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ViralRace is an interesting service.

In a world as unpredictable as the social media marketing world, we all need a bit of help to make a real difference.

The competition is high, the stakes are higher, and you’re almost guaranteed not to succeed if you go it alone.

This is why hundreds of companies out there claim to be able to help you with your Instagram growth – but can all of them be trusted?

The answer is no.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies out there that might look great from the outside, but once you do a bit of digging, you realise that they’re nothing more than a scam.

When you initially review a company, they might look legit, but we think at this point that there are more companies out there you shouldn’t go for, than ones you should.

This means that you’ve got your work cut out for you in terms of finding the right one that cares about your growth and that it’s real.

It’s not impossible though – you’ve just got to know what you want.

Let’s review ViralRace and determine whether they’re worth your time or not.

ViralRace Review

ViralRace is a company that can help you with your Instagram growth. They claim to be able to send you Instagram engagement either quickly or gradually, depending on your growth speed.

They also claim to have a good rating on third party forums, which hasn’t be confirmed.

As we’ll talk about a little bit more in depth below, ViralRace is one of those companies that can help deliver engagement right to your content, so that you don’t have to do anything except upload it.

The selling point here for ViralRace is that they can deliver their engagement either all at once at the beginning, or after a little while.

The main reason for this is so that Instagram doesn’t get suspicious, because there are a lot of companies who are prepared to scam their clients, and go over Instagram’s limits for engagements and interactions.

What is ViralRace?

So, what is ViralRace?

ViralRace is a company that can help out with your Instagram likes and followers. The one thing that we appreciate about ViralRace is that they have a detection system that can tell when you post a new piece of content.

Once they’ve identified this, they will begin to send through engagement. You set the speed at which they do, so you can make your account grow at the desired pace.

We always recommend slowing the rate of engagement down, as Instagram has its daily limits.

If it goes too quickly, you could be red-flagged for being spammy, which will limit your overall reach.

ViralRace Pros & Cons


  • Secure https site: we are pleased to see that Viral Race has a secure site with https. This means that if you share your personal information on their page, it isn’t at risk of being hacked or phished. It’s good for them, too, and means that they can get a better ranking on Google.
  • Visible Pricing: another thing that we’re pleased to see on Viral Race’s page is their price points. We also like that they have divided these up based on how little or how much engagement you might want so that you don’t end up paying for engagement you don’t use. This is also helpful if you have a limited budget.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Viral Race claims to have 24/7 customer support on their website, so if this is the case, then they’re going to have a high level of accountability with each client, which is always helpful. However, if they don’t not have customer support around the clock can be problematic. Say you need help with something that’s gone wrong technically, and you don’t even know where to begin with it. Or, you might have been expecting a delivery, and it never arrived. When time is money in an industry like this, it’s vital that you get the help you need as soon as you can. If you can’t your page can be left sitting empty, without the right engagement, which isn’t going to look good to your community. We never recommend getting involved with companies who can’t be there for their clients 24/7.
  • FAQ and Help Page: it’s always nice to get to know a company before you commit to any of their services. This way, you don’t go in blind. You’ll find Viral Race’s FAQ and help page on their website. One thing that we’re super impressed with here is that Viral Race has decide to create a whole new page for their FAQs. While this might not mean anything to you, it shows that they aren’t lazy, they’re legit. lt means that they are prepared to go the extra mile for their clients, so if they’re happy to do it with features like this, what’s stopping them helping you with your engagement by taking it to the next level?
  • Real Reviews: if you go onto their website, you’ll find that they have provided some real reviews with both first and last names. This is important and indicates to us that they are genuine and authentic. Real reviews go a long way in determining whether a company is above board or not.If you ever come across a company that can’t show they have real reviews, we don’t suggest you go with them.


  • Email and Phone Form: we don’t believe that Viral Race asks their clients to fill out an email and phone form when they first sign up. While this might sound like a good thing, it’s actually not. An email and phone form is an important level of accountability, which means that they can get in touch with you if need be. If they don’t have this, then they could just as easily drop off the map, and you would be left in the lurch. 

Is ViralRace Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

Generally speaking, we think that Viral Race is safe to use, but we do recommend that you exercise caution when using companies like this.

There is always the risk that they will go over the limits that Instagram set, which, of course, is going to result in your account being shadowbanned, suspended, or banned completely.

This is the last thing that anyone wants, so it’s better that you be cautious and tries not to rely on them too much for your engagement. They’ve got some good features, but don’t overdo it.

With companies like ViralRace, applying a good balance is key.

This way, you get the best of both worlds – you get to enjoy what they offer through their engagement features, without relinquishing too much of the control.

It’s essential that you still know what’s going on with your account, so that you can prevent anything from happening to it.

Some people love the idea of handing over the reigns entirely, but we don’t think that this is best practice.

Find a good balance of both, like Viral Race here. Just remember to review everything first, and be wary.

They’re still a lot better than some other options out there, which is good.

ViralRace Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend ViralRace.

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