If you want to know, what did Pit Viper say on Instagram, you are in the right place.

Instagram is a major social media platform for brands around the world.

It offers exciting opportunities to generate brand awareness, influence consideration and target billions of users with content and advertising tools.

Thanks to the massive user base of the social media giant, millions of businesses successfully find leads and convert them into loyal customers with their marketing strategies.

While people portray a positive image, the platform is also a hub of regular controversies.

This happens when users share content affecting the sentiments of other users, and every-so-often brands land into these controversies.

Well, on Easter Sunday, the famous sunglass manufacturer, Pit Viper, faced a backlash from thousands of users because of a comment it left.

So, what happened?

In this article, we’ll discuss what did Pit Viper say on Instagram on Easter Sunday and why it faced resentment.

What Did Pit Viper Say on Instagram?

Pit Viper

Pit Viper did something out-of-the ordinary on Easter Sunday when the sunglass manufacturer left an offensive comment on its post.

This impacted the beliefs of thousands of customers/users who didn’t hold back to express their views.

The company has over 666K followers on Instagram and has done an incredible job over the years in providing value to the followers.

But the reputation that was built on trust and respect broke when its Instagram handle posted a comment mocking Jesus and Easter.

The statement used modern graphic emojis and filthy words on Christianity and its beliefs.

While they took down the comment after receiving severe backlash from users, many took a screenshot and posted it on social networks like TikTok.

Offended by the X-rated nature of the statement, users boycotted the brand with the hashtag: “#breakthepits.”

This Is where thousands of customers broke their Pit Viper sunglasses and encouraged others to boycott.

Well, this also attracted unique opinions from the Pit Viper community.

While some said it was an arrogant stunt, others believed Pit Viper’s Instagram account was hacked.

There were also some users who claimed a Pit Viper worker with access to the account posted the comment because of some internal tensions.

Was Pit Viper’s Instagram Account Hacked?

So, what really happened?

The offensive comment Pit Viper left affected the sentiments of thousands of users.

The company probably lost many loyal customers, and others boycotted the brand on Instagram and other social networks.

While the sunglass manufacturer has built a reputation, it was unlikely for them to post such a risky comment that would turn users against them.

Hence, the most likely scenario is their Instagram handle got hacked. But users have unique views on it, with screenshots of the comment circling on many platforms.

Pit Viper deleted the comment after a few hours and hasn’t made a public statement since then.

What Happened to the “#BreakThePits” Movement?

Millions of people around the world joined the “#BreakThePits” movement to show resistance against the comment posted by Pit Viper on Easter Sunday.

On Instagram, many users posted videos of themselves shattering their Pit Viper sunglasses.

The movement snowballed initially as people were angry, but it cooled off eventually.

This happened when users started to believe Pit Viper was innocent and the comment was posted because their Instagram handle was hacked.


There you have it. Now you know what did Pit Viper say on Instagram.

Despite its immense popularity, the sunglass manufacturer attracted a boycott movement and offended thousands of its loyal customers when it posed a comment mocking Jesus and Christianity.

But the movement broke when a theory, telling the Instagram handle of the company was hacked, started circulating. I hope this article helps.