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Having your brand online for the world to see is essential to bringing in new leads and traffic to your website. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your business – and it doesn’t have to cost that much, either.

There are a lot of companies out there these days that can handle this side of the marketing for you, especially when it comes to branding yourself successfully on social media.

However, you can’t rely on all of these companies – some can even get you in trouble with the likes of Instagram, among others. Let’s give one of them a review.

What is Upleap?

Upleap is an Instagram growth service that claims to be 100% run and operated by humans, as opposed to an automated service.

However, rumor has it that this isn’t the case, and they’re nothing more than a glorified Instagram bot. They claim to have an easy setup for their marketing strategies, which provide your Instagram account with real results. This is a bold claim to make, so it’s good to know whether the evidence backs this up or not.

Let’s see how they check out when we give them a review.

A Review of Upleap

First, we’ll run over the positives

  • Secure Site: it would appear that Upleap has passed the first test of credibility when operating a marketing business on a domain. They have ensured that their website is https secure. This is important because it means any sensitive information you may share with them will be protected against theft.
  • Visible Pricing: Upleap has also thought to include clear, easy to understand sections detailing their different price points. You are billed for their services on a monthly basis, and the most basic package starts at $39.00. You can also try their services for free, first.
  • Verified Payment Gateways: another vital security measure to take when running a company is making sure that your payment gateways are authenticated. Upleap has remembered to include this, ensuring that details like your credit card information are safe.
  • Real Reviews: Upleap does appear to have real online reviews. The reviews are in-depth and detailed with real Instagram names and photos associated with them. This would strongly imply that they’ve been pre-approved by the individuals and are based on real-life experience.

Now, we’ll talk about the negatives

  • 24/7 Customer Help: you can probably guess that if they don’t even have an FAQ page to help you with your first few questions, they don’t have around-the-clock customer support team that you can connect with if something goes wrong.
  • Email and Phone Form: while Upleap has thought of a lot of security aspects to running a secure website, they’ve left out one important feature. Having an email and phone form that you fill out when you sign up for something is an important level of accountability.

Upleap: What Does it Do?

Upleap is an Instagram growth service that claims to be able to grow your engagement for you organically. It has a number of different features that it uses to do this, including some advanced features as well.

Upleap allows targets your preferred audience through the hashtags and locations that you give them. Once they’ve found the right people that will be interested in your content, they interact with them on your behalf. This includes liking their posts and commenting on them.

Advanced Instagram Search

As we mentioned, Upleap comes with a number of advanced features that allows you to target the right followers. This feature means that they will target Instagram users who are in the location you prefer and are using the hashtags you’ve given them.

As well as liking and commenting on their content, Upleap can also follow people for you and even direct message them.

Targeted People Search

As well as targeting people based on locations and hashtags, Upleap also targets the followers that interact with your competition. When they engage with them on your behalf, they become interested in your content instead and more likely to visit your profile.

Follow/Unfollow System

One of the advanced features that Upleap offers is the unfollow/follow feature. This means that if someone you follow doesn’t follow you back, they can then unfollow them for you. It’s a great way to figure out who is following you and who isn’t, so you’re not wasting your time with people who aren’t willing to stick around.

Straightforward Communication

Upleaps features mean that you can have a good level of communication with the people you’re wanting to target, without having to do all of the hard work yourself. You can even give Upleap a limit on how much they interact for you on a daily basis so that you don’t run the risk of being red-flagged by Instagram.


We tested out Upleap’s service because we needed to make sure that they were actually using humans and not just another Instagram bot to do it. We also wanted to make sure that the type of engagement they were doing wasn’t going to get us in trouble with Instagram.

While we didn’t have to share our credit card information with them to test out their service, we didn’t think the engagement was all that great. While they did manage to bring some followers to look at our page, they didn’t look like the type of followers that are going to be around for the long haul.

At this point, Upleap seems a little too good to be true, and we can’t help but feel like they’re just another bot. It’s not that often these days that you come across a company that’s actually using humans to manage client accounts and do the work, so as good as Upleap sounds, we’re almost 100% convinced that they’re just too good to be true.

Questions About Upleap

Is It Safe to Use?

Unfortunately, we don’t believe that Upleap is safe to use. While they do have a variety of basic and advanced features that makes your engagement a lot easier, we now feel at this point that they’re nothing more than just your average Instagram bot.

While they have provided a free trial and stipulated that you don’t have to share your credit card information, the most significant setback for us is that they’re not being upfront and honest about what they really are. While you will come across some companies that say from the get-go that they are just bots, Upleap hasn’t done this which has let us down.

Will Your Instagram Account be Safe?

We don’t think that your Instagram account will be safe if you use Upleap. Because they’re likely to get you red flagged by Instagram, we don’t recommend that you share any details with them.

Can I Get Shadow Banned or Banned?

There is always a risk when you use an Instagram bot of being banned by Instagram. If Upleap’s service is too fast and not random enough, then it’s highly likely that you could be banned.

Upleap Pros

  • Has a number of different features

Upleap Cons

  • You can’t try everything with the free trial
  • At the end of the day, it’s just a cheap bot

Should I Avoid Instagram Bots?

While bots aren’t the best thing to use for your engagement, we’re more disappointed with Upleap for not being honest about using one. As we mentioned, there aren’t too many companies out there these days that still employ real humans to do the work, so it’s exciting when you find one.

However, if you’re looking for someone to personally manage your account so that you can focus on other parts of your business, you’re going to feel let down with Upleap. Not only are they just a bot, but they have lied about being one. This means there’s a good chance that they’ll lie about something else further down the track.

If you can, it’s much better to find a company that’s willing to provide your organic engagement – this way, your account won’t look spammy, and you’ll stay away from Instagram’s radar.

Is Upleap a Scam? Is Upleap Safe?

While Upleap appears on the surface to be a reliable and authentic Instagram growth service that can help you to get ahead with your branding, they haven’t been 100% honest in their approach.

The fact that they have claimed to be completely human run and are in-fact not – this is a huge red flag.

When doing business with someone, you want them to be honest from the get-go. If they’re not prepared to do this, then you are most likely to run into trouble with them somewhere down the road.

Best to avoid companies that aren’t prepared to be completely upfront.

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