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Twitter has some great features that make it an excellent platform for sharing with others.

Whether it’s last night’s dinner or your latest product for sale, you can reach a lot of people and influence a high level of potential clients. It’s not easy, though.

That’s why a lot of people recruit third-party companies to do their marketing and engagement for them.

Twesocial Review

However, you have to watch out for the dishonest ones – not all of these companies are great.

You want to make sure that when you’re looking for a company that can help you with your Twitter growth, they’re focusing on your following as much as anything else.

Your following is the backbone of your Twitter page, and it’s what can make the difference between growing even bigger, and staying where you are.

If you have the right followers on your profile, you can turn them into paying clients for your brand – but they’ve got to be the right ones.

The best companies out there will help you with legit followers, and not throw you into some kind of scam. This is why you need to review companies before you sign up for them.

Let’s take a look at one of them.

What’s the Big Deal with Twitter Followers?

Twitter followers are the crux of Twitter. We all wish we could have more Twitter follows, because the amount that we have now is never going to be enough.

It would be nice if it was, but the social media growth industry is always moving forward, so you’ve got to keep up with what everyone else is doing.

If your competition is doing better than you, then you are going to quickly fall behind, and not going to be able to do well enough to grow your brand and achieve your Twitter growth goals.

While you might not want to think about your Twitter followers too much right now, they are definitely an important aspect of your overall content strategy, so the more you put into them, the more you’re going to get out of your Twitter growth in general.

What is Twesocial?

Twesocial Features

Twesocial is a Twitter growth marketing service.

They specialize in targeting your audience through closely working with your account to determine your niche audiences and focus hashtags.

With their personal case managers, they aim to create the best Twitter growth service out there that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

They also offer weekly reports and niche targeting that hones in on exactly who it is you want to target. They are transparent in their work for you and allow you to have as much or little input as you like.

Perhaps the biggest thing that stands out to us about Twesocial is that they’re committed to helping their clients get more Twitter followers through advanced filters.

There aren’t too many companies out there who can help you with advanced filters – most only stock the basic kind.

Twesocial can help you find the best hashtags, target your competition through usernames, and find the most legit followers for your page through locations.

Twesocial is a social media growth service that can help you obtain real Twitter followers for your content.

They say that once you sign up for their platform, you will be connected with a growth manager who is going to boost and grow your Twitter profile organically and personally.

They will then target real audiences that might have an interest in your content, based on their personal interests.

To make sure that you get the best results for your Twitter profile, your growth manager is going to handle your Twitter profile personally.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry because the growth manager is a professional, who knows everything when it comes to social media marketing, especially on Twitter.

They offer two different types of packages and to be honest we think that their pricing is more than reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about whether you are getting ripped off or not.

Especially when compared to other companies in the industry, these guys are definitely up there in terms of affordable pricing.

They can also target content, too, based on what your content looks like and the kind of niche that you fall into.

Let’s give Twesocial a review.

Twesocial Pricing

A Review of Twesocial

Secure Site


Twesocial has ticked a very important, initial box for us in our investigation – a secure https site. This means that they care about the security of their site and the confidentiality of your shared information.

You don’t have to worry about hackers when sharing on an https secure site.

Another reason why it’s so good to have this is because it means that they will rank higher in Google, so it will be easier to find them, and they will be considered way more legit than other companies.

We love that they’re prepared to invest in their brand.

Visible Pricing


We can see on Twesocial’s website that they have all their different price points laid out clearly so that you can get a good understanding of how their pricing works and how much it’ll set you back.

This typically means you won’t get hit with hidden costs further down the track.

Being able to look at their prices before you sign up for anything is vital – but you’re not going to find this with any company.

This does set them apart, and shows that they’re prepared to go the extra mile for the client.

FAQ and Help Page

Having information to help you gain knowledge on how a company works is important – this grows your confidence in them and makes it more likely that you’ll sign up for something.

Twesocial has made sure to include an FAQ and help page on their site. If you find a company that’s being shady about their FAQs, then this can be a bit of a red flag.

24/7 Support System

As well as having an FAQ and help page on their site, Twesocial has taken customer service one step further.

They have set up a 24/7 customer support team who can help you at any hour of the day or night. This is an extra step that we don’t see a lot, so it’s definitely a bonus.

Remember, they also offer that personal account manager as well, so if you need additional assistance, you can also reach out to them directly.

This means that you have two ways of getting in touch with them, which is pretty cool.

Email and Phone Form Present

Email and Phone

An email and phone form is an important part of running a successful, honest business. It keeps the company accountable and in check.

We’re relieved to see that Twesocial has prioritized this piece of credibility.

This means that they will be able to get in touch with you if they need to update you of any changes to the system, as well as any updates. You will be kept in the loop about anything and everything.

Real Reviews

We could even find real reviews on Twesocial’s page.

Real reviews are probably the hardest thing to accomplish as a Twitter marketing company – either you’re too new and nobody will review you yet, or you are big enough to pay for it which makes them dishonest.

Twesocial’s reviews appear to be upstanding and transparent.

Verified Payment System

Safe Payment

Lastly, Twesocial has prioritized security at the end of the process as well. They have made sure to implement payment systems that are authenticated and verified. This means that your credit card details will be safe on their website.

We don’t recommend sharing your credit card information with any company out there that can’t guarantee they have secured the payment system – the risk of it being stolen is just too high.

Getting Started with Twesocial

To get started with Twesocial, you will need to find them online and visit their website, which you will be able to do through a web browser.

Once you’ve done this, you can choose the right plan for your needs, and select the ‘get started’ tab.

They will ask you for a little bit of information, including your Twitter email address that is associated with your profile, and your username.

Then, they can help you make your payment and your personal account manager will get in touch with you to talk to you about what your target audience looks like.

Twesocial Features

Twesocial offers a number of different features, so let’s break this down a little bit further so that you can see how they work, and whether they’re going to work for you.

Real Followers with Genuine Growth

Twesocial Followers

Twesocial promises that it is able to provide its clients with organic growth.

The majority of services out there fail to provide dedicated services for their clients, because they sell fake profiles, or they just keep spamming their clients until Twitter finally decides to get rid of your profile.

These guys refrain from using this approach, and they only work with an algorithm that is going to provide you with real followers, so you don’t end up with a deadweight fan base.

They are also going to optimize your profile in a way that is only going to put the attention on people who are going to be interested in your content.

The long and short of it is that you are going to get real, active followers, and you don’t have to be suspicious of them.


Twesocial is a big fan of automation, but they aren’t a big fan of automation that is going to get you in trouble with Twitter.

The majority of social media growth tools out there rely on advanced features that are going to optimize your Twitter profile. However, the reality is that they’re still prone to bugs and failures.

When it comes to growing your Twitter profile, the last thing you want to do is invest money and time into a technical piece of software that is going to just let you down at some point.

We love that these guys obviously do a few things automatically for you, which is ultimately going to save you time, but they also have a buffer in the form of their personalized account manager, so the risk of getting hung up on technical issues is really low.

Precise Targeting


The more precise the company that you work with for your Twitter growth is with your targeting, the more successful you are going to be.

As we have talked about a lot, the only way that you are going to be successful with your Twitter profile is if you make sure that the audience that is checking out your content aligns with your niche and industry.

We think that one of the best things about Twesocial is that their account managers can create detailed, effective, and powerful campaigns.

They specialize in deciding what needs more focus, and how to promote your Twitter profile successfully.

They’re going to work on your content subtly, so they will definitely never get you on Twitter’s radar.

Good Reviews

Twesocial, along with a lot of other companies in this industry that have done really well, have put a special focus into getting good feedback from existing clients.

Of course, this doesn’t just involve sending your engagement out there, and hoping for the best, it involves maintaining longstanding relationships with the people you’re working with.

We believe that these guys have this kind of accountability and want to make it so their clients can do well for a long time, and this is evident in the positive reviews they have received for their existing features.

If they were struggling to get this kind of feedback on their services, then it would mean that they weren’t legit, and we would tell you to avoid them.

However, we think that they are legit and have great reviews about their services.

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Is Twesocial a Scam? Is Twesocial Safe?

In summary, we believe that Twesocial is safe to use.

They have proved themselves to be an upstanding, honest marketing company that prioritizes the customers and wants their website & service to be all about security.

This is a hard thing to find in this industry, so when you do, we recommend running with it. We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t use Twesocial.

They also come with some pretty special features that helps them stand apart from the rest. We love that they have weekly reporting so that you can see the progress they’re making on your behalf.

We also love that they can blacklist users, so they don’t follow the wrong people accidentally.

Lastly, they use the follow/unfollow method, which has been tried and tested many times. Opt for Twesocial, and know your Twitter account is in great hands.

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Twesocial has proved themselves to be an upstanding, honest marketing company that prioritizes the customers and wants their website to be all about security.

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