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Sometimes in the world of Instagram growth, Instagram growth services get in trouble and get shut down. It’s a lot more common than you think, but just because they get shut down doesn’t mean that they give up completely on trying to make a quick profit out of unsuspecting clients.

Buzzoid is one of these companies, and even though they were shut down, they have reared their ugly head again, in the form of Twicsy. Let’s review these guys so that you don’t have to.

Twicsy Review

Twicsy, formerly known as Buzzoid, is a company that claims to provide its clients with authentic, genuine engagement for Instagram in the form of comments, likes and followers. They might be well-meaning, but we see through the charade into fake engagement.

What is Twicsy?


Twicsy might look good on paper, but they are ultimately trying to take advantage of their clients at the end of the day. They say that they can help their clients get hundreds of likes and followers delivered to their Instagram profile safely and quickly, and if you think that this sounds too good to be true, then you’re probably right.

They say that all they need to help you is your username and email address – but we don’t think that this is enough to provide clients with engagement that you won’t have to worry about compromising your reputation at any point. Despite what we think of these guys, let’s give them a review.

A Review of Twicsy


  • Secure Site: yes, Twicsy has remembered one of the most important aspects of having a website – securing it with HTTPS. These guys understand that nobody is going to look their way unless they have secured their website, so paying for the trouble is worth their time. However, it doesn’t mean that they are legit, it just means that you can safely surf it without having to worry about your info being stolen.
  • Visible Pricing: Twicsy has their pricing featured on another page on their website, but honestly we think that their rates are too good to be true. They say that with their features you get high-quality followers, they don’t ask for your password, and they offer quick delivery. Again, we think that their pricing is on the cheap side of things, which could indicate that they are selling low-quality features.


  • FAQ and Help Page: one of the things that we noticed about this site when we reviewed them is that they haven’t included an FAQ section. They have got quite a bit of information on their website in general about how they work, but there isn’t technically an FAQ part of the website. If they had this, then we would feel a lot better about their accountability levels with their clients.
  • Real Reviews: this is another feature that Twicsy has tried to cover, and in our opinion we think that they have failed. They have failed because their reviews are supposed to look legit, but they look anything but. It is obvious that they have either paid for someone to write good things about their features, or they are just making them up on their own. Either way, we aren’t that impressed, and think that they could do better if they were a legit company.
  • Secure Payment System: when it comes to security, one of the most important features to have is a way for your clients to be able to pay safely online, through the website. There is the option of asking your clients to pay through PayPal, but it’s better if you’ve secured your payment gateway on the website, so that your customers don’t have to spend too much time paying for the services. We are sad to say that we didn’t see a good level of security around payments, meaning that there’s every chance your information could get hacked.
  • Accountability Form: companies that have a good relationship with their clients will make sure to put a form on their website that you have to fill out. Usually you have to include your name, email address, and phone number, so that they can file this away and get in touch with you if there are any changes to their features. We can’t find this here.

Twicsy Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Twicsy.

GrowthoidGrowth Agency Check Price
GrowthsiloGrowth Service Check Price
NitreoInstagram Bot Check Price

Is Twicsy Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

We don’t think that Twicsy is safe to use, namely because they are offering their clients fake engagement. Their pricing is too cheap, their reviews are fake, and they have a low retention rate of their features.

This means that most of them will drop off again after just a couple of days. If you want to foster a legitimate path of growth for your Instagram profile, you need to steer clear of companies like this.

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