There are several issues that pose high risks to our environment, and humans need to understand the severity of those risks.

With the greenhouse effect, climate change, and water scarcity rising at an alarming rate, the issues cannot be ignored. 

Green industries are booming. According to the source, the market size for green technology is projected to grow up to 61.92 billion by 2030.

So, we have to blend modern technologies to come up with green and sustainable solutions. There are some apps that can help rising companies to move in an eco-friendlier way.

In this article, we will discuss the top apps that will help you in running a sustainable business in the market.

8 Top Apps For Companies To Move On Sustainable Path

1.) Tap

One of the prime concerns in the modern era is plastic waste. The global production of plastics has doubled since the advent of the current century, with approximately 400 million metric tons of production per year by 2021. 

The plastic waste is polluting several water bodies, which is further degrading the valuable flora and fauna. It is spreading its roots in all spheres of biodiversity.

Tap is a smart app that helps people by using reusable containers that reduce the amount of overall plastic waste.

It is an environmental app that gives information to its users about the locations where they can fill the reusable water bottles, the type of drinks available, and the time required to reach those locations.

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2.) Rain Harvest

Today, prominent companies are taking steps towards water neutrality and water positive footprint.

Rain Harvest is an app that can help rising companies estimate the amount of water that they harvest during rain storms.

It evaluates the value by including several metrics like collection points, efficiency, rainfall, and area into a formula.

Companies have several water positive goals to achieve, and this app can help them take their first step in walking toward them.

3.) Dropcountr

With water scarcity rising at an alarming rate, it is the social responsibility of everyone to use water safely.

Dropcountr is a smart application that is useful for knowing the water usage details of your property.

You can know the impact of your actions through this app and take proper measures to reduce the wastage of water. 

The app connects to the smart utilities and devices present in your property and manages everything.

It also sends an alert to the users if it detects any leaks in the system. Once you get the alert, you can take proper mitigation steps to resolve the leak immediately.

4.) iRecycle

iRecycle is a location-based smart app that offers users information about the recycling centers in their area.

Moreover, it gives information on the materials they collect, collection points in the area, recycling opportunities, and other important pieces of information related to the domain. 

iRecycle is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The app can help several companies and businesses reduce their negative effect on the environment and start moving in an eco-friendlier way. 

5.) Ecosia

The search engine domain is a competitive market, but Ecosia comes with an eco-friendly way to search your information. The servers of the app are powered by renewable energy, and a huge chunk of the profits of the company goes into efforts in planting new trees. 

Ecosia claims that for every search request from the users, 1 KG of carbon is removed from the environment of the earth through their actions.

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6.) Zoom

With pollution rising day by day, Zoom gives an excellent alternative to conduct meetings and other useful conversations with your team members through your smart device from your home.

It reduces the need to go to offices which reduces vehicles on the road, thus reducing the amount of pollution in the environment.

You can collaborate with your team members and converse with your clients without going through any unnecessary hassle.

It is fast, accessible, and completely secure. Zoom is available on the web, iOS, and Android devices.

7.) Too Good To Go

While conducting client meetings, team meetings, brand anniversaries, or other gatherings for your business, you may notice that there is a lot of food wastage.

Well, too Good To Go offers a solution to this wastage. They connect millions of people in Europe who can access discounted food through the app. They offer food at one-third of its original price to the people in need. 

Rising businesses can take the initiative and use the app to reduce waste and, on the same hand, protect the environment.

8.) E-Water Footprint

The smart app gives an approximation of the water consumption by the inputs of the users for their daily activities like showers, dishwashing, etc. People can use the app to know a value and take steps to reduce overall consumption.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the top apps that use greener methods to protect the environment and do something good for the whole world.

Rising companies and businesses should incorporate these apps into their operations to reduce overall waste and move on a sustainable path.