Gaming has changed so much in the modern era. Like many other industries, gaming has relied on technology to stay relevant.

And if there’s anything that technology brought to the table that gaming has revolutionized gaming, it’s Artificial Intelligence.

AI has made a huge impact on the different aspects of gaming. We’ll get right into that in a bit. For now, let’s talk about what AI is.

AI is defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

A simpler way of explaining it is the ability of a computer or robot to do tasks that are usually done by humans.

AI is not only used in gaming but also in other industries like sports and even gambling. Many online casinos and sportsbooks like 10CRIC would use sophisticated algorithms and AI to process the information they have on their customers.

Doing this helps them maintain a better relationship with the consumers and also helps them improve their services.

This is also the case in gaming but AI has influenced the industry in a way that also changed how people play games.

Thanks to AI, you get to have a realistic gaming experience. Here are the different ways that the gaming industry has benefited from AI technology.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

In the early days of modern gaming, you can only really play games arcade-like games. There weren’t stories to follow and there were only simple games that you had to complete. Eventually, games like Super Mario showed up that are rich in stories and interactions.

Today, however, games like that are still considered limited when it comes to what you can do. Thanks to AI, you can play so many games today that are quite realistic. Think of how you can interact with non-player characters or NPCs on games like Grand Theft Auto V and Cyberpunk. 

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GTA is a great example for you to understand how AI has improved games over the years. In the first GTA games, NPCs don’t have plenty of reaction if you bump right into them or if you do certain things. Now, if they witness your players commit a crime in the game, they will call the police themselves.

AI allows these NPCs to know what to do when your character makes certain movements. The same goes for the environment that you play in. The bottom line is that AI has made the games that you play realistically.

Customization and Personalization

Another factor that makes the games that you play more realistic is the customization and personalization of your characters and even the environment you’re playing in. A good example of this is EA’s Sims 4.

At the start of the game, you get to create a character based on your liking. You not only can customize the looks of your player but also the personality.

If you choose your Sim to be a “foodie”, during the game, your Sim will crave good food and complain about bad and even mediocre food. That’s AI in the works right there. Your Sim is acting the way it should and based on your preferences. 

Another way of personalization in gaming is how casino sites or gaming platforms like Steam would know what games to recommend based on the type of games that you’re usually playing. AI is also responsible for the games that are showing up in your recommended section.

Fair Gameplay

AI also helps ensure that the games that you play are fair. It is what developers use to determine if there are cheaters in the game. If they detect this, they can then investigate further and suspend or terminate the account of the player.


This is also the case in real money gaming. It is AI tech that helps the operators know if there is something fishy or unusual happening in the game. 

Game developers are keen on ensuring fair gameplay. Many players would quit certain games if they encounter so many cheaters.

This is why multiplayer games like Valorant, Rogue Company, and Call of Duty have additional software that uses AI to ensure that no players use cheating programs or apps.


The gaming industry is fast-paced. Gamers are now smarter and they know how to demand what they want. The use of AI is simply making things better for both gamers and developers.

This is why we can expect that we’ll see more Artificial Intelligence as games continue to develop.