You are browsing Twitch for the first time, and then you hear a streamer say, “Sadge.” What does Sadge mean on Twitch?

These days, it is not surprising when we hear some never-before-heard words on the internet because that is part of the internet culture.

It became normal to use internet slang when talking to people online, and there is no denying that they make conversations more fun.

In the world of gamers, internet slangs are so common because when you are so into the game, you want to express your excitement in whatever way you can.

Most of the time, it is by saying words that don’t exist in the dictionary but hold meanings — meanings that only a few will understand.

So what does Sadge mean on Twitch? Where did it come from? And what is the proper way to use it?

Read on to find out the answers to those questions.

What Does Sadge Mean on Twitch?


If you don’t do your research, you will not know what Sadge really means because there are a lot of possible meanings.

Sadge is used by Twitch users when they are or think something is sad.

But for some people, it also means depressing and cringeworthy.

When you first encounter it, you may have an idea that the meaning is connected to sadness because the word “sad” is there. You are right.

Nonetheless, the “ge” at the end may be confusing to some people.

They may think Sadge is a badge given to Twitch users.

Or they might just ignore it and think someone misspelled a word, which is also common among internet users.

There is a theory that Sadge was intentionally misspelled to add some humor to the word “sad.”

Sadge can be spoken or spelled out. But it is also a Twitch emote, which is basically the emojis of Twitch.

Pepe the Frog is the character used for the Sadge emote.

You need to install the Better Twitch TV (BetterTTV) browser extension or subscribe to a Twitch channel that has it enabled for the Sadge emote to show up.


Where Did Sadge Come From?

Even though Sadge is popular on Twitch, it was not discovered by Twitch founders, developers, or users.

The Sadge emote has been existing since over a decade ago and it was first used on 4chan, which is an online forum that was founded in 2003.

Pepe the Frog, which is the graphical representation of the Sadge emote, was part of the 2005 webcomic Boy’s Club.

During the webcomic’s popularity, Myspace, Gaia Online, and 4chan users were using Pepe in blog posts and jokes.

That eventually led to Pepe becoming an internet meme in 2008.

Today, Pepe the Frog is still all over the internet. You will see him in memes and as emotes on Twitch.

What Is the Sadge Song?

The internet is evolving, and people’s imagination and sense of humor are evolving alongside it.

Sadge is not just an emote. There is a song called The Sadge Ballad, and it was created by V Valdo who is a YouTuber.

You can listen to The Sadge Ballad here.

The lyrics are sad, but more likely, you will not feel sad once you listen to the song. You might even find it hilarious!

When to Use Sadge on Twitch

Sadge is sad, so Twitch users use it when they are disappointed or sad about what they are watching.

But it can also be used to express emotions that are not necessarily related to sadness but are somewhat negative in nature, like cringe.

Keep in mind that you need to have the Better Twitch TV (BetterTTV) browser extension if you want to see it.

You can also subscribe to the channels that use the Sadge emote.

In Conclusion

So what does Sadge mean on Twitch?

Sadge is an internet slang that may have a sad meaning but is usually used humorously.

A lot of things are possible on the internet. People can create anything, set trends, and invent words.

That is how Sadge was formed.

You will never find “sadge” in any dictionaries, so it is not a real word to some people.

But that word exists on the internet, although not everyone knows what it means.

You can say it to other Twitch users and they will understand it because it is part of the language spoken on the platform.

But if you post the word on Facebook, only a few will be able to understand what you mean.