Summary- AI logo maker apps are in high demand due to their ability to save time and money.

But there are several other benefits as well that combined with these two abilities of AI help users generate amazing logos. We are discussing in this blog how that happens.

A well-designed logo is crucial to building a business image as well as permanent branding.

Logos, if catchy and easy to remember can help target customers easily recognize your app, brand, watermark, etc. However, finding the perfect logo for any purpose is a time-consuming task if done traditionally. 

The process involves researching, drawing, more drawing, erasing, and then drawing again, and lastly- picking a logo!

Thankfully, there are alternative ways existing that you can take instead of going for traditional ways to design app logos.

One of these ways is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI). The technology enables automation and speeds up any process where it is involved. 

To talk specifically about the logo generation market, using AI makes it easier and faster to generate high-quality logos into as many variations as you want so you can find the right tool to assist you.

Some AI logo maker apps and websites are free to use while some require paid subscriptions or individual prices for each export. 

Using AI logo maker apps is a strategy that offers several advantages that will justify its usage for creating your next icon. Here are these advantages!

1.) Saving Time

The major advantage of AI for any sector is to save time using automation and fast processing speed. AI can generate logos in seconds.

So, you can simply pick logos you have shortlisted, get them finalized, and just start using them.

Plenty of AI-supported tools are existing in the market like Midjourney, DALL.E, Canva AI, etc to help you with the same and all of these tools offer amazing image generation speed.

2.) Saving Money

Logo designers are costly, or even if you use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, or any such tool, you will need to subscribe to their premium packages.

milad fakurian ml83taaM0TM unsplash

However, tools like Midjourney offer limited numbers of exports for free when you use these tools initially.

Additionally, you can even pay per export so you don’t need to pay for the tenure when you have no use of the service.

3.) Text-to-image

Most AI image generators support generating logos using texts. Midjourney lets you write texts and generate graphical exports. You can use Midjourney on Discord. 

To use the platform, sign up and go to one of the #newbies channels. There type /imagine and then write the prompt to generate the image.

The prompt box that you see in the above image is where you need to write a command that defines your imagined logo.

Hit enter when you are done and Midjourney will generate some variations of logos. 

Note- The free version of Midjourney results will be publicly visible to everyone active in the #newbies channels.

4.) More Ideas

AI generators like Midjourney offer you multiple variations and provide the opportunity to generate multiple variations as well.

So, once you generate logos using AI tools, you get more variants and ideas as a bonus. These variations can give you more ideas or might help you find a better alternative than the one you had in your mind.

Best AI Logo Maker Apps To Use

There are several options existing in the market that offer perfect features to make generating AI logos easier.

However, now that you are convinced that these tools can be a brilliant addition to your growth strategy, here are some AI logo-maker apps that we want to recommend.

Logo Maker Shop: Creator

Using Logo Maker Shop allows you to generate high-quality logos within seconds.

The tool lets you enter your industry type, the color palette you desire, and the logo style along and Logo Maker Shop’s advanced AI will generate an amazing quality logo design for you. You can even customize these logos and export them in PNG or JPEG formats.


The leading name in the graphic design industry, Canva has several smart features for users.

theme photos CGpifH3FjOA unsplash

However, its new addition Magic Write lets you generate catchy taglines for your logos within the app itself.

You can generate texts for new designs or even existing ones by importing them to the platform.

The smart AI uses its magic to give you catchy phrases within seconds that can be useful in upscaling the growth of your platform.

Photoshop AI

Everyone’s favorite tool Photoshop is now welcoming a generative AI that lets you unleash your creativity.

The high-quality AI offers amazing realism in its results. You can enter text prompts to instruct AI and it will get the job done. The AI is in its beta stage at the moment but already blowing the minds of users. 

There is so much you can do already though; You can remove stuff, add stuff, change colors, and much more.

For graphic designers, marketers, or anyone else, Photoshop’s new generative AI is the key to unlocking growth. 

How To Design A Perfect Logo Using AI Logo Maker Apps?

Once you have picked an app that you would like to proceed with to generate a perfect logo, it is time to start with the hustle. Here’s a hierarchy of preparing a logo design that you can use as a reference!

  • Observe your successful competitors’ logos in the target market
  • Use shapes that define your brand’s purpose
  • Leave the empty space for aesthetics
  • Use calm yet catchy colors
  • Pick a font style
  • Generate multiple variations using AI apps
  • Customize dimensions if needed
  • Collect feedback from your acquaintances as much as you can
  • Pick one finalized idea
  • Observe the response
  • Refine your logo if needed

Wrapping Up

Logos tell stories of brands and become their identity. Whether we talk about giant brands like Coca-Cola, Mcdonald’s, Nike, or any other brand, it is easy to recognize them just by seeing their logos.

And that is why, on average, as a Zippia report states, small businesses spend between $300 to $1300 just to get a perfect logo designed. 

However, thanks to AI logo maker apps, the process will cost less now. But it is also true that AI refines already existing ideas and combines them in several ways to generate a new result.

It might have some restrictions for which, you still might need someone who could design or at least customize it for you.