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Just like any other social media platform out there, Instagram users also use a rating system to judge each other based on different aspects.

These users often rate each other depending on how attractive the profile is and use a scale that runs from 1- 10.

It’s a Pretty Ruthless Scale

A scale of 10 means that you are perfect, while a scale of 1 means that you are way below the pecking order. If you are a scale 9 or thereabouts, many people desire to be associated with you, and you get so many followers and comments on your page.

Traditionally, a rate of 9 shows that you are the hottest and most popular individual in your school or institution. Cheerleaders and prom queens hold this rating.

Even with the rating scale, a rating of 10 is rare, probably non-existent among peers. Most guys are too cool to say that a girl is a 10.

Hot or Not?

This idea has been adopted by various platforms across the world. One of the platforms that have used this rating to the fullest is HOT or NOT.

Hot or Not is a rating site which allows users to rate photos uploaded by users voluntarily. According to reports, Hot or Not went on to become a huge influence on those people that went ahead to create Facebook and YouTube.

The website brought a lot of enjoyment to the young generation, and they could spend hours upon hours, happily rating the hotness of friends, fellow students, celebrities and more.


After Instagram came into being, it was just a matter of time for someone to come up with a rating app. In 2012, this became Hotstagram, a platform that put two images from Instagram side by side with the aim of knowing which image is hot and which isn’t.

The platform splits Instagram images of girls into different categories and pits them against each other. It lets the viewers choose which picture is the most appealing between the two.

The site isn’t active anymore.

What Does This Mean For You

Admittedly, this isn’t the best thing for people with low self-esteem.

As an Instagram marketer, you have the chance to rate against your competition. When you create your profile, your audience checks it out and decides whether to follow you or to follow your competitor. If you are “hot,” the audience follows you and seeks to comment on your content.

On the other hand, if you are “not hot,” then the audience looks for someone else who is hot to follow. So, always aim to be rated 9 to remain relevant.

Being hot in this case depends upon various features. For one, your profile has to be complete and talk about what you do. The kind of image you use on your profile must communicate something, not just any random image.

The more appealing you are, the more people you attract. You also get to enjoy more than just a following; you can redirect the followers to your site for them to buy items or order a service you offer.