Twitch has cemented its position as one of the most popular streaming platforms online, with a wide range of content available to viewers.

From video game streams to art, music, talk shows, and other forms of entertainment, Twitch has something for everyone. 

But just how large is the platform and its user base?

In this article, we will delve into the current numbers of streamers and affiliates, and we will answer the question of how many Twitch streamers are there to understand its size better and reach.

How Many Twitch Streamers Are There?

How Many Twitch Streamers Are There

Twitch is home to a staggering number of active streamers, with over 8 million currently streaming on the platform

On average, there are over 1 million daily streams on Twitch, with over 100,000 live streams available at any given time. 

This means that users have a wide selection of content when they visit the platform. 

These numbers don’t represent the highest amount of active streamers on Twitch.

During the peak of Covid-19, the total amount of active streamers on the platform reached almost 10 million.

As people began to return to normalcy, the number of live streamers on Twitch has slightly decreased.

However, 8 million is still a significant number of active streamers, making Twitch a hub for live-streaming content.

Twitch Key Statistics

  • Since January 2023, Twitch has received 140 million unique visits per month
  • There are 31 million DAUs on the platform
  • At any given time, approximately 2,830,000 people are watching Twitch
  • In 2021, Twitch users watched a total of 1.3 trillion minutes
  • Around 103,000 streams are happening on the platform at any given moment
  • A significant portion of Twitch users – 72%, to be exact – fall within the 16 to 34 age group
  • 100 million individuals downloaded the Twitch app
  • There are approximately 8.5 million monthly active streamers on the platform
  • 65% of Twitch viewers are male, while 35% are female
  • Twitch generates an annual income of $1.54 billion

How Many Affiliates Does Twitch Have?

How Many Affiliates Does Twitch Have?

Out of 8 million active streamers on Twitch, a significant portion – approximately 1.2 million – are affiliates.

This represents about 15% of the total streamer population on the platform.

However, it is essential to note that most streamers – around 95% – struggle to attract an average of more than five viewers per stream. 

It is estimated that only 5% of channels can achieve this level of viewership.

These statistics demonstrate the competitive and challenging nature of building a following on Twitch.


Twitch, the largest platform for live gaming content, has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

It is a hub for gamers and has attracted a diverse community of creators and viewers interested in categories like art, music, and chatting. 

This is evident in its impressive user base of 8 million unique individuals.

Other services have a tough challenge ahead if they hope to surpass Twitch’s popularity.

We hope that by reading this article, you get an idea of how many Twitch streamers are there.


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