Do you have your eyes on the famous Twitch Founder Badge but are wondering what it actually is and how to get it for yourself?

Well, you are not alone.

Twitch Founder Badges have taken the internet by storm. Every twitch user fancies having this badge displayed next to their username.

It seems challenging, but you can actually get this badge. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Twitch Founder Badge and how to earn one for yourself!

What Is The Twitch Founder Badge? 

Twitch Founder Badge

Twitch Founder Badges are a sought-after symbol of your dedication to your favorite content creator and streamer.

Twitch gives this badge to those lucky enough to subscribe and show support to a channel that just started. 

Introduced in 2019, the Twitch Founder Badge is only granted to the first partnered and affiliate channel subscribers.

A channel cannot award Founder Badges to its subscribers if it doesn’t fall under one of these.

It is an exclusive badge earned by streamers’ first 25 subscribers.

Also known as the “First” or “F1” Badge, this badge signifies recognition and appreciation for these early followers’ support.

The Twitch Founder Badge serves only as a reminder to all future viewers of the loyalty and commitment of those initial supporters who invested in the streamer’s channel and helped it grow and make it what it is today. 

How To Get a Twitch Founder Badge

Twitch Founder Badge

The elusive Twitch Founder Badge is the ultimate symbol of Twitch community membership and recognition, signifying that you were among the first people to join the platform.

Do you want to get your hands on this prestigious badge? Well, here are some ways to earn this exclusive badge;

1. Subscribe to a New Channel 

Being among the first few people to subscribe to a streamer’s channel is the easiest way to get a Twitch Founder Badge.

Affiliate streamers can give out 10 badges to their first ten subscribers.

However, if they reach the prestigious Partner level, that number gets bumped up to 25 as 15 more badges are distributed to the following 15 subscribers.

Remember that to have a Founder Badge, you must have an active subscription.

Suppose your subscription to a channel has expired; you will need to re-subscribe to that channel to be eligible for the badge. 

2. Getting A Twitch Subscription Gift

Another way to have a Twitch Founder Badge is to receive it as a gift. However, if a person gifts their subscription to someone else, they will no longer be able to hold a Founder Badge.

3. When a Previous Badge Holder Gets Banned

The third way to get a Founder Badge is when a previous subscriber can no longer access their account or has been banned.

In this case, the 11th or 26th subscriber will be eligible for the Founder Badges.

If more of them are banned or their accounts are deleted, the badges will be awarded to the next-in-line subscribers. It increases your chances of getting a badge.

If you are lucky enough to have the Twitch Founder Badge, it will automatically appear on the channel that you have it on. 

How To Remove Twitch Founder Badge From Profile?

How to Add Commands on Twitch

If you have been awarded the Twitch Founder Badge but no longer wish to display it on your profile, you can easily remove it with just a few steps. 

  • Open your Twitch profile and select the “Settings” tab. 
  • Scroll down to the “security and privacy section.”
  • Locate the option for the “Hide Founders Badge” option there.
  • Click on it, and all of your Founders Badges will be hidden. 

After a few moments, the Twitch Founder Badge will be removed from your profile and replaced with a generic icon.

You can follow the same steps to display your founder badge on your profile again. 

Is It Possible To Lose Twitch Founder Badge?

Losing a Twitch Founder Badge, the sign of your loyalty and recognition, is devastating. Here are some conditions where you can lose your badge on Twitch;

  • If the channel you had subscribed to gets banned or is no longer available.
  • Users who misbehave or violate Twitch’s Terms of Service may be subject to an account suspension or permanent ban. This way, you will lose all your badges associated with Twitch.
  • You will lose your badge if you deactivate your existing account and create a new one. 

Bottom Line

Getting the Twitch Founder Badge is relatively easy and requires minimal effort. Still, it’s important to note that this badge is meant only for Twitch Affiliates or Partners

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With this badge, there’s no doubt everyone will be able to recognize your contribution as one of Twitch’s founding family members!

So, don’t hesitate to look forward to supporting the new streamers and earning the Twitch Founder Badge as becoming the earliest subscribers.