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ViralSoda Reviews 2023

There’s a lot that you can do with the internet these days, including building a brand.

Social media is the perfect platform to showcase your brand and hopefully grow a successful, loyal following. However, doing so requires hours and hours of engagement.

We don’t know too many people who have this kind of time. This is why most choose to outsource their engagement these days.

There are many companies that are reliable and have good reputations – but there are also companies who don’t. Let’s give ViralSoda a review and determine which type they are.

What is ViralSoda?

ViralSoda claims that they can help you gain more followers, repost your content and generate more likes on that content for you.

While this all sounds incredibly appealing, beware that it could have a downside to it, and this could be in the form of a bot. While bots are helpful to generate a lot of engagement in a short space of time, you should definitely proceed with caution when using one.

This is because they can make your account look spammy. Let’s give ViralSoda a review.

A Review of ViralSoda

First, we’ll run through the positives:

  • Secure Site: Viral Soda appears to have a secure https site, which is going to put them ahead in terms of being seen online. If you want to appear in Google and make sure potential customers can find you, it’s important that you secure your website in this way. Plus, it also means that you can protect your customers’ information if they share it with you.

Now, we’ll go through the negatives:

  • Visible Pricing: Viral Soda seem very focused on reminding potential customers that they have a free seven day trial on offer – but there wasn’t anywhere that we could find more information about their price points. What this means is that they’re not being upfront and honest with you from the get-go, and you could run into hidden costs further down the track.
  • FAQ and Help Page: a company has a responsibility to tell potential customers as much as they can about the service that they run. Without this kind of information, it’s going to be hard for you to feel confident about their service when you sign up for it. We couldn’t seem to find any FAQs anywhere. They do have some information about their services on their website, but no FAQs.
  • 24/7 Customer Help: while this is one of the most expensive parts of running a business, it’s also one of the most important parts, too. It’s going to be difficult to get anywhere as a company if you can’t seem to hire a team of customer service representatives who can answer calls from customers at any time of the day or night.
  • Email and Phone Form: this is an essential level of accountability to have that communicates to the client that you care about how they find the service. It also allows you to be in touch with them should anything change about the service.
  • Real Reviews: we couldn’t seem to find any genuine reviews on their website, which means one of two things – they are so new that they haven’t had the time to receive positive reviews, or there aren’t any good ones out there to showcase.
  • Verified Payment System: this is perhaps the most integral part of selling a service online. Without this, you haven’t really got a business. There aren’t going to be too many people out there that are willing to part with their credit card details in this way.
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Is ViralSoda a Scam? Is Viral Soda Safe?

ViralSoda is bright and cheerful, which makes you believe that they have a lot of fun doing what they do.

While they may enjoy the day to day of working with customers and their Instagrams, the way they are going about it is less than ideal. You don’t want to get caught up in an Instagram bot, because ultimately it’s going to end up doing your account more harm than good.

Better to look elsewhere for your engagement and find a company that will use humans to implement their engagement as well.

ViralSoda Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend ViralSoda.

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