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Viralyft Reviews 2024

There are a lot of companies out there that claim to help with your social media marketing, and the truth is that there are lots of options that are legit and can help you make a real difference.

However, there are also plenty that are just a scam, which means that if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you could very easily get taken advantage of.

A key to success in the social media marketing industry is to learn more about what a legit company looks like, so that you can avoid the ones that are just going to hurt your reputation.

Let’s review Viralyft in particular and determine whether they are above board or not.

Why Would You Want More Followers?

Why would you want more followers on your Instagram account, or any social media account for that matter?

Because it is going to increase your credibility, and help you gain even more people that will want to interact with your content.

Think about it, if an Instagram profile that you come across has a lot of followers, you are more likely to follow them than an Instagram profile that doesn’t have as many, right?

Whether you like it or not your Instagram followers determine how people interact with your Instagram feed.

This is why social media growth services are so relevant today.

Viralyft logo

Viralyft is a company that claims to help its clients with all their social media marketing needs. This means that they can help you not only with Facebook and Spotify, but with SoundCloud and Twitter as well.

We suspect that they are a scam.

What is Viralyft?

Viralyft Works

Viralyft is one of those companies that looks pretty good on paper, until you realize what’s really going on underneath. They say they can help their clients get results fast, and they also say that these results are high-quality.

They also say that they offer their clients the best pricing, as well as rock solid results, so that you don’t have to go anywhere else for your social media marketing growth.

They are even confident enough to say that they have a secure checkout, where you can pay securely and safely through their encrypted payment gateway.

Viralyft is a growth service for social media that claims to help their clients get popular instantly, with quick results at affordable prices.

With all of their orders, they promise high-quality results as well as affordable, competitive pricing, safe, real results, and a secure payment method.

They also say that they provide their clients with customer support around the clock. They claim to help you get more exposure, so that you can realize your true potential when it comes to social media.

We talked a little bit about Instagram above, but these guys can also help you with Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more.

You can purchase a specific number of followers and likes, from a few hundred to a few thousand.

Lastly, they say that their customer support is available whenever you need it, and their packages help you get more exposure.

A Review of Viralyft

+ Positives:

Secure Site

We are pleased to say that Viralyft has remembered to secure their website with HTTPS.

It wasn’t that long ago in the social media marketing industry where this feature was incredibly rare, which meant that there are a lot of companies that you couldn’t afford to share personal information with at all.

However, it’s much more common these days, and we have to give it to them that they’ve included this.

Visible Pricing

For some reason, Viralyft isn’t afraid to share their price points with potential clients, which is surprising considering we think that they are a scam.

They have divided their pricing into different features based on what you need, and what social media platform you plan on growing with them.

One thing we do have to say about their pricing is that we think it is too good to be true.

FAQ and Help Page

We are surprised to see that Viralyft has included a section on their website where they answer commonly asked questions.

However, we don’t think it’s comprehensive, so we don’t think that you are going to get all the answers that you need before you sign-up with them.

Secure Payment System

Viralyft has claimed multiple times that they offer their clients a secure payment system, and we can’t see any reason why this isn’t true.

However, it’s not the end all and be all, and if their features are fake like we suspect, this doesn’t really mean too much.

– Negatives:

Real Reviews

We do not think that Viralyft Is sharing real reviews on their website.

It is pretty obvious from where we’re standing that their client reviews are fake, or at the very least they have paid someone to write them.

Email and Phone Sheet

Companies that care about being accountable with their clients will get new clients to fill out an email and phone sheet, so that they can gather important information that will help them keep in touch with you.

This is helpful if they need to communicate to you about an update with features or change their system.

Getting Started with Viralyft

To get started with Viralyft, you will want to visit their website through your web browser, and choose the growth package that you are looking for.

Once you’ve done this, you can enter your social media details, and then complete the order through their checkout system.

They say that they will fulfill your order within one to 10 hours of purchasing.


Viralyft Instagram Followers

Viralyft offers a wide range of pricing, again based on which social network you want help with right now.

When it comes to their Instagram followers, 100 are going to set you back $2.89, whereas 250 are going to set you back $4.99. 500 are going to set you back $6.75, and with all of their price points, they promise real users, as well as delivery within 72 hours.

They offer help with your TikTok followers, which range from $6.19 to more than $20.

When it comes to their YouTube engagement, you can expect to pay $6.99 for 1000 YouTube views, and $23.99 for 5000 YouTube views.

We will discuss this a little bit further in depth below, but just know that they don’t offer a free trial.

Top Viralyft Alternatives

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Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at some of Viralyft’s pros and cons.

  • Checkout system is secure
  • No trial for free
  • Negative reviews on third-party forums
  • More expensive than other companies
  • Claims that it is nothing more than a scam
  • Not guarantee that the followers you gain won’t be bots

Bad Reviews

The thing about Viralyft that is an issue for us is that they have quite a few negative reviews on third-party forms out there.

Trustpilot is one of the main forums that they have negative reviews on and considering that these guys are pretty trustworthy when it comes to the credibility of their reviews, this is definitely cause for concern.

We don’t suggest that you align yourself with any company that can’t guarantee authentic reviews from existing clients, because the risk of being taken advantage of by them and having a bad experience is just too high.

There is also the risk that you will come across a company that has good reviews but for some reason, they don’t look right. In this case, they might have paid for people to say good things about them.


No Free Trial

Viralyft has another red flag that we can’t ignore, and this is that they don’t offer their clients a free trial.

One of the best ways to get to know a company before you register for them is to try them for free, and the majority of the companies out there that have a good reputation with their existing clients offer this.

They will also offer it without the clause we have to share your credit card information.

We don’t really generally recommend that you go for any company where you can’t try them for free in the first place, and we definitely don’t recommend a company that is asking for your credit card information.

Top Viralyft Alternatives

Viralyft is obviously not a good company to go for if you care about the credibility of your social media networks. Let’s take a look at some alternatives.



Growthoid knows that its clients need help that is not only going to maintain their existing reputation, but is going to preserve its future one.

They know that you want targeted growth that can be translated across multiple social media networks, and you don’t have to compromise when it comes to your budget or the safety of your personal information.

These guys understand exactly what their clients need from the very beginning and aren’t about to put you in harm’s way.

Media Mister

Media Mister Review & Alternatives

Media Mister not only has a knack for knowing what its clients’ needs are, but knowing what’s going on with the social media marketing industry in general, so that they can keep up with the play.

The thing about these companies is that there are always new ones being added to the industry, so being able to keep up with updates, and in the know with what’s trending and what’s not is really important.

We think that these guys do a really good job of this.



Stormlikes is a great Viralyft alternative because they are able to grow their client’s social media channels quicker than ever before, and the best part is that they do everything above board.

They comply with social media networks out there in terms of their daily activity limits and terms and conditions, so there’s never any need for concern when it comes to the credibility and legitimacy of your networks.

1Nitreo Visit
2Kicksta Visit

Is Viralyft Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

All in all, we think that Viralyft Isn’t safe to use, and we think that you should avoid them at all costs.

What’s interesting is that they have been able to include a lot of features on their website that would imply they are a stand-up company, but we can still see through these to their low-quality engagement underneath.

You simply can’t risk aligning yourself with a company that isn’t prepared to provide their clients with high-quality engagement, which is why we cannot recommend them for your social media growth in general.

Their features have low retention rates and are just going to hurt your reputation at the end of the day.

We highly recommend that you look elsewhere for your social media marketing engagement.

Review Conclusion


All in all, we think that Viralyft Isn’t safe to use, and we think that you should avoid them at all costs. What’s interesting is that they have be able to include a lot of features on their website that would imply they are a stand-up company, but we can still see through these to their low-quality engagement underneath.

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Application Category: Social Media

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