As your small business grows, you will invariably need some small business support from time to time. Outsourcing is a great way to do that. 

Small businesses up and down the UK have had a tough time recently, but with the right support, your small business could thrive once more. 

We take a look at what your small business could outsource and why it could benefit from outsourcing. 

What Is Outsourcing?


Essentially, outsourcing is when a business employs the services of a product or service from an outside provider, as opposed to hiring an internal team that works on a specific area of the business. 

As a small business, with scant resources, outsourcing has many benefits that can help your company prosper and grow, without costing your company too much money. 

How Can Outsourcing Help?

Outsourcing can allow you to get more done, with greater efficiency. Employing the services of skilled professionals will help you to ensure compliance processes and important tasks done properly, without spending on a full-time team. 

Outsourcing can also help you to keep your costs under control and alleviate the pressure on you to get everything done yourself. Leaving you more time to focus on the parts of your business where you thrive. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Outsourcing?


While the benefits often outweigh the disadvantages for small business, there are sometimes issues when it comes to outsourcing. 

You will not have the same amount of oversight when you outsource, so employing the service of a firm that will represent your business well is important. 

You should also look for outsourcing firms that are well respected in your industry. Otherwise, you might be employing a service that knows nothing about what you do. 

Which Areas Can I Outsource In?

As a small business owner, you might not have the resources to build a team of varied skillsets behind the scenes. Relying on outsourcing can help to support your business, giving you more time to focus on its growth. Below are some areas you could consider outsourcing:

IT Management

IT Management

Worldwide, IT management outsourcing is one of the leading outsourcing industries. There are several options you can take if you outsource your IT management such as a managed service provider or an on-demand service that suits your business needs. 

Human resources

Human resources cover a wide range of tasks that your small business might need. From hiring, onboarding and managing your team to providing grievance support and more. As your business grows, you might not be able to take on all these tasks, outsourcing can help. 



Marketing can be a deceptively simple task. While you probably managed the promotion of your business yourself at the start, as you grow you might want to consider employing the services of a marketing company. Often a marketing firm can supply you with creative ideas, marketing strategies and even PR services.


Essential items like scrubbing brushes and cleaning supplies can take up space in your small business premises. By outsourcing your maintenance and cleaning to an external provider, you will save yourself space and the labour-intensive time such jobs can cause. 



Accounting is one of the leading areas you can outsource work for your company. Unless you are a finance and tax expert, accounting can be time-consuming and confusing. Outsourcing to a skilled accounting firm with a great reputation in your industry can help.