Even if there are a lot of subtopics in visual branding, every well-known designer would recognize how crucial it is.

There are unquestionably a wide variety of options available when it comes to brand aspects.

Looking for the Instagram logo and caption font?

You’ve come to the right place. Until now, most of us have likely been curious about the Instagram font.

One intriguing aspect of this platform is the frequency with which its primary fonts have been updated.

What Font Does Instagram Use?

Instagram Users

They’re concentrating mostly on Proxima Nova at the moment. We agree with their choice because this is a nice, uncomplicated typeface.

In the end, a popular program must get the font choice right, given how many people use it.

Instagram’s font is similar across all apps, which is a nice touch for users.

You may see Fright Sans and Niue Helvetian still being used if you download the ISO version of the Instagram app. Roboto is integrated with Freight on the Android platform.

The site prioritizes Proxima Nova for all text, with Niue Helvetian as a backup.

Here are some commonly used fonts by the Instagram app. 

 1. Proxima Nova Font

Mark Simonson published the Proxima Nova font in 2005. This particular font style is widely recognized as a classic.

This font may be described as a cross between Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk with a few modern touches added.

This specific font family has seven different weights to choose from. These range from ultra-thin to ultra-bold, ordinary to bold, and black to extra-bold.

The Proxima Nova script makes for stunning text. Invest in it immediately to give your writing the extra polish it deserves. This is the main font used by Instagram. 

 2. Roboto Font

There is no more important or widely used typeface than the robot. Android’s default font is Roboto. In 2011, this font family was made available.

Roboto comes in three flavors: Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic.

You can choose a wide range of font weights to suit your needs. It’s nice to see that this is one of the simpler fonts.

Instagram also uses this font in several places. You can select this writing font while posting a story. 

 3. Freight Sans Font

It is another font that can be seen on Instagram. Freight Sans can be the best option if you want a specific font.

You will be pleased with the progress. Writings for books would benefit from using this font.

 4. Neue Helvetica

Max Miedinger is widely credited for creating the iconic Neue Helvetica font. This font family is among the most recognizable in the world.

Shop names, computer company names, public signage, and iPhone branding are the most common uses for this typeface.

Type Mode Of Instagram For Stories

Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry

The “Type” feature for Instagram Stories was also available to users.

In this mode, users are free to express themselves in writing by employing various text and font styles and various backgrounds.

Instagram users may utilize this mode for more than just finding clever ways to type the text for their stories.

Videos and photos taken by users can also be uploaded.

Instagram’s typing mode is great for innovative marketers who recognize the need to stand out through original and eye-catching content.

Font Used In Instagram Stories

Instagram stories on iOS devices use the San Francisco typeface. Instagram stories on Android smartphones make use of the Roboto font.

Instagram, on the other hand, uses Freight Sans for its app. Instagram now supports a wide array of fonts in its story’s typing mode.

Aveny T, Cosmopolitan, San Francisco, Italic Bold, Roboto, and Black Italic are some of the fonts included here.

Instagram’s polling function in stories uses a unique font called Aveny T e Regular. Therefore, Instagram has adopted multiple font kinds and designs for multiple functions.

Can I Change The Font On Instagram?

Instagram allows users to customize the caption font when posting to a chronological feed.

Instagram accounts frequently utilize a variety of typefaces in their Insta Stories but seldom alter the font they use in their feed.

Altering the profile and biography font might be a subtle but noticeable difference that draws the eye.

Can You Use Cursive And Bold Text On Instagram?

Yes, you can! Several apps allow you to write in both bold and cursive.

You can see that adding new fonts to your profile is a simple way to give your social media presence a boost.

Changing your Instagram bio font to something more stylish is simple with the appropriate tools and applications on your iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Here, we’ve analyzed the Instagram fonts in detail to determine what the app uses. Instagram Stories provide a variety of font sizes and styles.

Instagram stories on iOS devices use the San Francisco font. 

Instagram stories on Android smartphones make use of the Roboto font. Instagram, on the other hand, uses Freight Sans for its app.

Instagram now supports a wide array of fonts in its story’s typing mode.