If you believe that changing a calendar year will bring in just more of the same, take a look at the last three years that we went through, and you will rapidly come to your senses.

The year we have just started will not vary form this course, as it will be quite different from what we have seen over the tumultuous 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The only thing that should stay the same, is how different it will continue to be. Here is what companies need to prioritize in 2023 in order to be successful, or simply to remain so.

Improving The Communication System

Now that we have moved on to a 5G world, in developed countries, communications will circulate faster than ever, and any company that falls behind in its communication system, will quickly be distanced by its competitors.

Those that don’t already use softphone solutions cannot afford to wait to make the change, any longer.

A VoIP phone system using these tools is the heart of a company’s communication center.

It improves the quality of customer service in so many ways, as it provides capacities that a company simply did not have before, starting with the possibility to understand better what customers want, through an analysis of all the calls, which leads to a raise in efficiency that results in constant growth.

To centralize communication in such a way, also means being responsible, in an omnichannel world.

How else can you make sure that you will never miss a message coming in, from any channel?

Only an automated system answering to all of them, the moment that they come in, can guarantee perfectly smooth running of a company’s communication.

It will also dispatch a message to the person who is in charge of the department involved, so that the issue or the demand can be handled immediately or during the next working day.

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Remaining On Top Of The Company’s Reputation

Image has always been stronger than reality, but these days a company’s reputation really has an effect on consumers behavior.

It can be extremely difficult to remain in control of the situation, though, as it involves other people’s opinions.

In a world that seems to be stabilizing into two very different groups (one that follows the party line and the other that goes against the grain), you are bound to aggravate someone along the way.

You may think that it is better to remain silent on any topic that could create discussions, one way or another, but that would probably be worse, as consumers (mostly the younger ones) expect companies to state their position on every subject.

But still, there are things that you absolutely need to adhere to, if you are an entrepreneur, or else, you can almost be sure that your reputation will cause you harm.

The first one is that you have to make it clear to the world that you are a “green” company and prove that it is true by explaining what you are doing to help the environment.

The second element is that you need to treat your employees fairly and remunerate them well.

Otherwise, when they leave your firm, they won’t hesitate to stab the company in front of everyone’s eyes (virtual ones, naturally).

Making Sure All Employees Can Benefit From Monetary Incentives

Today, employees want to benefit from the stability that a job brings them, so they can ask for loans and sleep better at night, while enjoying the privileges that used to belong only to those taking risks (i.e.: entrepreneurs, financiers and salespeople), through the addition of incentives, on top of their salary.

Whether you consider that this is just or not, people working for you will want to receive their share of the revenues of the company, that they feel they have created themselves.

Again, don’t think that you can’t get away from this, or else, you will start losing employees and you won’t find anyone to join your ranks anymore.

If you look at the world of unemployment today, in the Western world, you will notice that there are a lot more jobs to be filled than there used to be.

That is because the pandemic came through and changed workers vision of the world, for now at least. Being locked in your own house will do that.

You suddenly realize that there isn’t a point in living if you are only working so that others can travel and live well.

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Being Flexible

A manager who is set in his ways, in 2023, will certainly find a lot of barriers raising in front of him, throughout the year.

The world is changing fast, and one needs to adapt to it, or he will lose control of the situation. The pandemic was a great example of that.

Companies that were able to offer the services and products that they were offering from their physical boutiques, online the next day, came out on top at the end of the period.

The same is true about adapting to all of the products that are currently missing on the market.

Businesses that will offer something that can replace them or those who will find ways to modify their own products without needing the missing pieces, will also be the champions, in 2023.

Being flexible also means in the way that the company deals with its employees and customers.

In the first case, there needs to be some kind of added liberty in the way that workers manage their time. They can’t be stuck in an office, from nine am to five pm (or more) every day, anymore.

They should be able to work from home (whenever possible), so that they can take charge of their schedule, as long as they deliver the work on time.

As for customers, they have taken hold of the reign of the relationship that they build with companies.

And so, if they prefer to order from you through a WhatsApp message or an e-mail, you have to let them do so.

Otherwise, you can be sure that they will move on to another company, which will be more flexible than yours and remain with them happily ever after.