In this article, we will discuss and highlight the critical aspects of a harmful and malicious Trojan horse virus. We will also highlight the tips and steps that are crucial in Trojan virus removal.

This article will also explain the vulnerable applications, websites, and software through which the trojan virus enters your computer. 

What Is A Trojan Horse Virus?

Trojan horse virus is malware software and a malicious program that invades a PC (Windows and Mac) and affects it adversely. It gains unauthorized access to the users’ system and may attack the hard disks to steal data and destroy the files. 

A computer infected with a Trojan horse virus may also pave the way for intruders to invade and control that device for illegal purposes.

Why Is It Hard To Locate The Trojan Horse Virus?

The trojan horse virus is difficult to spot because it binds with legitimate software to enter a PC. However, you can mark it by performing a complete inspection of your computer. 

If you see an unauthorized new program running on your PC, there is a probability that the running program is a trojan horse virus. In this case, Trojan virus removal becomes necessary and after that, you must restart your device to check whether that running program is gone and the computer is performing efficiently.

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How A Trojan Horse Virus Enters A Computer?

Trojan horse virus disguises itself and attaches with a standard file or website to enter the computers. Such viruses trick the users and appear as regular documents or music files. When users open such files, they infect the PC and affect the hard disks.

Following are some vulnerable places through which a Trojan horse virus attacks the PC (Windows and Mac);

  • File sharing websites

  • Fake e-mail attachments

  • Hacked internet connections or Wi-Fi networks

  • Spoofed chat messages

  • Virus-infected websites

Trojan Horse Virus Removal: 5 Steps

The following are essential steps to remove the trojan horse virus from your PC (Windows and Mac).

1. Reboot your Computer Into Safe Mode

Rebooting your PC into safe mode is the first and foremost step that plays a vital role in trojan horse virus removal. Restarting your computer and putting it on safe mode helps you remove the trojan horse virus without any hindrance.

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Moreover, booting your PC safely also recovers the antivirus program and helps it function effectively.

2. Disable Unauthorized Startup Programs

Checking out the startup programs of your PC and disabling them is the second step of the trojan virus removal process. Disabling the startup programs is vital because trojan viruses often hide in a computer’s startup process.

Therefore, inspecting the startup programs of an infected device is also mandatory as the trojan virus may seek shelter there.

3. Remove The Suspected Programs And Extensions

Perform a complete inspection of your computer files and running websites. If you see a suspected unauthorized file, extension, or running software, consider removing those uncertified programs.

Delete and remove the programs belonging to the non-trusted sources and those entering your PC without permission.

4. Confirmation Before Removing A Program

The fourth step to removing the trojan virus is ensuring that the program you are removing is genuinely malicious.

Unintentionally removing or deleting an essential basic file may affect your computer’s functioning and make it slow. However, removing a primary computer file may also disable your system.

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5. Install And Run Anti-Trojan Software

Installing and running an authentic antivirus application can also assist in getting rid of the trojan virus. A practical and trusted antivirus software scans the computer system and files to detect trojan viruses and other harmful programs. 

Some anti-trojan software also removes the Trojan horse virus and shields your PC from online threats. MalwareFox, Avast Trojan Remover, and Spybot are some reliable Trojan horse virus-removing tools.

Best Tips to Protect Your PC from Future Trojan horse Virus Attacks:

  • Establish cloud accounts using valid email addresses to get the account recovery support and services and secure your PC from Trojan virus attacks.

  • If you are an Apple Mac user, you can seek help from Apple service providers and supporting staff for account recovery.

  • Must use VPNs to hide your IP address while using public Wi-Fi.

  • If you receive an unknown e-mail attachment, call the sender and confirm its validity before opening the attachment.

  • Scan your PC using trusted antivirus applications to detect harmful files and protect your computer from different malware.

The Takeaway

Trojan horse virus is an exceptionally harmful and infected computer program that can cause severe problems for your PC. It may induce several other malicious programs to install and enter your computer.

Therefore, it is essential to trace and remove the trojan virus before it destroys your computer files and accesses your data. The above-mentioned process will surely help you to remove the trojan horse virus from your PC.