growing steadily in just a short time. However, we are still so close to the start. The global IPTV/OTT market is predicted to reach $220 billion by 2023.

This market will continue to grow as more OTT and IPTV streaming services enter it. People are now getting tired of using traditional media entertainment like cable TV. Many businesses and individuals are now cutting the cord because of the inefficient use of traditional entertainment.

watching TV

Today, many businesses and individuals are moving toward these two platforms. Because these two platforms are much better at delivering content via the internet at any place anytime.

Some of the biggest names have invested in OTT/IPTV platforms. This fact is enough to tell you how popular these two platforms are. No doubt, IPTV and OTT platforms will grow in the future. Below are some reasons why OTT and IPTV are gaining popularity:

  • Accessed through the internet
  • Freedom to watch what a user wants
  • Any time available
  • Mobility
  • Better content quality
  • Premium plans
  • Business gets statistics insights
  • Demographics
  • Monetization capabilities
  • Possibility to deliver content to more people
  • Security and privacy
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Watching desired content freely is awesome. What’s more, OTT/IPTV platforms support multiple devices like a Smart TV, a FireStick, a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop. Having a small device that you can carry anywhere can be used to watch content is truly amazing.

Which Content Creators Should Start an IPTV/OTT Business?

Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment should be the first industries to think about starting an IPTV/OTT business. The media entertainment industry consists of televisions, radio, and films that provide content like movies, sports, news, radio shows, etc.

This industry heavily relies on IPTV/OTT apps or platforms. OTT and IPTV apps deliver content to viewers when they want as per their convenience, whether streamed live or available on-demand. Media and entertainment industries are one of the pioneers that use OTT/IPTV platforms.


Health & Fitness

The health and fitness industry is one of the most active in using OTT/IPTV apps and platforms. Leveraging the power of media resulted in the rise of the health and fitness industry in the market.

OTT is essential to the health and fitness industry because it helps them deliver health content to a wide range of audiences anywhere using the internet.

Health and fitness industry is also a part of the digital media industry which relies on content to empower people to stay fit and healthy. And people support their initiatives. 

Conveying health and fitness content through traditional TV is possible but costly, unlike OTT/IPTV, which wouldn’t cost you too much and at the same time helps you to reach a sustainable amount of target audience.


The gaming industry is booming, and with lots of streamers expected to enter the market, its popularity will continue to grow. So, why does the gaming industry need OTT/IPTV services? 

OTT and IPTV platforms allow gamers to capture live gaming experiences that can be accessed by anyone who is connected to the internet. They can also share their pre-recorded videos on OTT apps or platforms. They love sharing their experience in beating the game or communicating with the audience. 

OTT/IPTV platforms offer all the capabilities for that with no huge investments in equipment. 


Schools and universities have started to adopt OTT/IPTV platforms for learning. The education industry has benefited from OTT/IPTV services, especially when schools are greatly affected by COVID-19.

They need a way to provide quality education, even on distance learning. OTT/IPTV platforms enable individuals to engage with each other via the internet.

Final Thoughts

The IPTV/OTT business is on the rise, and each industry should think about sharing their experience or lessons via the platform. The monetization capabilities will help benefit from the videos you shoot.