Crafting a resume that will get you your dream marketing job can seem a far-fetched idea. You might feel you are not a good fit for the company. But what do you lose if you try? You can craft your resume to make it as convincing and powerful as possible. 

The recruiter and employer will decide if they want to hire you. But applying, whether it is a CV, a cover letter, or both, is your chance of making you shine. So, you can get the help of a service where you can find an editor for your CV.

They will share with you more tips and tricks on what to include in your marketing CV. Until then, they have mentioned the most important of them, the ones that could bring you your dream marketing job. Here they are. 

Focus on Accomplishments, Not Tasks 

One of the things you should do differently in your marketing CV is to focus on accomplishments, not the tasks you had. Most resume examples you will find online show exactly this: a list of tasks at the previous job. But anyone can write or mention these in their resumes. Few candidates focus on what they have managed to achieve at their previous jobs. 

For example, you might have worked on the SEO of a website and increased the organic traffic by 200%. You might have increased the number of newsletter subscribers by applying an unconventional marketing technique. You might have achieved a high conversion rate because you optimized the landing page. Yes, it was your job to do it, but actually accomplishing your goals is awesome. 

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The marketing world is changing constantly and so do the techniques used to catch the attention of your target audience. And, at the same time, their needs and expectations change constantly too. 

So, managing to meet their needs is a great accomplishment in the marketing world. It would be great if you could add stats. Numbers have incredible power and they convince the recruiter and employer of your tremendous marketing skills. 

An Eye-Candy CV Template 

Another thing you may think about is the template of your resume. There are many templates available online for free, so you can choose one of them. Or, you can personalize your own template using the tools and apps available. For example, Canva is a web-based app that helps you craft eye-candy and beautiful CV templates, so you should give it a try. 

However, there are some rules you should follow and apply. Make sure you do not use a lot of different fonts. Even though you might feel they do highlight some keywords, they make the entire CV hard to read. Yes, you should show your creativity in your resume, but do this while keeping high readability too. You can play a little bit with the colors, but not too much. 

Keep your CV design simple, but catchy and eye-candy. You can organize the information in two columns, a trick that will give you more space for showcasing your experience and skills. But it will also improve its readability. 

Skills to Include 

Every marketing CV has a skills section where candidates mention their skills. Some of them divide the section into two: soft skills and hard skills. You can do however you want and feel suits your profile and personality more. It is important, though, to include relevant skills for the marketing job you apply to. 

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For example, a lot of candidates mention Microsoft Office as a skill they have. However, this is a basic one required by the industry and most jobs you will find on the market. So, you should focus on and highlight skills that are characteristic to you. 

Skills you have developed during your previous experiences that show you love marketing and want to build a career in this domain. For example, you could mention the marketing strategies and techniques you have proficiency in. Maybe you know how to use specific channels marketers use. 

For example, maybe you are good at mobile marketing. Maybe you have applied a new marketing technique that works and you are an expert at it. Steer away from common skills everyone includes in their resume. Tailor each section to the job you apply for and mention the relevant skills. 


Crafting an appealing marketing CV can feel like a challenge you cannot overcome. But even though the competition is fierce, building a CV that catches the attention of the recruiter and stands out from the crowd is easy. You should stay away from common templates and sections included in resumes you find online. 

Indeed, they can be a good source of inspiration but you should tailor your CV to match your personality and skills. So, make sure you focus on accomplishments, not on tasks. Add stats whenever it is right. Mention skills that show your experience and determination. Craft your template, do not use more than two fonts, and choose a simple color palette.