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U-Gro Reviews 2024

It’s no secret that engagement is the key to success on Instagram. However, it’s also no secret that engagement is one of the hardest, most mundane tasks to complete, day in and day out. The reason is that there’s no shortcut – you’ve got to sit down and do the hard yards.

However, if you get someone from another company to do it who’s an expert in it, you could end up opening your schedule right up to other important, pending tasks.

Of course, there are some great companies out there who can do this for you – but there are also some average ones, too. Let’s give one a review and determine which group they belong to.

What is U-Gro?

The first thing we noticed about U-Gro is how little effort they’ve put into the layout of their website. It looks like it could have been done by a 5th grader. Now, looks aren’t everything, but they’re certainly important if you’re trying to sell a service online.

What’s more, they’ve used a ‘review’ as the first sentence on their site, but they haven’t signed anyone to it. If this isn’t suspicious, we don’t know what is. We think to be honest that they’re nothing more than a bot. Let’s find out.

A Review of U-Gro

We’re going to begin with the positives:

  • Secure Site: we’re actually genuinely surprised to see that U-Gro has secured their website. They honestly look like the type of company that doesn’t plan on being around for too long, which means that they don’t have to worry about security measures like this. However, they have, which means they do care to a certain degree about their customers’ information and how high they rank on Google.
  • Visible Pricing: when we went to take a look at their pricing, we had to wait quite a while for it to load, which we weren’t too impressed with. However, when it finally came up, it was nicely laid out, and the numbers were clear. In saying this, though, we do think that they’re quite expensive, which concerns us. You don’t want to get roped into committing to a very average service for way too much money.
  • FAQ and Help Page: this is another feature that we were surprised to see exists. What’s more, it can even be found on a completely different webpage, which is nothing short of a shock for us. We may have to take back our comment in reference to the age of the person who made their website because we’re beginning to think that they actually thought of a few details.

Now, let’s talk about the negatives:

  • 24/7 Customer Support: unless you plan on being a big brand that’s going to be around for years on end, it’s not common to find 24/7 customer support with these companies. So while it is an integral part of selling a service online, we can’t say that we’re surprised to see that U-Gro hasn’t bothered to invest in it.
  • Email and Phone Form: again, our suspicions lie with short-term, rather than long-term. This means that we don’t think U-Gro planning on being around for too long, which means they’re not concerned about keeping an organized database of old and existing clients.
  • Real Reviews: they do offer a free ten-day trial, which we consider to be impressive. However, we couldn’t find anywhere that showed us testimonials of past or existing clients. Obviously, you get to know a company by looking at what people that have come before you have said about them. Without this, we have no way of knowing whether they’re a worthwhile service or not.
  • Secure Payment System: if you’re selling something online, you need to be able to verify your payment system. Otherwise, the payment details of your clients aren’t safe.

Is U-Gro a Scam? Is U-Gro Safe?

All in all, we don’t believe that U-Gro is safe to use.

While they’ve managed to cover a couple of features on their website, we don’t think that they’ve done enough to convince us they’re for the customer. We also have had our suspicions confirmed, and they are that this is nothing more than just another bot, which is not going to help you grow a successful Instagram account anytime soon.

In fact, you’re more likely to end up being banned from Instagram as a result.

U-Gro Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend U-Gro.

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