The price tag that you see on a car is very misleading. If you think that is the only amount you’ll have to pay to own and use a car, then you are mistaken.

Vehicle insurance is just as integral a part of buying a car as a steering wheel; you can own the car but cannot drive it safely. Car insurance rates are sky high and with the different types of insurance that you have to get, the cost just keeps getting higher. So are there any ways to find good, cheap car insurance?

Choosing the right car insurance is very tricky. You need to look for the best prices but at the same time, the insurance policy must be reliable and should cover the damages.

You certainly don’t want to be uninsured in the case of an accident. There are some ways that you can get great, dependable car insurance at a cheaper price. So pull up your socks and let’s get to the ways of finding great and low-cost car insurance.

What to Consider

Before you buy any car insurance, there are some important factors that you need to consider. First and foremost is the total amount you are willing to pay. It includes the insurance amount (liability insurance) along with the price of the vehicle and other maintenance charges.

Another important thing to consider is whether or not you want to get any other insurance for a car. For example, if it’s your parent’s car and is just 2 years from extinction, then it would be better not to choose collision insurance or comprehensive insurance which costs a lot and is not worth it when it comes to old cars. Paying a hefty premium for collision and comprehensive coverage for a car older than ten years makes no sense.

Now then the basics are cleared, let’s look at the ways to get great and cheap car insurance that are dependable as well.

Compare Multiple Insurance Policies

It goes without saying that if you want to save money while buying anything, then you must look at all the possible options. It is a bit tedious and time-consuming but the results are worth it.

So while choosing your insurance plans, always compare as many insurance policies as you can. Many excellent websites compare all the different plans on a single page so get a side-by-side comparison.

Also remember that it isn’t about the cheapest price, or about many features but whatever suits you the best. Buy an insurance plan that is dependable and affordable by comparing all the options available.

Don’t Limit Your Search

While big and popular brands such as Geico have great policies, don’t be stuck with only a few big players. Since you get to choose your insurance policy, look for other brands and their reviews. It does not have to be a multinational brand.

The vehicle insurance market has expanded a lot and some great new companies are offering great value for money. Maybe it’s time you take a look at them to save some money.

Drive Safe, Save More

Insurance companies need trust to make money. If they don’t trust your driving, they will charge you more indirectly. And people who often claim insurance are on the bad books of these companies. So how can you save money by driving safely? There are many ways.

The first is to reduce the number of claims and get no-claim bonuses which reduces your premium costs. Just drive safe, make sure that you keep your car intact, and make no claims during the coverage period. At the end of the same, collect your no-claim bonuses and save some dollars.

The second way is by choosing a defensive driving course or something similar. Many insurance companies offer discounts and reduced insurance costs if you have taken defensive driving training, which is a way of showing the company that you know how to drive well. Add these two practices and you will be paying a lot less for the premiums and the insurance upfront price.

Discover the Discounts

The price that you see on insurance packages is often not the actual amount you have to pay. Most of the time people miss out on great discounts even when they are eligible for them. For example, many insurance companies like Geico, State Farm, etc give massive student discounts for students with good academic grades. It is particularly helpful as students are the ones that need the most discounts.

Not just students, but insurance companies offer discounts to veterans, military personnel, federal employees, and people who pay their premium on time and/or make a full upfront payment for the premium. All these little things will help you save big.

Secured Vehicle, Better Insurance

Another great way of saving money on insurance price and premium is by making sure your car has safety features and/or you install features that prevent damage to your car.

The added layer of security helps the insurance company reduce the number of premiums or in many cases insurance. So whenever you buy a car, make sure it has as many security features as possible. And if possible, install safety features such as anti-theft systems, daytime running lights, etc.

Raise Deductibles

You don’t have to rely on companies to get a discount on the insurance premiums.

If you reduce your deductibles (which is the amount you pay to claim insurance), the premium price is reduced. So trust your driving skills and get lower premium costs. The downside is that in case of an accident, you’ll have to pay more from your pocket.

So these were the ways you can find good, cheap car insurance and save a lot of money.