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With the advent and popularization of social media, several social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., have become quite a trend.

People can not only greet and meet on these platforms but can also conduct business through these sites.

Instagram is a potent tool that new business owners can use to flourish their business. 

Initially, the only reason why these sites would come into use was when people decided to show off and share pictures with others.

This also helps in creating a good balance between our creativity and strategies.

But now, Instagram can be used for conducting and expanding small businesses and connecting to potential customers worldwide. 

Steps to Use Instagram for Business

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Since we know that Instagram is a powerful tool, we can also use it to suit the best of our interests.

Let us look into the steps that the budding entrepreneurs can follow for their business. 

Creating a Business Profile with Proper Information

The first and foremost step that a business person should take is opening a new business account and providing all the pertinent details.

This should be done very diligently, providing all the information. Otherwise, while trying to buy, the customers may not be able to trace the seller.

A working link to the specific business’s website or catalog page should be provided so that the buyer can also check the latest collection. 

Post Regularly and Use the Popular Hashtags

The page owner must post pictures of their products regularly. The business owner should be posting pictures of his or her business so that the buyers can see the type of products and discounts offered.

This should be done regularly, but that does not mean you will start being a spammer.

You can also create videos from photos (by compiling them) and use them with proper audio to attract customers.

Using appropriate hashtags will be a good idea, as many people conduct their search using hashtags. Suppose you start posting about garments and post a picture of a woolen gown.

You can use hashtags like #wintergowns or #wintercollection. This can help you stay updated with Instagram’s trends and create a good impression on your potential customers.

Make Instagram Stories and Respond to Comments.

Instagram stories are very much in trend. You can create one by inserting photos of different products into a video with a peppy soundtrack that can lure potential customers.

These stories appear for a few seconds and attract potential buyers. Interested people are always waiting eagerly to catch a glimpse of them.

The business owner has to come up with new Instagram story ideas to attract more and more customers.

Many owners may think it is useless to invest so much time and toil in making these videos, but they should know that Instagram stories are in trend.

They should always try to answer every query of the potential buyers that are asked through direct messages and never keep them unattended.

Observe the Ongoing Trends and Post During the Peak Hours

Business owners must have a clear idea of how the market trends are. Owing to what other business owners are investing in, you should gather your products and take beautiful pictures.

Then, create attractive videos by compiling photos of your products.

Circulate them so that they catch the eyes of potential customers. You should make it a priority to post the videos during peak hours to get more exposure.

Add Human Touch and Interact With the Potential Customers

Remember that the people waiting to watch the videos on the other end are also humans, and they may get bored watching the same content every day.

You can come up with new Instagram story ideas.

For example, you can give them a glance at the manufacturing process of your products.  You can also include bloopers just to cut from the normal and provide the customers with a taste of something else.

Also, if you find a potential customer waiting for a suggestion, never fear to interact with them. You can message them directly and start a conversation.

You can find some negative comments as well. This is where you should have the courage to talk to them and get suggestions.

Include Influencers and Sponsor Gifts of Different Competitions

Influencers have a great hold in the new social media market, and they can help you get a lot of customers. You can always get in touch with them and collaborate with them for some giveaway.

The influencers can help spread the news of your new business, and their followers can always get in touch with you if your stock convinces them.

There are many companies that have grown their customer bases by collaborating with different influencers.

Mivi, for example, collaborated with YouTubers like Bhuvan Bam and Ajey Nagar and gained a lot of buyers.

All you have to do is to provide an array of your best products. You can always become a sponsor of competitions and participate in giveaways.

This is one way of making a good reputation for your brand as the winners can, later on, recommend your products to their friends or family members.

You can hold contests where you can ask your customers to post photos of themselves using your products.

Ask them to tag your business page and tag others who would be interested in owning the products.

These are the main steps for spreading the word about your business if you are a newcomer. Whether you have designed a new website for your business, built an app, or opened a physical store, you can use Instagram to promote your venture.

As Instagram keeps on gaining popularity, new entrepreneurs can use it to flourish their businesses.

It is a beautiful app that allows a lot of experimentation, and you can also be a part of the whole process so that the buyers are hooked into the type of content that you provide. 

This is a budget-friendly way of promoting your business.

Clicking on trendy pictures and showing the buyers what they can get from the company is an excellent way to gain a lot of buyers.

Let your creativity take a ride, and slowly, you will see that you have become an influencer with a loyal customer base.