Twitch is an innovative platform offering users an immersive and interactive experience with their favorite content creators. 

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or simply enjoy watching others play and chat, Twitch has something to offer.

The site lets you watch live streams in real time and interact with the streamer, making it an exciting and engaging platform.

If you’re interested in becoming a streamer, you can easily do so with the right equipment and streaming software. 

With a high-quality camera and microphone, you can start broadcasting your gameplay or conversation to your audience in no time.

However, if you prefer to sit back and watch, Twitch has a wide range of streams from other content creators that you can enjoy.

But, if you’re not subscribed to a particular channel, you’ll see ads at the start and occasionally during a video.

The best way to get an ad-free experience on Twitch is by using Twitch Turbo.

Continue reading to find out more about Twitch Turbo and Twitch Turbo cost.

What is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Turbo is a premium service that offers its subscribers many benefits for their Twitch account.

The most prominent feature is the ad-free viewing experience, making it possible to immerse yourself in the content without any interruptions fully.

In addition to ad-free streaming, Twitch Turbo subscribers receive exclusive access to priority customer support.

This means that should you encounter any issues while using Twitch; you’ll be placed at the front of the line for a swift resolution.

Not only does Twitch Turbo enhance the user experience, but it also directly supports the platform.

Twitch Partners and Affiliates still receive ad revenue when they display ads, even if the viewer has subscribed to Twitch Turbo.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that benefits everyone involved.

Twitch Turbo Cost

Twitch Turbo Cost

Twitch Turbo is a premium service offered by Twitch, but it is not available for free.

To enjoy the benefits of Twitch Turbo, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $8.99.

This fee will automatically renew each month unless you cancel it from your account’s “Settings” section. 

If you are considering subscribing to Twitch Turbo but want to try it out first, it is essential to remember to turn off the auto-renewal feature.

When compared to an individual streamer subscription, which typically costs $4.99 per month, Twitch Turbo is slightly more expensive.

However, it offers a broader range of benefits across the platform rather than specific perks for one or a few channels. 

With an individual streamer subscription, the streamer will receive half of the subscription fee, while Twitch keeps the other half.

This helps support the streamer and contributes to the platform’s growth.

You may still be exposed to ads when subscribing to a regular channel without an active Twitch Turbo subscription.

This can include preliminary advertisements and other forms of advertising, which can be intrusive and disrupt your viewing experience. 

If you are a frequent Twitch user and plan on watching and supporting multiple streamers, Twitch Turbo is the better option for a more enjoyable experience.

With Twitch Turbo, you can avoid ads while supporting your favorite streamers.

When a streamer shows an ad, it will not be visible to you, but Twitch will still count you as a viewer.

This means you can support the streamer financially without watching ads. 

However, if you have both Twitch Turbo and AdBlocker enabled, AdBlocker will block the ad before Twitch can count you as a viewer.

This means the streamer will not receive any revenue from showing the ad to you.

It is essential to keep this in mind if you want to support your favorite streamers to the best of your ability.

Benefits of Using Twitch Turbo

Twitch Turbo

When you opt for Twitch Turbo, you will receive perks that are not even available with an Amazon Prime Gaming subscription. 

Enjoy an uninterrupted experience with no ads and great Video on Demand storage space.

Upgrade your Twitch experience today with Twitch Turbo!

Chat Badge

By subscribing to Twitch Turbo, you’ll receive a unique and stylish chat badge that sets you apart from the rest.

Show off your Turbo status to others by displaying the badge in your favorite streamer’s chat. 

This small perk can significantly impact the Twitch community and is sure to catch the attention of others in the chat.

Remember to underestimate the power of the Turbo badge; make sure to flaunt it and stand out in the crowd. 

You can even display the badge while streaming on Twitch, adding an extra personality to your channel.

Emoticon Set

When you become a Twitch Turbo subscriber, you’ll have access to various emotes, including the quirky monkey and glitch sets.

And the best part? You can switch between the sets anytime, allowing you to express yourself however you like. 

These emote are perfect for adding a personal touch to your interactions in other streamers’ chats.

So why settle for a limited emote selection when you can have two fun sets to choose from?

This is just one of the many entertaining perks that Twitch Turbo has to offer.

Ad-Free Viewing

With Twitch Turbo, enjoy a seamless viewing experience with zero pre-rolls, mid-rolls, display ads, or any form of advertising on all channels! The only exception is front-page takeover ads.

This sets this monthly subscription apart and makes it worth your investment.

Even Amazon Prime users opt for Twitch Turbo for its ad-free environment.

Nothing compares to the uninterrupted joy of watching your favorite streamers with limited exceptions, making Twitch Turbo a must-have for all gaming enthusiasts.


Twitch Turbo is a premium service offered by Twitch that requires a monthly subscription fee of $8.99.

This fee will automatically renew each month unless you choose to cancel it. 

Twitch Turbo offers a broader range of benefits across the platform rather than just specific perks for one or a few channels. 

It enhances the viewing experience by allowing users to avoid ads while financially supporting their favorite streamers.

However, it is essential to note that using an AdBlocker in conjunction with Twitch Turbo will prevent the platform from counting you as a viewer, resulting in no revenue for the streamer. 

If you are a frequent Twitch user and want to enjoy an ad-free experience, this Twitch Turbo cost is worth considering.