The individual or company you pick to shoulder your search engine optimization (SEO) needs have significant consequences for your brand or company’s visibility and finances.

Whether you increase the volume of inbound organic traffic you receive or drop down on your search rankings, the specialists you partner with will ultimately determine if you generate the desired returns. 

And it’s vital that you do because most consumers today rely on the World Wide Web for nearly all their needs, and the higher your position is on the search engine results pages, the greater your chances of being found by prospects.

Here are some tips that should help guide you in the right direction and you will be closer to choosing the best SEO agency for you.

1. Avoid Those Who Talk About SEO Abstractly

As its name suggests, SEO is the process behind optimising a website to generate more web traffic to it organically. This isn’t easy to do—it can be a colossal undertaking, meaning it’s usually misunderstood.

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And those who maintain they possess unique insight on the algorithms that power Google and other search engines or play its mystique up are probably lying. 

A professional SEO agency like Ocere has a deep knowledge and understanding of the way search engines work, and are precise in their work. It keeps itself updated with algorithm updates because of their frequent changes.

Firms that claim they can get results quickly are likely using Blackhat techniques and may do you more harm than good, so avoid them at all costs.

The huge problem with using Blackhat techniques, in case you were wondering, is that results are temporal. You will climb to higher ratings but you can be sure results will disappear very fast, usually in just a few weeks.

If you are lucky, you might lose your gained rankings in months, but even this rarely happens. Dishonest SEO agencies that use Blackhat SEO rely on a high turnover of clients. Honest SEO agencies rely on long-term clients.  

2. Specify Your Goals

It’s never a good idea to have the vague objective of increasing traffic when hiring SEO experts. For starters, there are many kinds of traffic, and not all will automatically generate more sales.

If you’re a computer development firm that ranks high on shoe wear, it won’t do business well, for instance. So, to steer clear of ambiguity, you need to be clear on what you want to achieve with SEO. 

Do you want to rank for specific keywords so you can boost sales, or are you trying to keep your bounce rate low and increase conversions? If you’re after revenue, will your company benefit from a smaller or wider audience?

Are you trying to build a following for your social media presence through content generation? Asking yourself these questions now will help you make an informed decision. Many business owners make the mistake of not specifying goals and they rely on what the agency decides for them.

This is a very bad approach for everyone involved. For instance, if you want to sell more, the keywords the agency chooses have to be different than the keywords needed if your goal was to simply get more traffic. Every little aspect like this counts in the long run for every single business out there. 

3. Check If The Agency Has Suitable Metrics

Goals may help you narrow down your options, but before you make any commitments, you must ensure that you and your prospective partner agree regarding the metrics. Also known as KPI or key performance indicator, metrics can apply to any aspect of business and mean many things for SEO.

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From organic sessions and conversion rates to keyword rankings and loading time, securing the services of an agency whose methods of charting progress are aligned with your objectives will go a long way.

It is also very important to take into account the reports that are going to be delivered to you. These are vital for search engine optimization companies since they let the agency show what was done and what results were obtained for clients.

A serious, honest SEO agency will always deliver a highly detailed report filled with several metrics you can analyze to make sure the work done is proper. 


Now more than ever, people depend on search engines like Google when looking for products, services, and information. By appearing on the first page, you can transform your company into something more, and partnering with the right SEO firm can help you with that. So, follow the tips above.