Healthcare is an industry that has undergone great transformation over the past few years. Those changes made the world healthcare system to adapt to the new realities of the pandemic.

As a result, one of the outcomes of 2020 is the global move to digital engagement, in particular, telemedicine adoption.

Medical apps became an important part of our daily lives: patients prefer to visit doctors virtually, more and more people using technology to monitor their health, order prescription drugs, and manage appointments.

Numbers speak for itself: the digital health market is projected to reach up to 660 billion dollars by 2025, compared to 175 billion in 2019.

In the article, we’ve decided to discover how you can benefit from healthcare solutions and what a telemedicine software development company can create for you.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine refers to the process of using technology (mobile apps, web platforms, wearables, etc) by a medical professional to provide remote assistance.

Such an approach to diagnose and treat patients through different devices becoming popular in an increasing number of countries, especially in rural areas. In fact,  40% of surveyed clients states they would like continue to use telemedicine services in the future.

There are three categories of telemedicine:

  • Synchronous telemedicine refers to communication between doctors and patients through PCs and other gadgets.
  • Asynchronous telemedicine means delayed communication when a patient submit private health data (symptoms, pictures, etc) and doctor can reply later.
  • Distant patient control via telemedicine software and devices (wearables) that transmit medical records to hospitals 24/7. 

The most common features for telemedicine solutions are:

  • EMR and EHR integrations 
  • Patient management and communication
  • Prescription and symptoms tracking
  • Data security and HIPAA compliance  
  • Scheduling and payment

Benefits of Telemedicine Solutions 

Using telemedicine as an alternative to in-person visits brings benefits both, for patients and healthcare providers as it may

  • Save time 
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Positivly effects distant health control
  • Minimizes missed appointments and cancellations
  • Reduce the burden on medical staff
  • Minimize spread of infection (especially during the pandemic)
  • Provide remote accessibility
  • Reduce hospital stays, emergency visits and death rate
  • Increased efficiency of clinical staff
  • Increase patient engagement, and education
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Telehealth Application Ideas

Let’s get to health applications ideas a telemedicine development company can help you develop.

Telemedicine Mobile Apps

Feature-rich, HIPAA-compliant general health mobile applications, can be a useful tool for healthcare providers in their daily routine and for patients who want to track their health with, heart rate, blood pressure tests, and measure diabetes.

The features of the platform can include: 

  • Consultation Services (via real-time video calls)
  • Chat integration for virtual diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Medication alerts
  • Appointment booking
  • Secure medical record storage.

Personal Medical Records App

With this solution, patients can add their health records manually and share them with the doctor prior to the appointment. This will allow the medical experts to learn a patient’s health history to take further action.

On-demand Doctors App

This idea will definitely bring value to the healthcare industry by allowing patients to get in touch with doctors through chat and video calls in real-time. Using an app, patients can  book a consultation on-demand and get instant assistance or telemedicine service within hours 

Telemedicine Web Platforms

Cloud-based telemedicine software, accessible to anyone everywhere, with streamlined video-conferencing, remote patient checkups, and prescription management will be a great tool for any healthcare facility.

With a web-based service, doctors can connect with their patients remotely. All the medical information is being gathered and stored. And caregiving is accessible as possible, while also empowering the patient to take charge of their own health.

Remote Chronic Disease Management

The chronic disease rate is increasing year by year, causing a challenge for the healthcare system. So, the use of telemedicine software can ease this process.

Now, maintaining good health conditions can be a time-saving and convenient experience as by inputting health data on a daily basis, patients can be monitored by doctors via an app or a web platform.

Health Awareness Application

It is crucial to be educated about health issues to eliminate common stereotypes and mistakes that may occur due to some ignorance. 

Such an application gives the opportunity for healthcare providers to share knowledge regarding different medical topics. And patients to gain useful information from reliable sources. An app like this may be beneficial for insurance companies, drug dealers, hospitals, etc.

medical professional

Remote Patient Monitoring

A remote patient monitoring system or post-hospitalization care can be integrated with a telemedicine application that constantly monitors patients’ parameters via wearable devices.

Integration with Pharmacy

Connect patients with pharmacists by integrating pharmacy software into the telemedicine app. What benefits does it bring? For instance,  now it’s possible to add invoices to the application, so the authorities and insurance companies can monitor prescriptions.

Wellness Apps 

A healthy lifestyle is a trend. People deny smoking and start doing sports on a regular basis. So, most likely, they are potential users of nutrition and recreation applications the market can offer them.

The fitness application development market is projected to achieve $14.7 billion by 2026, so don’t miss a chance to join a great community of app owners.

Telemedicine for Pets 

As you may know, it’s extremely stressful,  expensive, and not always necessary to book an appointment with a vet.  So, why not launch a platform that offers online veterinary services?!

It’s a convenient approach both for vets and pet owners, as all you need is a device with an internet connection, and application

Other services you can provide via the app:

  • Pet Nutrition 
  • Pet behavior 
  • Pet Care


After 2020 telemedicine solutions became more necessary and popular than ever. They proved their value to the medical industry and the ability to slow the transmission of the virus by keeping at-risk people out of healthcare facilities. 

Moreover, the technologies expand the number of people who now can receive regular medical care (e.g. and hard-to-reach, rural areas), benefiting from the features offered through remote monitoring solutions. 

We believe, this innovation will continue to develop, so don’t miss a chance to offer patients a convenient video visit.