The Internet has impacted our lives in all aspects of life from household to manufacturing industry to science to learning and many more. The E-learning industry has been on a fast-track when it comes to shifting from the traditional ways to the modern ones. WordPress remains the most popular platform to create a learning management system.

Creating, managing, and delivering effective e-learning courses through a software program is known as a learning management system. A simple WordPress LMS will help you track, administer, document, and report the details of an online course from a single dashboard.

By adding few plug-ins, you should be able to do much more  A good WordPress plug-in for LMS must have the following features:

  • Taking instant feedbacks
  • Monitor the progress of the students
  • Implement grading systems
  • Gamification of the modules
  • Offer certificates and badges as rewards
  • Built-in payment gateway 

Let us check out some of the WordPress LMS plug-ins to choose the perfect solution for creating an effective and engaging online course.



It is a powerful membership plugin feature with an in-built design to give that great look to your course. This feature provides you with the option of creating multiple membership levels and members-only forums which helps you in protecting your exclusive content.

Some of the key features that this plugin has:

  1. You can control the access of the content based on the membership type and the course taken. Advanced access can also be provided to the users who have opted for a package of courses. 
  2. You can schedule the phased release of the course content, instead of all at once.
  3. Provides access to you and the user to track the progress of the course.
  4. Can be integrated with many popular payment gateways.



It is a popular and easy-to-use plug-in with features like drag and drop course builder. You can easily create courses with gamification features, release quizzes and deliver certifications. This also comes with a layered membership feature which is easy to incorporate and differentiate members based on the packages and courses.

Some of the other key features that this plug-in has:

  1. Allows users to make a one-time payment for the entire course.
  2. Provides subscriptions for recurring revenue generation
  3. Ease of purchase of licenses in bulk to provide access to their staff members.



It is another powerful WordPress LMS plug-in that allows you to create engaging online courses with wonderful learning experiences. It provides you with the option of including multimedia lessons including video, audio, text, images, and many more features to make an effective and appealing course content.

The other key features are:

  1. Has the feature of providing members access to all the courses.
  2. Gives you the option of sell bundled courses.
  3. Provides you with the feature of providing special members-only rates.
  4. Includes the feature of social learning as well through various members-only forums.



It is a free WordPress LMS plug-in with most of the powerful features you may require to create beautiful courses. Unlike other plug-in features mentioned above, it comes with a set-up wizard to help your onboarding process smooth at all levels.

Importing and exporting content from other LearnPress websites can be done with ease. Like other plug-ins, it supports quiz creation, content dripping, grading, etc.

Some of the add-ons available with LearnPress are:

  1. Course wishlist can be created by the students.
  2. User reviews can be added easily with proofs.
  3. Has layered course choosing options. It is a pre-requisite for a user to pass a certain course to enroll in other courses.
  4. Allows easy integration of various social networks.


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of plug-in options to choose from. Choosing the right one for your requirement will help you in enhancing your course value.