Financial technology is a rapidly growing field that offers businesses many innovative solutions.

These developments can be easily customised to suit companies’ needs and help them be competitive in the market.

In order not just to stay afloat but to become the industry’s flagship, companies need to optimise all their processes and build a competent system of cost and asset management.

The revolutionary card issuing solutions from Wallester AS, a professional fintech corporation used by companies worldwide, will help them do just that.

Wallester allows companies to issue corporate cards under its brand. For this purpose, it provides them with access to a payment infrastructure with flexible settings and a convenient mobile application that can be easily integrated with the company’s existing software products.

The company will be able to issue physical and virtual corporate cards, greatly simplifying the process of making and accounting overheads.

Wallester’s solutions allow any business to gain financial freedom and provide responsive budget management.

Wallester’s Success Story

The idea of changing the fintech landscape belongs to two entrepreneurs, Dmitry Logvinenko and Sergey Astafiev. It is they who are the heart of Wallester.

They created Wallester 2016 to provide businesses with innovative financial and payment technologies.

The company’s first product was implementing the Wallester White Label service. This solution allows companies to issue Visa cards under their brand regardless of size and status.

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What Is The Innovation Of The Service?

The creators of Wallester did not stop there. They continued to look for ways to solve financial problems and develop new strategies. Their products began to help optimise the financial management of businesses.

Dmitry and Sergey determined that to improve the efficiency of any business, it is necessary to facilitate the process of using and accounting for corporate finances.

In doing so, they considered that a personalised approach was important for each of their clients. Considering the market’s needs, Wallester began to emphasise the flexibility of its solutions.

It became possible to issue traditional physical cards, disposable virtual cards, expense cards and payroll cards.

The above innovations have allowed Wallester to become a recognisable brand in financial technology.

But the company by no means stopped at the result obtained; it continued its work in developing tools for competent financial management and making informed decisions in the corporate culture.

According to Wallester’s founders, this is the key to success in any business. With such tools, a company can avoid losses and ultimately lose its competitive advantage.

Recognition Of Merit

Wallester is an undisputed leader in financial technology. Clients’ high interest in White Label service contributed to the company’s fame. Wallester’s mobile financial applications are also in high demand.

Their popularity is evidenced by the company’s growing transaction volumes and profits. Wallester continues growing exponentially globally and expanding its financial technology industry reach.

2023 was a landmark year for Wallester, as the company received confirmation that it is a market leader. The following regalia evidence it:

  • Breakthrough Award honoured Wallester in the Best Spend Management Platform category in 2023;
  • AWS recognized Wallester as a financial technology pioneer in its ‘SMB Security Campaign’, citing the company’s use of advanced security features;
  • Wallester was ranked among the top 3 best financial services companies in Estonia;
  • The company received PCI DSS Level 1 certification, which shows that Wallester pays special attention to data security and fights credit card fraud.

To date, Wallester has already implemented 24 successful White Label card projects. Its clients are more than a thousand companies worldwide.

There are many positive reviews about Wallester on the Internet. On the platforms G2 and Capterra, where consumers leave their reviews about companies,

Wallester’s rating is 4.8/5. This is the best proof that the company offers a quality and necessary product to compete in the financial technology market.

Wallester’s Revolutionary Products

Wallester’s first and foremost product is its White-Label card-issuing solution. With their help, customers can launch their own card programme and issue Visa cards under their own brand.

They have a customisable mobile application at their disposal. Thanks to the REST API, this service can be easily integrated into the client’s existing software framework.

Using this product is easy, cost-effective, and efficient. The simple integration of the solution allows a new card programme to be brought to market quickly.

Wallesters Revolutionary Products

Wallester Business Is The Flagship Of Financial Technology

Using Wallester Business, a company of any size can optimise its costs and make financial management more efficient. Users of the Wallester Business platform can issue any number of physical and virtual cards.

They can be used to buy media, pay overheads, book hotels, buy tickets for all modes of transport and pay salaries.

The platform for running the card programme is the main management tool. Every Wallester Business customer gets a personal account protected by various protocols and security systems.

The platform makes it easy to control all cards, track card activity and create secondary sub-accounts to separate financial flows.

This system of creating sub-accounts simplifies the management of corporate finances and makes the process of their use and accounting more transparent.

Comfortable Use

This is the main advantage of the platform for its users. It is intuitive and accessible to the consumer. It can be used on a computer and on a mobile device.

When developing the platform, Wallester’s goal was to create a product that would allow customers to control their finances anywhere in the world without being tied to an office or department. This task has been fully realized through the creation of a mobile application.

Analytical Tools

Issuing cards is one of many functions of the platform. It is endowed with a whole arsenal of tools for fiscal analysis. With their help, business opportunities are significantly expanded.

Companies can take an in-depth look at employee behavior about corporate spending. It will allow them to monitor the existing financial model, find and eliminate unnecessary expenses, prevent budget overruns and make adjustments if necessary.

All the corporate information on the platform is well protected by advanced security systems and protocols used in cloud-based solutions.

Companies don’t have to worry about information leakage or data loss. Such a possibility is eliminated.

Easy Integration

Wallester platform developers know that implementing any software product into an existing system takes time and can paralyse a company’s work for a certain period.

This leads to disruptions in the workflow and revenue loss. To prevent this from happening, Wallester provides a REST API feature that allows the platform to integrate with other company programmes quickly.

This approach does not slow down business operations but rather increases their efficiency. There is no need to accumulate and store data, and the financial management process becomes fully automated.

Bank Card Authentication

Wallester is a Visa partner highly authorised in the financial technology industry. The company is authorised to provide BIN sponsorship services to its customers.

BIN sponsorship is one of Wallester’s leading activities. The corporation’s clients do not need to spend time and money on obtaining licences.

By cooperating with Wallester, they can easily and quickly issue BINs, without which card issuance is impossible.

Financial Accounting Transformation

To remain competitive, businesses need to optimise their financial management strategy. Wallester offers a complete package of services that will help transform any company’s operations qualitatively.

White Label projects, special mobile applications and a comprehensive approach to controlling corporate expenses can be the main helpers in this process.

Wallester’s solutions are flexible, efficient and secure, which is why the company is a leader in financial technology.

It plans to continue beyond what has been achieved and is already working on creating new products to help improve corporate productivity on a global level.